Episode 213 – Quantum and Woody The Goat 1, Batman Superman Annual 1, Starlight 1, Jupiter’s Legacy 4, Auteur, Moon Knight 1, and Magneto 1!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Quantum and Woody The Goat 1, Batman Superman Annual 1, Starlight 1, Jupiter’s Legacy 4, Auteur, Moon Knight 1, and Magneto 1!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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5 Comments to “Episode 213 – Quantum and Woody The Goat 1, Batman Superman Annual 1, Starlight 1, Jupiter’s Legacy 4, Auteur, Moon Knight 1, and Magneto 1!”

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  1. Tigger11 says:


    I appreciate your point about editors, but I am going to disagree a little. Bendis pulled issue #135 to get the exact dialogue to put into the Guardians of the Galaxy issue for the trial. (The lines are word for word, with new pictures). He is just being lazy because its easier to tell the story that way, he just doesn’t care about the nuances of the character. The issue of the trial this week references the Imperial Guard slaughtering the Greys which is a real small story issue in the grand plan of the X-books. Honestly this story as a trial of Rachel Summers, Cable or Madelyne Pryor (ie creatures who actually have had the phoenix force) or Hope or one of the 5 recent phoenix force creatures makes much more sense then a time displaced Jean Grey from before she met the Phoenix Force because they can’t do anything to her, Phoenix doesn’t defeat the Imperial Guard in X-Men #108, the world ends, so trying to stop Jean Grey from being replaced by the Phoenix is a failure from the start.

  2. Guys,
    You need to start getting way more practical with your thinking. This business is no longer about story to satiate the long term collector. Now a days it’s all about flash in the pan readership who jump in after being exposed to other media.

    What movie is coming to this summer? Think about the fact this book reaching the climax just as that movie’s trailer hit the inter tubes. Think about how many more X-books will be sold because of the cross over and that movie’s capture of audience imagination.

    Now, you understand the Trial of Jean.

  3. Joshua says:

    At 41, I’ve gotten to the point were I think of myself as a “post-jaded” comic book fan. New #1s no longer bother me. Ignoring continuity, the same. Wolverine in 500 books? I have no fucks to give. If I’m digging the story, I read it, if I don’t it gets dropped. Realizing the way comics were headed and finally excepting it, it saved me as a reader.

  4. Tigger11 says:

    But Optimus they didnt need to be lazy to get this story with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Having Jean Grey being told she told she died on the moon in issue #137 is silly, you and I both know that. I’m one of those that bought #137 at the store, and personally I would have preferred the whole X-Factor #1 retconn never happened, it takes away from the story but even then almost every list still puts #137 in the top 5 marvel stories ever. Its silly that any writer at marvel so poorly knows the characters he’s writing that Wikipedia understands the characters better then him. But we have that with lots of Bendis stuff and it doesnt make the story better, it shows the writer/editor is being lazy. (Wonder Man as a pacifist being a big one, the destruction of Stark Tower, etc).

  5. I know Tig, I know. The point is that only extreme fan boys care and they know we are hooked already and will buy regardless. New fans, the real demo for all of this work knows not the land before Clinton.

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