Episode 227: Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet, Quasar 1, Big Trouble in Little China 1, Original Sin 3, X-Factor 9, and Moon Knight 4!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet, Quasar 1, Big Trouble in Little China 1, Original Sin 3, X-Factor 9, and Moon Knight 4!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
email 1 – 01:24
email 2 – 06:41
Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet (Kevin Smith, Ty Templeton) – 11:53
Quasar 1 (Mark Gruenwald, Paul Ryan, Danny Bulanadi) – 18:47
Big Trouble in Little China (John Carpenter, Eric Powell, Brian Churilla) –
@$$terpiece theatre – 39:59
Original Sin 3 (Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato) – 42:38
X-Factor 9 (Peter David, Carmine Di Giandomenico) – 51:05
Moon Knight 4 (Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey) – 01:03:13
Movie news geek-out – 01:09:15

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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19 Comments to “Episode 227: Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet, Quasar 1, Big Trouble in Little China 1, Original Sin 3, X-Factor 9, and Moon Knight 4!”

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  1. Emiliano Feliberti says:


  2. Emiliano Feliberti says:

    QUASAR was a fun series. Having been a fan since the “Project Pegasus” saga in Marvel-Two-In-One, I read the series when it first came out, and even if it never lighted the world on fire, it was always fun to read.

    My favorite bit though, and this is for all of you Wally fans, is when they admitted in the early issues that no matter how many speedsters Marvel had, the fastest man alive would always be…”BURIED ALIEN”! :-) Too cute.

    Good series.

  3. Emiliano Feliberti says:

    Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet was…interesting, but not if you have seen the original two-parter in the Batman 60’s TV show where Batman actually meets the Green Hornet. One of my favorite episodes of…well, anything when I was a kid.

    Who can top Robin (Burt Ward) kicking Kato’s (BRUCE-F*****G-LEE!!!) ass, and Kato saying things like “Man, I’m glad they’re on the right side of the law! This guy is TOUGH!!!” Seriously guys, if you haven’t seen it, you have to make an effort to find it. It is camp at its best. And played with a deadly serious straight face to top! Love it.

  4. Tigger11 says:

    I’ll take that bet Ambush about which of us has read more comics, fair warning I don’t think you are even close. Good catch on Ms Marvel #16, I always forget that Chris Claremont wrote that title, I knew Chris created Mystique, and of course intended her to be Nightcrawler’s Father, and Destiny to be his Mother. Comic Code and/or Shooter prevented that from happening, (thats a debate that has gone on for a long time) so Mystique became Nightcrawler mother when we finally get a final answer on how they are related. Quasar #1 was a great issue. I have to agree with Emiliano that its a pretty good steal from the Batman/Green Hornet crossover of the original TV Shows. I guess I am going to have to get Big Trouble in Little China #1, like some of you I am a fan of the movie.

  5. Tigger11 says:

    I should have asked last week, but given there was no comment this week about it, what is the assholes opinion on the Fantastic Four Cancellation story first from Bleeding Cool, and now everywhere. I don’t know if the whole story is true, but the card part of the story is true, so unfortunately the rest probably has some merit. Given how much we all enjoyed(NOT) the disjointed mess that the different 52 timelines have given us, are the 4 of you excited about Marvel’s Time Runs Out or are you think WTF, like me?

  6. def says:

    I took umbrage at Ambush Bug facetious claim that he had read twice as many comics as me. I would bet that if you put all the comics either of us had read into long boxes, my boxes would be longer, but also wider and satisfy women better.

  7. On Marvel’s Time Runs Out: Big fucking mistake. Their soft reboot approach each year has been perfect and avoided cluster fucks like this: http://robpatey.com/2014/04/01/all-new-52-dc-comics-a-complete-ish-list-and-review/

    On Ambush Bug’s reading habits: Remember guys, we get a shit load of comps because of AICN reviewing. In the past 7 years I’ve been doing the gig, my longbow rate had tripled. Bug has been doing it five years longer.

    He doesn’t remember them, but he does read them.

  8. def says:

    Who cares about comps. It’s not really a pissing contest. Everyone has their own reading list, and it really isn’t about quantity. It was just funny hearing someone bitch about Mystique being ‘made’ a key character of DOFP, and then hearing him trash talk (in humour, hopefully) being called on it.

    Anyway, during that podcast, he explained that he stopped following X-Men after X-Men 3 and I thought he was about to say that he retroactively forgot what happened before that. I forget what he said, but it was less amusing than that.

    I’m not so tight on Spider-man history. I have read the Ditko and Romita era twice, and the Frenz/McFarlane/Larson era twice, but I’m very patchy on the rest. Even more so with Avengers. But I was deep into X-Men, from Giant Sized X-Men onto about Uncanny 275, and back in around Astonishing X-Men. It’s not a pissing contest, we all have our areas of expertise.

  9. Tigger11 says:


    I decided to make the message shorter, my pull list for this week is 45 books (I just picked them up), and I’ll read them between tonight and next Tuesday when we start again. So I probably read more books in a week then MARKunderscoreLunderscoreMiller add in I’ve been reading comics since someone brought me “Scream of the Banshee” ie X-Men #28 back in late 66 or early 67, so I’ve been reading them longer then him as well, in fact literally I’ve been reading them since before he was born. I’ve read over 99% of Marvel Comics as original issues, reprints, collections or in Marvel Unlimited, that number alone probably beats Ambush, and honestly lots of people have read more then me. Really ask JD, I bet he has a customer or two at his store that buys more books then me every week, I’m not the biggest reader in my town I know, though I am in the top 3 (barely).

