Episode 224: Jack Kraken 1, Superman Doomed 1,
Walking Dead 127, Weird Love 1, United States of Murder Inc, Quantum And Woody 10, and Batman Eternal 6!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Woods 1, New 52 Future’s End 1, Chaos 1, Nailbiter 1, Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, Cyclops 1, and Original Sin 1!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
email 1 – 03:30
email 2 – 08:04
Jack Kraken 1 (Tim Seeley, Ross Campbell, Jim Terry) – 09:52
Superman Doomed 1 (Scott Lobdell, Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Ken Lashley) – 14:47
Walking Dead 127 (Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano) –  21:03
@$$terpiece Theatre – 32:29
United States of Murder Inc (Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming) – 34:35
Quantum And Woody 10 (James Admus, Kano) – 43:33
Batman Eternal 6 (Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, Tim Seeley, Trevor McCarthy) – 51:06
Weird Love 1 – 56:07

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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6 Comments to “Episode 224: Jack Kraken 1, Superman Doomed 1,
Walking Dead 127, Weird Love 1, United States of Murder Inc, Quantum And Woody 10, and Batman Eternal 6!”

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  1. Tigger11 says:

    I now its been said before, but DC really needs an editor given the Superman Doomed story. First of all really should have put something on the front that told everyone start here, when you put out 3 books in a story in the same week. Also a little fact checking DC. The moving of Millions of Wildebeest doesn’t happen in the Okavango Delta, or even Botswana, or even Southern Africa. That migration happens in the Serengeti as they move from Kenya to Tanzania and back. Both of those Countries are in East Africa and I realize its Africa and its a confusing continent for DC. But literally if they told us all that Walt Disney World was in Chicago down the street from Ambush Bug, that would be significantly closer geographically then what they have here.

  2. It’s not confusing because it’s Africa, it simply doesn’t matter. The gross capital of Disneyworld is higher than the areas you mentioned…at least I think. I don’t know, I never heard of them before.

    And believe it or not there’s a sign on Bug’s storm cellar that says Deeznutz Land. The ride only costs a quarter, just make sure you have a prescription plan.

  3. Not1ofYourFans says:

    Sorry about my inarticulate post last week. I was typing super fast with 1 hand. What I meant about Peter telling Anna Maria that he wasn’t the guy she fell in love with. That guy was a megalomaniac dickwad. He’s just a humble dickwad. So long and thanks for the fish.

  4. JD (Host) says:

    Def: wha-wha-whaaaaaa?????? I’m curious what that is all about!

    Not1: I understand, it’s pretty difficult to listen to us and use BOTH hands to type…we ARE pretty sexy sounding! 😉

    Tigger: Nice catch, I am not smart enough to have noticed that! I’VE LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY!!!!

  5. Tigger11 says:

    Rob: LOL

    Def: Cool Homage to Uncanny X-Men #139 is that real, or something you did?

    JD : Sorry if it turned into a little bit of a rant. One of my pet peeves is people telling me that they are going to Africa (the second largest continent) and having no idea which country (there are more countries (54) in Africa then in any other continent) they are going to. As I remember that was the day that I was leaving on vacation and someone asked could I hang out late because they were afraid they might need me to translate something, only later the guy comes by asking I do speak African. Now in fairness to the person asking, I do a pretty good Swahili and my Arabic isnt bad, and I am fairly pasty colored so it wasn’t racial profiling, but to assume that I can speak to all 1 Billion people in the 54 countries that make up the continent with one of my two “African” languages, is just bothersome in this modern age. Does he think people in “europe” speak European? Or people in “Asia” speak Asian?

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