Episode 221: Crossed Annual 2014, Conan The Avenger 1, Secret Origins 1, Justice League United 1, Elektra, 7th Sword, and Flash 30!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Crossed Annual 2014, Conan The Avenger 1, Secret Origins 1, Justice League United 1, Elektra, 7th Sword, and Flash 30!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
e-mail – 01:09
Crossed Annual 2014 (Simon Spurrier, Rafael Ortiz) – 05:38
Conan The Avenger (Fred Van Lente, Brian Ching) – 13:05
Secret origins (Greg Pak, Kyle Higgins, Tony Bedard, Lee Weeks, Doug Mahnke, Paulo Siqueira) – 21:18
Assterpiece Theatre – 30:10
Justice League United (Jeff Lemire, Mike McKone) – 31:57
Elektra (W. Haden Blackman, Michael Del Mundo) – 41:05
7th Sword (John Raffo, Nelson Blake II) – 51:13
Flash 30 (Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund) – 53:11

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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12 Comments to “Episode 221: Crossed Annual 2014, Conan The Avenger 1, Secret Origins 1, Justice League United 1, Elektra, 7th Sword, and Flash 30!”

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  1. RolandDeschain says:

    Runaway Slave…LOL

  2. Tigger11 says:

    I can’t believe Bug, trying to blame Douche for his racist comments again.

  3. jaydee says:

    I know, right? what a douche! I mean….NOT-Douche….um…..

  4. Grim_Noir says:

    Kinda surprised ya didn’t play Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait” under Douche’s summation of Wilmington, NC, since that was where they filmed “Dawson’s Creek”…

  5. RolandDeschain says:

    Thank God none of you racist fucks own a basketball team…

  6. Not racist, I hate all people equally until they show me why I shouldn’t.

  7. Matt Adler says:

    I’m still working on it Douche, sheesh!

  8. New Yorkers have a much longer distance to travel Matt. XOXO New Jersey the 6th Borough.

  9. def says:

    Saw Spider-Man 2 today. I was impressed by the utter adaquatiousness of it. They could have embraced past story lines, or forged new ones, but rather Sony has chosen to pour decades of story into a blender and produce a movie. Should anyone care that the Green Goblin appears in the final half hour to kill Gwen? Does this death change Spider-Man at all? Much of the potency of the death of Gwen Stacy was in the vow to kill the GG afterward… But this movie couldn’t do that since it would mimic the old Raimi version.

    Some of the action was good, as with some of the characterisation, but the movie was way too much about the death of Gwen, and that was handled way too shallowly.

    Oh well, better to have half-assed interpretations than none at all.

  10. def says:

    Sorry not to write SPOILERS with that comment. I was just so annoyed by the movie that I didn’t think about those who hadn’t seen it.

  11. Tigger11 says:

    I now know what European guy meant two weeks ago when he said the Batman and Robin of the Spiderman movies. Everyone knows I am the first one to point out that even without the Retcons and especially with the Retcons, there is no reason for a modern spiderman book to treat Gwen Stacy as they do. The comments at the end of Superior Spiderman about her are silly. YET, it was really stupid to kill her in the movie. One of the few high points of this Sony Reboot is the Gwen & Peter stuff, the whole Peters parents storyline is silly in both movies, the entire Sinister Six being created by Oscorp is weak and the Harry and Peter are great buddies, oh btw we are enemies and I am going to kill Gwen was just so much reaching. All so they can do a Sinister Six movie, and probably a venom movie, both of which if they follow the current trend will have poor storylines. Spiderman is much more the wise cracking hero we love from the comics in the new movies which I like, but he needs a better story for him to be involved in and this is not it. Given we only get a spiderman movie only every two years, having to introduce MJ, or Harry’s assistant Felicia (sic Hardy) or Carly as a girlfriend and then care about her is going to be silly for a two hour movie, but its virtually required now that they have killed Gwen, because they won’t have Peter not be dating someone for a WHOLE movie, that would be crazy in Sony’s opinion. A good story could have turned this into a great movie, there is a reason it opened worse then Winter Soldier, Winter Soldier is a much better story though the character Captain America is not near as popular as Spiderman.

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