Episode 205 – Alex and Ada 3, Curse, Skyman,
MiracleMan, Black Dynomite, Superior Spider-Man 25, and Justice League 3000 2!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, Matt Adler, and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Alex and Ada 3, Curse, Skyman, MiracleMan, Black Dynomite, Superior Spider-Man 25, and Justice League 3000 2!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

email 1 (Geof Darrow) – 01:26
email 2 (Grim Noir) – 05:01
email 3 (Tom Fremgen) – 07:55
Alex and Ada 3 (Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn) – 10:47
Curse 1 (Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Riley Rossmo, Colin Lorimer) – 19:19
Skyman 1 (Dark Horse – Joshua Fialkov, Manuel Garcia) – 24:47
MiracleMan 1 (Mick Anglo, Don Lawrence, Garry Leach) – 31:17
Black Dynomite 1 (Brian Ash, Ron Wimberly) – 53:33
Superior Spider-Man 25 (Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Humberto Ramos) – 56:55
Justice League 3000 2 (Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Howard Porter) – 01:06:09

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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10 Comments to “Episode 205 – Alex and Ada 3, Curse, Skyman,
MiracleMan, Black Dynomite, Superior Spider-Man 25, and Justice League 3000 2!”

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  1. Emiliano Feliberti says:

    Black Dynamite…?
    Poor Alex Haley must be rolling in his grave….

  2. Emiliano feliberti says:

    Superior Spider-Man #025

    You were absolutely right, JD. This was a cop-out. Slott could have done almost anything else and it would have been hundreds of times better than to tell you something had absolutely happened and then come back and destroy whatever emotional impact his other story might have had.

    Now, the Avengers not falling for the bullshit explanation was awesome! I love this title, and it actually gave Spider-Man a much needed kick. I will not mind Peter’s return (I actually would want to see him back) but the title WILL be missed. Still, I would love to see Peter deal with all the success Doc has brought into his life, and start to wonder what exactly has he been doing (maybe wasting his life in some aspects?).

    I’m going to feel REALLY bad for the midget (great character). Hope they keep her around, but the heartbreak on its way is going to reach epic proportions.

    And yes, Thor would have still kicked his ass all the way to Asgard.

  3. Emiliano Feliberti says:

    Justice League 3000

    This is not bringing the BWA-HAHA as well as Justice League used to have, but it has potential, and I like it so far. I just think Giffen and Dematteis have it in them to make it funnier, and they might! (I hope so, anyway)

    Oh, Bug! If you wanted some continuity or connection with the rest of the DC Universe, you hae it right there in the last page. The JL is sent to Takron-Galtos, the prison used for the most dangerous criminals in the Galaxy in LSH. So, I guess you wish was granted.

  4. DC, shit the bed on LEGION plain and simple. My best from High School’s Father just passed away. he had collected LEGION from their first appearance in Adventure comics way back.

    He died very suddenly about 6 months ago, no time to get his affairs in order.

    Flash forward, my friend came back from NY to Jersey last weekend and I drove up from Philadelphia to start cataloging the thousands of books. My friend was very leery to put the LEGION stuff on the for sale pile out of reverence.

    While we were looking through a bunch of his geeky files on his computer we stumbled across a message board thread where his Father had said he was so disgusted with the new LEGION he hopes his kids will sell his old ones immediately upon his demise and hopes they can still get sme value for them.

    JL 3000 will triumph in the Bwa, they have a lot of exposition to cover with this title. JLI they were just able to jump in since time had already done the introductory work for them.

  5. def says:

    I definitely agree with Matt on the Alan Moore thing. One if you guys asked why he goes on message boards to complain. What? Is that actually true? Never heard of it.
    About him griping about super heroes, here is a very good article that may change your mind:
    If I a writer, and not just a super hero writer, I would be tired of STILL talking about Killing Joke 20 years later too.

