Episode 212 – All Star Western 28, Pariah 1, Vandroid 1, Wake 6, One Hit Wonder 1, Fantastic Four 1, and Revenge 1!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: All Star Western 28, Pariah 1, Vandroid 1, Wake 6, One Hit Wonder 1, Fantastic Four 1, and Revenge 1!!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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9 Comments to “Episode 212 – All Star Western 28, Pariah 1, Vandroid 1, Wake 6, One Hit Wonder 1, Fantastic Four 1, and Revenge 1!”

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  1. RolandDeschain says:

    Fast and to the point this episode boys, like a night with Douche, love it.

  2. We were all tired and I was really exhausted expending my mental energy to come up with Fim Fam Fuckstick.

    Is my wife talking again? Could you ask her to stop please?

  3. Homer Sexual says:

    Zzzzz… oh, yeah, that was a dull podcast. How were those books chosen? I mean, every month I am amazed to see that All-Star Western still exists. I read every issue of the pre-New 52 Jonah Hex written by Palmiotti and Gray, but the new incarnation turned wretched after the first story line. And now it seems even more bizarre, with a non-scarred Hex and time-travel. Who is that book written for? I can’t believe anyone read it. Please, if you guys are going to review the less-known stuff, pick worthwhile books (the Wake sounds like something I’ll read if I find it in a trade).

  4. THE WAKE 1-5 is available in a mini collected edition.

  5. AlexDumas says:

    Thanks for summing up my reservations about Robinson’s Fantastic Four so succinctly. i love this franchise and wonder what makes the FF so difficult to do well. Hickman had great ideas and characterization, particularly Reed, Valeria and Franklin but his pacing was interminable. Half of his run felt like an elongated set up where very little happened, the remainder felt like overwhelming pile up of repetitive, ponderous climaxes. I think the overall arc was satisfying, but was such a chore to get to. His Future Foundation had much more active, fluid storytelling.
    Fraction’s Fantastic Four was dull, and Mark Bagley — an artist I like — was not a good fit for the book. Fraction and Allred’s FF, although a bit goofy, was the closest to what I feel an actual Fantastic Four book should be: fast paced, bizarre, sci fi tinged adventures and colorful, gently humorous relation drama a family of heroes. Unfortunately those heroes weren’t Reed, Ben etc.
    What is it that makes the Fantastic Four so difficult?

  6. The Flashlight says:

    A few observations:

    1. You’re no longer announcing that Valiant is sponsoring the show. What happened? Sorry if you’ve already explained this elsewhere, I don’t follow all of your various online outlets.

    Not that I mind – I was never a fan of 90’s Valiant. I also rolled my eyes at the conflict of interest in being sponsored by Valiant and also reviewing their books.

    I tried getting into the new Harbinger but was permanently turned off, not only that book but all their titles, when within the first few pages the main character uses his mind powers to rape the next door girl. Yeah…..was I supposed to root for this character and be interested in his further adventures? Any company whose editorial staff allows that kind of garbage to pass through isn’t gonna get my money.

    2. No assterpiece theater in a looooong time. Have you given up on it?

    3. Can we all agree that 95% of all comics published each month are total shit? Are there even two writers out there marginally talented enough to cobble together a simple superhero story that progresses from A to B to C?

    The true professionals have given up on the medium and the grown – up fan boys are in control. I think this is epitomized by Detective Comics. You know why you never see Batman do actual detective work? Because none of the writers know the first thing about it and therefore can’t write about it. Instead we get increasingly more desperate attempts to make the Joker even more nutsy than usual. His face has been ripped off, what’s next? He castrates himself and the pen is is discovered by an underground gang of sewer eunuchs?

    4. I look forward to your review of Ms. Marvel #2. How many more stupid white people will our Muslim heroine encounter, and will a burqua be added to the costume?

  7. 1. Valiant is no longer a sponsor. It was a temp contract, but I will still read the shutout of them because I love them. As for conflict of interest we make it clear to our sponsors that we will not review their books necessarily every week and we make no guarantees that we will give them good review.

    Mr. Adler had quite a malaise towards Valiant. JD never became a fan of ETERNAL WARRIOR. Bug and I are unabashed fans, so take our adoration with a grain of pragmatism.

    You didn’t give Harbinger a chance. Yes, Peter abused his powers in the beginning, but you would be amazed what a difference two years makes.

    2. Yeah, it makes me sad as well.

    3. That Joker’s Daughter book is .horrible and certainly at the lowest round go the shit pile you mentioned. I think your % is high and we do need to really qualify the word shit. Try being a cmic reviewer for a week and marvel at the RUE shit that hits your inbox. Some of the stuff makes Joker’s Daughter seem like the new Watchmen

    4. Me too

  8. RolandDeschain says:

    I want a ms marvel-turok team up.

  9. Tigger11 says:

    I don’t understand how this pitch for the FF got green lit for the relaunch. This is the book that started Marvel and you relaunch it for marvel now with this effort? Also what is everyone’s thoughts on the new cast for the FfF movie relaunch.

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