Episode 211 – Justice League 28, New Warriors 1, Loki Ragnarok and Roll 1, Undertow 1, Alex and Ada 4, Daredevil 36!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Justice League 28, New Warriors 1, Loki Ragnarok and Roll 1, Undertow 1, Alex and Ada 4, Daredevil 36!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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6 Comments to “Episode 211 – Justice League 28, New Warriors 1, Loki Ragnarok and Roll 1, Undertow 1, Alex and Ada 4, Daredevil 36!”

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  1. def says:

    Too irritated at the bull-headed stubbornness of Ambush ‘please-ignore-the-tit-smeared-covers-of-the-comics-I-wrote-and-try-them’ Bug. Jeezus. I don’t think he’s a sexist or racist either. I’d explain more, but all he’ll say is “no,” so I’ll save the time of composing it.

    Anyway, after the e-mails, I enjoyed the podcast. And I like the other three of you guys on the show just fine.

    New Warriors was meh.

  2. Ellis says:

    I like his opinions most of the time, but he seems too “high on his horse” this time about something stupid. Who cares what marketing does… Let the show speak for itself.

  3. Let me illustrate Bug’s point on marketing and the pulpit on which we live.

    This quote was on the back cover of KICK-ASS Vol.1 #2

    “KICK ASS IS LIKE A VISIT TO A STRIP CLUB” – Optimous Douche, Ain’t It Cool News

    Now, here’s what I actually said in my review.

    “The kick-off issue of KICK-ASS reminded me of a lap-dance at a strip club. Imagine you’re in an establishment of ill repute doling out dollar bills to sow after heifer, when finally a petite pole master comes along that you find utterly exquisite and worthy of twenty dollars for grinding on your nether regions for three minutes and thirty-five seconds. You go into the back room and she takes you to paradise for three minutes and thirty-four seconds, then in the last second, she picks up her platform heel, and proceeds to pound you repeatedly in the testicles with the force of Thor’s hammer while telling you you’re hung like a pre-pubescent eunuch. This is the exact sensation I had when I closed the last page of KICK-ASS. And before you ask, yes, I have the knowledge to draw this comparison.”

    Big difference huh? Marketing s filled with the most deplorable people next to lawyers. How do I know? I AM ONE!!! My second career choice was actually lawyer and even went as far as taking the LSATs before I realized I would die in a hyper regulated job where I had to watch what I say.

    Marketing, we get the best of both worlds. We get to obscure the truth with 0 consequences.

    So, while .some may seem Bug as stubborn perhaps we can flip the view and look at him asa true champion for truth in advertising.

  4. klevelandk says:

    since the stories are good why do we really care what the numbers are? I listen to you guys waste ten minutes bemoaning this every week I’ve been collecting since ’76 (amazing spiderman 166) and read almost exclusively in trade now (where I live in maine there aren’t any stores) and whatever marvel needs to do to keep putting out great stories is fine (and comics, Marvel/DC/Image have been GREAT lately) ignore the numbers and keep telling me what you guys think of the stories, maybe it liberates the collector in me from needing to get issue #867 cause I have the previous 866. if this arc is great i’ll read it, if the creative team changes and I cant stand the new artist on the new #1, I pass.

    enjoy your show cause you all bring something different to the table and I get a good picture of what i’ll like from your discussions. thanks for your time every week (and bug I say stick to your guns, but I’ll also add that arrow is pretty good, having gotten better, super hero tv)

  5. Terry O'Brien says:

    Hello Gentlemen,

    A couple of quick things apropos of nothing.

    1. Sign I’m doing OK as a dad; recently ventured into the local comic outlet and my 12-yo son sees the 1st issue of New Warriors on the counter and says, “Dad, weren’t those they guys at the beginning of Kingdom Come that blew up that school?”

    2. Even though the cover layout made it nearly impossible to distinguish from a palette of spilled paints, I grabbed Valiant Must-Read #1s (100+ pgs. for $5.99) and FINALLY got to see what all the Valiant hype was about (sadly, nearest comic outlet is an hour away at the mall so we rarely get there what with the interwebs making malls obsolete, but I digress). This mag included XO Manowar, Shadowman, Harbinger, Harbinger Wars and Quantum & Woody. First, let me say thank you; had it not been for my accidental stumbling onto this podcast I would have no idea these books existed. Second, let me say fuck you; because I think I just kissed away all of my extra free time and disposable income.

    For a future retrospectacle might I suggest a 70s & 80s theme? As a guy in his mid-40s who came up on Cockrum’s X-Men, Miller’s Daredevil, Simonsen’s Thor, Byrnes’ FF, Cap, etc. I’d love to hear what others thought about this iconic era.

    Keep up the good work.

    Stay strong, Bug! As a fellow independent free thinker, I also bump up against the Tolerance Police for thinking that, say, business owners should be allowed to serve who they want and let the market decide if they want to support those who do not support the LGBT lifestyle (personally, I don’t care who wants to marry whom, neither do I care if Jim’s Pizza won’t serve gays. Don’t like it? Don’t go to Jim’s Pizza). Or that nobody on Facebook cares if you can’t fucking sleep.

    I watched S1 of Arrow with the aforementioned 12-yo boy and even he has taken to rolling his eyes and saying, “Come on…” every time they cut to half-naked Ollie Queen doing that jump up with the bar thing, so it’s not just the ad campaign that throws the flesh around. It’s pretty ridiculous and I start to feel anger about it then I remember I’m watching a Green Arrow show and get over it. I am not as steeped in DC culture as I am Marvel so I don’t recognize half the names/ characters they trot out, but they are seriously not holding back; every episode adds a layer of mythology and breaks out a new villain (Deadshot, Clock King) or hero (Brinze Tiger, Black Canary).

    Anyway, went from a short-and-sweet note to rambling incoherence so I’ll quit now.

    Last thing; please talk about TWD TV show and what you think of the direction it’s gone this season.

    Tally ho!

  6. Johnny Nukebrain says:

    Regarding the bullying and issues of race and so on, just wanna point out that these groups aren’t that racially divergent. The ‘Middle East’ as we now refer to a vaguely defined region that stretches from Morocco to the borders of India and sometimes includes Central Asia and so on is not a ‘brown people’ zone so much as an area where some people are as white as Europeans and others show some admixture with other groups (Arabs average roughly 15% African ancestry for example). Kamala’s character appears like many in Pakistan (Caucasian features but darker than most Europeans) while her Turkish friend would, in most cases, see herself as ‘white’ (as per the US census bureau and the general look of most Turks). One of the problems with identity politics in the US is that there has been an obsession with racial purity rather than the realization that race as a concept is flawed and races are much more fluid than people realize (and thus the commonly held view that Hispanic is a race when a trip to Spain or Argentina would dispel such a view in a second). Surprising for people to learn, but yes there are blond Algerians and blue-eyed Iranians as well as black Sudanese and Mongol-leaning Kazakhs.

    Reading Marvel Girl, I was more bored with the concept (and never been a fan of Marvel Girl so much as Rogue who took her powers) as opposed to bullying and perception of identity politics. You guys usually have an open mind to things and I figured I’d add an element to this artificial perception in this country that groups are more different than they are.

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