Episode 209: Batman 28, Injustice Year 2, Fuse 1,
She-Hulk 1, Superior Spider-man 27.now, and X-Force 1

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Batman 28, Injustice Year 2, Fuse 1, She-Hulk 1, Superior Spider-man 27.now, and X-Force 1!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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11 Comments to “Episode 209: Batman 28, Injustice Year 2, Fuse 1,
She-Hulk 1, Superior Spider-man 27.now, and X-Force 1”

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  1. def says:

    Please make sure Ambush Bug knows I wasn’t offended. I just thought his complaint was unfounded and ridiculous, and a little hypocritical. But no, my monocle did not pop out of my eye in shock.

    @Matt, one thing I think very different between Ms. Marvel and the Black Bomber, is that Ms. Marvel is a shape-shifter (we’ve been told in previews), so her change in the first case has a certain amount of id to it. I don’t think she will usually turn into a tall blond as the series continues (though that would be even more of a complicated statement if they did). The Black Bomber… don’t know, but he didn’t know what he turned into, or whether it was connected to his inner life… maybe if the book had come out, it would have been developed into something, but the concept sounds as terrible today as it would have been in the 70’s. If it was revealed that the racist white bomber turned into a black guy because he secretly wanted to be one, that might be interesting, as long as he never came to terms with it.

  2. Kire says:

    She-hulk was a huge let-down for me. I really wanted to like this book. Is it me or did Javier Pulido seem to just copy and paste her face throughout the entire book. Her expression never changes. It was a poor example of Pulido’s work and came across as lazy.

    Yes. I would read Murdock/Walters: Attorney’s at Law!

  3. Emiliano says:

    She-Hulk was only ok. Didn’t mind it, but truly hated the art. Would like to see Jen take over some good, interesting cases that did not always involved super villains and the like, even if she was defending super-heroes or, even better, their alter-egos.

    Wow! “Murdock & Walters, Attorneys At Law”! I would LOVE to see that book!

  4. Emiliano says:

    Ms Marvel a shape-shifter? Huh! Now, that is an intriguing idea. I want to keep reading the comic (even if I DO have some objections to it) but that does add an interesting angle to it.

    Are her powers going to remain the same or do we have some of the “Dial-H-For-Hero” crap going on here?

  5. Joel says:

    I really enjoyed Batman #28 more than I thought I would. I thought the break in Zero Year would be a pain and was an obvious shill for Batman: Eternal. It was still that, but a good and entertaining shill for a new book. My favorite thing?

    Selina Kyle/Catwoman! Finally, Scott Snyder/James Tynion IV have figured out a good direction for the character. I’m hoping some of that will bleed out into her solo title and make that a better read than it is (which shouldn’t be hard).

    I did wonder, who do you all think is the shadow-y Oracle figure in the Bat Cave in this issue? I’m not sure who to think/assume it is, though it could be Harper’s bother?

    Love the show, guys, and keep up the hard work!

  6. Emiliano says:


    I agree. It was a very enjoyable issue.
    About the shadowy figure in the Batcave, I have no idea, except that it looks female? I could be wrong.

    Now, and I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet, I LOVED the shoes with the hook for the cable! Awesome little touch!

    Good issue all around.

  7. RolandDeschain says:

    Bug is soooo sensitive… Fuck Before Ambush Bug!

  8. The Flashlight says:

    I have to say, this was one of the more entertaining episodes of the past 6 months. Chuckle-worthy throughout.

    A few thoughts:

    1. About the Green Arrow ads, I have to defend Bug here. I too was taken aback when I first saw them. I can only assume DC has marketing statistics showing that gays & women make up a substantial portion of their readership. It’s the only rationale I can fathom for an ad campaign consisting of semi-nude men with vacant, come-hither looks. Strange….I’ve always assumed the primary audience for mainstream superhero comics is still hetero male teenagers & young men (and some aging geezer fanboys). The conspiracy theorist may wonder if this is another manifestation of the gay agenda – are my 10 & 13 year old boys reading Superman supposed to see these shirtless studs and have a sudden realization of their same-sex attractions?

    Anyway, I suppose the ultimate goal of the ads is to get me to watch the show, and in that, they have failed miserably. I have exactly zero desire to watch Green Arrow. Furthermore, the only thing I would be able to deduce about the show from seeing the ads would be that it features more of the shirtless dudes, which would interest me if I were gay or a woman. Since I am neither, I suppose I’m out of luck.

