Comic Review: The Anchor

Reviewed by Tim Hershey:
The Anchor vol. 1, by Phil Hester & Brian Churilla, BOOM Studios

OK, I was really excited about this book. The marketing made it sound cool: “God’s Own Leg-Breaker!” I’m ready for pseudo-religious ass-kicking, mixed with some mythology. The promotional images were reminiscent of Mignola’s Hellboy! This was going to be a great read, with great visuals!
Wow. I have been hosed by marketing (yeah, that never happens…). This book was boring. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I assumed that every idea that Hester has, because of his generally being accepted as a good storyteller by people in the industry, would be well-executed. Maybe my mental images of the art were too Mignola-esque, that no one (except Mignola) could meet my expectations. Well, no matter why, I was bored. From the first chapter to the last, I kept wondering when it would get more interesting. I turned the last page and decided I won’t need to pick up the next volume.

The nicest thing about this book was the $9.99 price tag. All trades should be this price. Yay! Way to go! With the price point. Whooo!

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