Episode 181 – Halo Initiation, Batman 23, JLA 7,
Saga 13, Infinity, The Bunker and Thunder Agents!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Halo Initiation 1, Batman 23, Justice League of America 7, Saga 13, Infinity 1, The Bunker 1 and Thunder Agents 1!

Also: listener email!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

email – 05:03
Halo Initiation 1 – 05:57
Thunder Agents 1 – 10:39
aTHORtion shout-out – 15:37
Batman 23 – 16:44
Justice League of America 7 – 23:47
Saga 13 – 29:24
Infinity 1 – 36:20
A quick Ultimates and Ultimate Universe aside – 48:14
The Bunker 1 – 50:26

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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7 Comments to “Episode 181 – Halo Initiation, Batman 23, JLA 7,
Saga 13, Infinity, The Bunker and Thunder Agents!”

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  1. RolandDeschain says:

    Ask Rob is the SHIT, it makes facebook worthwhile.

  2. I have no friggin clue who you are Roland on the realseys side of life (FacebooK). Your comic identity is well hidden sir.

  3. (The Internet ate my first comment, so I’ll try again)

    Outstanding show, guys! Funny and thoughtful from start to finish. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that hearing you dudes discuss these comics is more entertaining than reading the actual comics. Keep up the fine work!

    P.S. Please bring back the “slapped by a hipster” intro with the tiger growl at the end, and just keep playing the weird clips before it. It wasn’t broke; it was perfect. So why are you guys trying to fix it?

    P.P.S. Fuck all the haters and PC pussies. Douche’s Lois Lane clip was comedy gold. And if that makes me worse than a Nazi, so be it.

  4. Rob Truthfeld says:

    I got a question for Ask Rob. What’s that bulging pussy thing on my taint?

  5. Rob Truthfeld ASKS ROB,

    I got a question for Ask Rob. What’s that bulging pussy thing on my taint?

    Great Question Rob,
    You have an affliction called Origami Penis that affects many with Pacific Rim blood or whose mothers received rim jobs in the Pacific.

    Don’t worry, after consulting with three renowned genital reconstructionists I have a simple at home remedy that will fix this issue.

    According to Doctor Huxtable Cos, you first need to find an industrial strength air pump. After you’re done blowing truckers leave the cab of the truck and find a nozzle thingy on the ground.

    Next ask five of the truckers to air seal all open orifices on your body (ears, nose, anus maximus) except your inverted origami penis hole and mouth.

    Next turn on the air hose starting at 75 PSI. After several minutes your “pussy bulge” will making a popping sound. Look down, you should now have a flap of square skin that looks like parchment left in the rain…and it’s pink or purple depending on your nationality.

    Now comes the tricky part. Dr. Leung Dook Dong of the Japanese Genital Institute of Happy Cat Sunshine recommends finding your favorite porn star (male) and downloading as many close up shots as you can of his penis. “This is a brank srate for men’s geniters, they should feer vely vely rucky for this oppultunity.” said Dong.

    Depending on skill level, you can begin to fold your genital parchment yourself or visit a local community college for help. It’s important to note that this skin must be folded into the proper shape and then allowed to heal shut.

    DO NOT USE Elmer’s glue, staples, nails, duct tape, biscuit batter or crazy glue to help. If you could do this it would be Elmer’s Penis, not Origami Penis.

    I hope this helps. Actually, I KNOW this helps.

  6. RolandDeschain says:

    Ive been thinking Douche, now that you are an Internet Superstar thanks to Ask Rob, you should do a nerd one for us nerds that follow the show. I think an Ask Douche segment will do wonders for us all

  7. ASK ROB does nerd, just ask!

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