Comics: Justice League-Generation Lost #1

Booster? Why are you Michael Keaton?

I never REALLY hopped on the JLI train back in the day in the way that many of you did. I enjoyed the funny bits, and Kevin Maguire’s art (god he’s good) but it just didn’t hold my attention for a long period of time. But I’m fully aware of who they were and most of what went down. It wasn’t until Maxwell Lord, benefactor of the JLI, went evil, that I finally got pulled in. To take the straight-man of the series and turn him into such a completely powerful badass was a stroke of genius. At some point, it was revealed the Lord can take control of people’s bodies and make them do whatever he wants. Including someone as powerful as Superman, which is a terrifying thought. During Brightest Day #0, we see him up to some shenanigans with a lot of extra blood and a pool of ice, but we didn’t really get the full picture of what he was up to. In this issue we find out, and it is AWESOME. I don’t wanna spoil it for you here, but it starts off with every member of the JLA looking for Mr. Lord all over the world, including Booster Gold. Now here is ANOTHER character that has become far more intriguing then he ever was when I was a kid. He was always a pompous douche-bag, and I never really cared for his personality. There are enough people like that in real life, I don’t really wanna read about them in the funny pages. BUT, again, at some point, he decided to be a useful human being, and actually do things for the right reasons. Though he tries and tries, none of his old team-mates take him seriously. And THAT is a dynamic I find interesting to read about.

Besides Booster, the other stars of this book: Fire, Ice and Captain Atom are all characters that I know about, but have limited experience with, and with the way things are left at the end make me kinda giddy to relearn what these characters are about and how they’re going to deal with the new status quo with regards to Maxwell Lord and what it was he accomplished with that scene from Brightest Day #0. This is a really strong start to a really interesting idea, and I can’t wait to check out what’s coming next!

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