    2. Ms. Marvel – didn’t the online comic community already go through hysterics over Miles Morales? Multiculturalism being forced on a readership that didn’t want it? Of course, my problems with that comic aren’t rooted in the portrayal of every white person as an amoral reprobate, it’s Bendis’s aimless & meandering story that went nowhere fast (the same criticism I’d level at his current X-Men runs).

    I haven’t read the comic, so I can’t say much on this issue, but somehow it wouldn’t surprise me if every White in the book was portrayed as a clueless racially insensitive moron. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the writer’s attitude was that the clueless Whites reading the comic were in need of being “educated” by a culturally progressive superior. Spare me. Review the book again when Ms. Marvel morphs into a young Muslim girl shot in the head by Taliban operatives for the crime of daring to attend school, or a teenage girl killed by her father in an honor killing for the mistake of getting herself raped and damaging the family’s honor.

    3. Divergent Batmans – even before the New 52, there were multiple Batman comics, multiple writers, multiple continuities. When has there ever been a unified presentation of the character? Even in the olden days, there was Batman, Detective, Justice League, World’s Finest, all sorts of books featuring the character.

    Overall, IMHO, Marvel & DC comics are total clusterfucks right now. Continuity has been hopelessly screwed up. In DC’s case, the only real solution is to jettison the whole thing and go back to pre-Flashpoint. The problems with Marvel are legion, and would require a separate dissertation.

  9. CHARLES says:

    Ambush Bug really needs to ignore stuff that’s extraneous to comics and focus on what’s in between the pages. Granted there is a lot of crap going on in the industry, there’s still a whole lot of good stuff happening. A writer going on twitter to hype his book, a character appearing in multiple titles (which has been happening for decades now), gimmick covers e.t.c are all somewhat grating but they shouldn’t distract from whats inside the books. Regarding Ms. Marvel, the writer- G.Willow Wilson is a white woman that converted to Islam. I’m pretty sure she knows a thing or two about white prejudice. Besides, we do need to wait a whole lot of issues before any form of judgement can be made about the portrayal of white people in this book.

    Apart from the issues I’ve raised above, I love J.D, Matt and Douche and really enjoy the podcast. Keep up the good work guys.

  10. def says:


    You should read Ms. Marvel before you start up on the Fox News lite rhetoric. (You haven’t read the comic, but you manage to say lots on the topic)

    Even if your idea that ‘every white person (is) an amoral reprobate’ were even close to true, the notion that multiculturalism is being forced on people is a really sad way of thinking. Rather than say, “I want comics to be a narrow focus that reflects my point of view,” why not be happy that the content of the mass market is being broadened? The more minorities of all kinds that appear, the healthier the market will be. Some people really want to see something else. Some kids are not white straight boys, but they love comics, and and want to see something else. No worries, straight white guys will still be the majority, so you don’t have to worry that your favourites will disappear. (how do I know you’re a straight white guy? Just my intuition.) I try to imagine the movie market or book market, if it didn’t have minorities (AKA multiculturalism) in it… It would just be a little baby medium that wasn’t taken seriously.

    Hopefully my last two cents on Ms. Marvel… As was said on the podcast, it’s the first issue, so there’s no saying how the characters will be in coming issues, but: in order to build up a solid portrayal of the main character in the first issue, the ignorant white girl was an important point. A minority like Kamala undoubtedly puts up with shit from ignorant people, so a white character is needed to show that. And, it was hardly character assassination, being benignly racist. It would have been A) boring and B) disingenuous to show her living a 100% happy racially integrated life.

    The vocal frustration of some white guys about this situation is really sad (let me know if someone non-white/non-male have voiced frustration, I’ll change my phrasing here). Is it because of the Internet? Were people this upset when Rhodey took over the Iron Man armour in the 1980’s? Or when the Black Panther joined the Avengers? There are a surprising number of racist comic fans (i.e. http://rebloggy.com/post/my-gifs-spiderman-idk-donald-glover-childish-gambino-i-know-this-is-an-old-issue/48312579535). Though Dan Slott got death threats over ‘killing’ Spider-Man, so maybe comics are just stuck with a difficult, vocal minority.

    I’m a straight white guy, and every time I hear people complaining about multiculturalism in whatever, it makes me want to double-down on it, just to piss those people off. Next time Captain America dies/goes on vacation? Make Sam Wilson the new Cap. Thor gets banished by Odin? Asian guy finds the hammer. The next X-Man is a transexual whose sexuality has nothing to do with their power. It just happens to be. Or just make new good characters (Mighty Avengers is kind of interesting so far).

    White guys are the main characters in 90% of comic books (partly because there have been barely any good new characters in 40 years). That’s fucking insane. There’s zero reason to hate on diversity. Comics desperately need it.

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