SnootyP reviews ASTRO CITY vol 3!

Astro City it’s still a great place to visit
…even after all these years

by SnootyP

Astro City is one of those series that has always popped up every couple of years with a new volume, and when it does it’s always met with great fanfare. That being no small feat for an indie book that has been around for twenty years and is heavily influenced by the golden and silver ages of comics. With an industry that really hasn’t embraced a lighter tone since 1986, it’s a breath of fresh air to read a book like Astro City. Started in 1995 by Kurt Busiek (writer) Brent Anderson (artist) and industry giant Alex Ross (character design and cover art), it has continued to create memorable story arcs for the past two decades.

As for the latest installment of Astro City, though delivering a solid comic book every month it didn’t have that story arc that made you say “wow, now that was special.” That was until the Winged Victory story arc that was told from issue eight through ten. Winged Victory is a Wonder Woman parallel in Astro City who was given her powers by a council of women looking to create a champion to protect and empower women. Winged Victory has opened several centers that take in woman looking for a fresh start and teaches them self-empowerment and self defense. In this story arc she is framed by an unknown enemy trying to convince the public she has not only trained several female super villains, but has also staged battles to gain notoriety for her centers. What follows is a story that is more about the journey and the new struggles that this attack on her reputation causes then the actual reveal of who is behind the framing. She is also having to defend her ongoing relationship with (Astro City’s Superman parallel) The Samaritan and her connection to the super group The Honor Guard to the council that made her Winged Victory.

This story took a great look at what one truly gives up for an ideal, as well as who truly is the stronger person. The one who takes on the world alone or the one who relies on allies to help carry the load.
It also has a strong commentary on today’s media and how a story doesn’t have to be true to destroy a reputation.

This was truly a memorable story and one that will have you thinking long after you turn that last page. If you are an Astro City fan I would say pick these issues up for sure. If you’ve never read Astro City I recommend the first trade: Life in the Big City. Astro City is a universe I also love visiting and reminds me how much I love super hero comics every time I do.

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