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So I have been on a mission to watch all of the movies that were on the Oscar’s Best Movies of 2009 Nominees list. So far I have seen 6 out of the 10. In this case I enjoyed the interesting movie that is “Up in the Air.”

In this film we go on a ride of one man’s life from terminal to terminal. George Clooney is Ryan Bingham, a man who works for a company that is hired to fire people. He goes on and on about how he travels 323 days a year and dreads the other 42 at home. Throughout this film Clooney is completely detached from any family and what seems to be emotion. After a full monolog of what he does and a montage of what could happen while firing someone he is called back home to be confronted with a dilemma, technology. In this information age, a hot shot, learned women, Anna Kendrick, joins the team and purposes they fire people through a web chat. With this economic saving plan Clooney is plagued by having to stay in one place, so he convinces his boss, Jason Bateman, that Kendrick isn’t ready. So Bateman tells Clooney to teach her the ropes.
While in flight, Clooney meets his love interest, Vera Farmiga. In the word of Farmiga, “Just think of me as a copy of you with a vagina.” With that said, they plan their schedules and meet up at passing cities to have a good time. With out going too much further into this film I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Kendrick is somewhat the uptight comedic relief with Clooney and Farmiga sprinkling in some smug, quick wit lines of humor.
See this movie and make your own choice. I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Poptards says:

    That's a great idea, watching all the Oscar nominees on this year's list..so far I've seen about 6 of them, and look forward to seeing them all, sans The Blind Side which just looks terrible.
    As for In The Air, I found it to be believable and engaging, but not exactly Oscar-worthy.
    Interesting tidbit though: all the interviews in this movie of people after they were fired were REAL interviews of real people showing real emotion, which I thought was really powerful. Also, can I give it up for Vera Farmiga, cause hotDAMN she's an attractive lady, and a fine actress!

  2. Glass Case of Emotion says:

    I really enjoyed this movie, and do think it was probably one of the 10 best of the year. It was one of those that stuck with me for awhile afterwards. It made me laugh and it made me think. JD- I knew that about the interviewees too going in and it did make it even more powerful.

    I also have been making my way through the Oscar nominees… keep 'em comin'.

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