    Also, not only did he have his name taken off of Miricleman, but he agreed to it all on the basis that his profits went to Mick what’s-his-name, the original, now poor, writer (much like he gave his movie profits to the artists from the book.)

    I think he gets a hard time in the comics press partly because he’s not in love with super heroes. There were a means to an end, and now he’s moved on.

  6. Emiliano feliberti says:


    You are absolutely right about the LSH. I have been following their appearances since I was a little kid, and consider the Paul Levitz / Keith Giffen team up one of the great moments in comic books, specially the “Great Darkness Saga”, which has to be up there with almost any other classic in the history of comic books.

    Somehow, I think DC lost their way with the Legion and don’t seem to find the commitment to bring them back to the standard they used to have all those years ago. I have enjoyed a lot of what hey done with the Legion in the last ten, fifteen years, but they have not been able to find the right combination of writer/artist/storytellers to bring back the magic (much like what has happened with the 20,000 X-Men books nowadays). I still believe they really can. After all, LSH is only one title (even when they have tried to split it in the past) and they should be able get the right match for the book. Hopefully DC is working on this right now. They HAVE to know they have a potential bestseller in their hands.

    Who do you think would be a good team to revive the book? Levitz tried a little while ago, but it didn’t seem to catch up. Who comes to mind that could bring back the book to its former glory? Any thoughts?

  7. Emiliano Feliberti says:


    Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.

    Now, imo, this still looks like more of an Alan Moore’s problem than anyone else. Have you ever met someone who had so many problems and talked about them so much that you just hated to be around them because a) you don’t care, and b) you just didn’t want to hear about it anymore? Seems like Alan Moore’s whole conversations are about how he was hurt and wronged by everyone around him (you noticed he seems to have very few people he worked with he is still talking to?). people get sick of that.

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did ONE thing he would be remembered for, and he hated the fact that not only nothing else he tried would ever be as beloved as Sherlock Holmes ever was, but that people just were not interested in anything else he had. It has to be an incredibly humbling experience, and some people (some authors specially) just can not handle that, and they lash at the world for something that, frankly, is nothing but their own ego hating their own inability to achieve former glory.

    Harper Lee (to this day) hates “To Kill A Mockingbird”. She was never able to write anything that compared to it, and she is sick of talking about it. Margaret Mitchell was never able to write crap other than “Gone With The Wind”. Is this the fans fault?

    I the world of today (where people SEEM to read less), do you have a lot of people who can tell you (other than fans and, usually, comic book fans) who Edgar Rice Burroughs, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, or Bob Kane are? Probably not, but it is a sure bet that AT LEAST 9 out of ten people (if not the whole ten out of ten) can tell you Tarzan, Dracula, Frankenstein and (definitely) Batman are. This are creations that outlived their creators and will always be remembered, even if their creators might not be except for the curious and the academic.

    Now, what does this have to do with “The Original Author” or “He Who Shall Not Be Named”? It is very easy for him and other authors to come to hate something they created when it becomes bigger than themselves. I can see that and, to a point, even understand it. When they become douche bags is when they turn elitists (like Moore has) and start looking down their noses at the very works that allowed them to do whatever the hell it is they are doing now. They look down at the people that admire and even (scary as it is) worship them for this work, and refuse to have anything to do with them. The rubes have to be idiots to have liked work I did at one point but I am so far above now, right? I cannot respect people who liked he crap that I did, and I don’t want to be associated with them or with that work. I wouldn’t join a cub who would have me for a member.

    Do you have fans that get out of hand? Sure, that’s why you have restraining orders. People are nuts. Do you have to be a jerk to people that truly love your work because you don’t like it anymore? No. I’m sorry but, again, I don’t care how smart you want to make us think you are or what degree of dominion over the English language you might have, Without this work you so vilify now, you would be a nobody, and the only crimes the fans have committed have been to love what you DID and put you at the top of a bloody pedestal that you probably don’t deserve.