  10. Tigger11 says:


    I agree with you about it not being a pissing contest, my first two versions made it much more so. I don’t know from his comments on the podcast, I would guess that Ambush reads the fewest books a week of the 4 (maybe because of his raccoon sized hands). So I thought it was a strange comment to just decide that he had read more books then someone who caught him with a mistake.

  11. Tigger11 says:

    Ambush opens the door of his apartment, the sound of multiple cats comes from inside as the door opens and hits an obstruction. Long Boxes filled with comics stacked 6 foot high fill the entire area around the door. Labels like “Def X-Men 94-275” and “Tigger11 Avengers 1-200” written on the boxes provide little explanation for what has happened his house. Like his more famous cousin, (the Master Thief of Kiliklak), Ambush can climb very well, so he quickly climbs to the top of the stack of boxes and looks into his apartment though the 18 inches of gap between the ceiling and the top of the stacked boxes. As far as he can see the boxes fill the apartment, with just three small areas with no boxes. Slowly he crawls towards the first such area, as he gets closer it seems that one of the cats is on the floor surrounded by stacks of boxes 6 feet tall. Ambush works his way down, picks up that cat and says “Who are you?” Looking at the tag on the felines collar it says ‘Property of Remy Lebeau”, on the back of the tag it says “Feral”.
    End of Part 1

  12. Matt Adler says:

    It’s really not about who reads more comics. Some people (yours truly) have a habit of remembering inane details from 20 years ago. Not quite eidetic/photographic, but I forget very little that I read. However, I know plenty of people who read way more comics per week than me; they just forget ’em afterwards. Which is probably better honestly; I wind up having a sense of deja vu/impatience with a lot of the comics I read nowadays because I literally feel like I have read them before. Whereas they may come across as fresher and more innovative to someone else.

    Agreed on Buried Alien, who I think first pops up in Quasar #17. I gave JD the following recommended reading list for Quasar:

    #1-3 – The first three issues fall under the category of must-reads simply because they set up the whole series.

    #12-25 – Until issue #12, the series is mostly “Quasar fights random villain of the month”. But this stretch is the core of the series and if you read it (along with the first 3) and still aren’t hooked on the series, don’t go any further.

    #28-31 – To me, these are some of the most fun issues of the series.

    #36-43 – Gruenwald gets really metaphysical in these issues.

    #47-50, and #57-60 – These issues provide closure to the Starbrand saga and Quasar’s relationship with Kayla.

  13. Holy shit Tigger, do you have a job?

    Def, I wasn’t trying to be haughty with the comps thing, simply make the point that it exponentially increases he volume of books one reads (and at times greatly diminishes the number of books you want to read)

    I’m a douche, but I also have a bit of a bleeding heart. If a comic was written by a tard or a veteran or aneurism victims I’ll toss aside Walking Dead, spend 20 minutes (or an hour with graphic novels) with the tard, vet, bleed head pub and then take the time to review it.

    Now, the time I spend writing the review eats further into my reading time.

    45 books a week is fucking insane Tig. You win, but I’m not sure what you win. Do you enjoy them all?

  14. jaydee says:

    Bug’s apartment is indeed made out of longboxes, but to be fair, the boxes aren’t filled with comics, they’re chock full of my Van-children’s corpses.

  15. That’s why the beef jerky he offered me at comic con had a vague Flinstones Chewables and fruit roll up flavor.

    I mean it was delicious, so not judgin – just sayin

  16. Tigger11 says:


    I think that is a great selection of Quasar, for people who like the character I often suggest the Project Pegasus saga, which was like half a dozen issues of Two in One, but now is gathered in a trade I believe. At that point he was head of security from the facility. Do not however search for Project Pegasus and go to that site on the web, its by a guy who the government helped train to teleport and time travel, and you get to learn all about what the government is covering and its a little disturbing.

  17. Tigger11 says:

    Yes I have a job Rob :). As JD knows I’m a Principal Engineer for a major avionics company I’m not going to mention because then they will get whiny. I read a couple of hours a night, every night, so 4 or 5 nights a week that’s comics if I haven’t read them for the week and novels the rest of the time. Do I like everything I read, no, when the new 52 started I decided instead of some of the DC (Titans, Legion, Batman if I liked the writer, Flash if it was Wally, and all the Vertigo book) to get all the DC, I’ve been getting all Marvel for a long time. So that added 10+ books a week probably and only some of them are good. I Then you guys have hooked me on all the Valiant titles and SAGA, which I am enjoying a lot. I was interested in your article about what to read of the new 52, because when you look at it, almost 1/2 the original books have been cancelled. I’m not sure what the plan was in the beginning and with the cross-time story lines you need scorecards to understand to understand who what when so that’s not helpful to jump in, and even owning all the issues, at times I am flipping back through trying to figure out what just happened and when. I also have decided that having Barry Allen/Flash be the least interesting character in his book, apparently is the goal of the book, because I really think everyone else, villains, friends, coworkers are more interesting then Barry. DC really needs an editor to keep the 52 from stepping on itself, Forever Evil wasnt a bad story, it just should have been over in its own comics before we all knew what happened because we had read the monthly books. If we had known during the original crisis that Supergirl was going to die a couple of months before it happened, that USA Today story with the cover of her dead would not have been near as shocking, but literally thats what happened here. We know that ending and then Forever Evil 6 and 7 come out.

  18. RolandDeschain says:

    I love you guys, even Bug.

  19. Tigger11 says:

    Actually Rob if you look at the label of the jerky, it quite clearly says Ambush Bug “Sweet Pork” Jerky, made from George Donners original recipe, so you should have guessed its source at least.

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