    I don’t respect actors that don’t want their picture taken anywhere and refuse to talk to fans when they are making millions out of those fans every time they make a movie. They are total hypocrites, and it makes me sick how they whine about the “hard life” they live having to deal with fame. Well, you know what? Maybe you should have been a freaking plumber, not an actor. You do it for the art? Bullshit. You want the money as much as anyone else and, even when you give it away on one side (like Moore has), you are taking it from the other side, and making a whole show of your expansive (yet douchey and petty) gestures.

    Again, you want to look down at fans that like what you did and think they are morons because they actually like what helped you remain employed all of these years and allowed you the opportunity to keep creating what you really wanted to create? Fine, go do something else and stay away from the rest of us.

    No matter what Alan Moore thinks, we will always admire Watchmen, Miracleman, and maybe (although not my favorite unless Grant Morrison is correct about the ending – and btw, if he isn’t, he just gave it a better ending than HE did) The Killing Joke. Moore wants to be a snob about it? Fine, he has every right in the world to be. I agree with him he shouldn’t do any more conventions if he doesn’t want to be asked about it. So far, he hasn’t written anything else I am interested in. When he does, maybe I’ll remember who the hell Alan Moore is, and take another look. In the meantime, I’ll jus re-read my copy of Watchmen by “He Who Shall Not Be Named” every so often and maybe wonder if the poor, deluded fool that wrote it ever wrote anything else.

  8. def says:


    I think Moore has written a lot of great stuff since Watchmen and Killing Joke. Not as revolutionary in the big picture, I guess, but if he’d never written Watchmen and Killing Joke, he’d still be a very respected comics author. Just for his ABC work, he’d have a solid name for himself. I can’t see how you’d think he’d be a nobody. He simply would be a less likely stalker target.

    I wonder how much of his later stuff you’ve read, if you say he hasn’t written anything else you’re interested in. Maybe you’re not looking? It’s not to all tastes, but I thought the first two volumes of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was brilliant. And I haven’t read even From Hell, which is often considered his best (time/money, but one day I’ll get it).

    Anyway, I don’t always agree with him, and I think he goes well overboard in proclaiming all the super hero comics that he proclaims not to read are terrible. Even so, I understand a lot of his other feelings of frustration.

  9. Emiliano Feliberti says:


    I have read his later stuff (some of it, anyway). I do believe that the LoEG is a really good book, but I might be on of the (few?) people that believe “From Hell” was NOT even close to be as good as some people seem to think (even if historically accurate, as some claim). Different strokes, I guess.

    I might have been a little harsh in my statement, since snobbish authors like him get to me. I do not believe his later writing is bad (the guy is a brilliant writer), but I sure do not believe it is even close to be as groundbreaking or memorable as some of his other stuff is. Hell, even the LoEG had been done before, if not exactly in that format. But the story (and it is ALWAYS the story) was excellent. Specially the second volume.

    Solid name? Maybe. Having the recognition he has now OUTSIDE of the publishing world? maybe not. And I might be wrong but, if that was true right now, I believe he would probably be royally pissed because he wasn’t as well known as he “deserved” to be.

    Frankly, Moore strikes me as the kind of person that can only be happy in his misery, thinking how the whole world is against him. Again, I understand some of the stuff that pisses him off about the fans, but most of it is just a play. Hell, the guy reminds me of my ex-mother in law, may she rest in peace. Don’t think the woman was happy a single day in her life.

  10. Yorgo says:

    I think Emiliano is right about Moore. His best work was done in his early years and he can’t live up to the hype that was generated.

    So, when he makes something like ABC and it doesn’t pan out the way he wanted or when he starts doing something like Neonomicon, which really started way back as a book that he supposedly lost, and it doesn’t set the world a flame, it drives him a bit crazy and he rants about people who are more successful at this stage in their career like Morrison and other comics writers in general.


    Optimous, I know you don’t like Shadowman all that much but would you please review the entire End Times mini coming up from Milligan? I got the feeling it’s going to address all your concerns.

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