Episode 179 – Batman Inc 13, Collider 1, Tom Strong Planet of Peril 1, Wolverine In The Flesh, GFT: Werewolves the Hunger 1-3, Optic Nerve 13,Ultimate Comics Spider 25 and we review THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX animated film!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Batman Inc 13, Collider 1, Tom Strong Planet of Peril 1, Wolverine In The Flesh, GFT: Werewolves the Hunger 1-3, Optic Nerve 13, Ultimate Comics Spider 25!

Also: Review of THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX ANIMATED FILM and listener emails!!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

email – 02:40
Batman Inc 13 – 16:29
Collider 1 – 23:55
Tom Strong Planet of Peril – 28:14
Wolverine In The Flesh – 32:35
GFT: Werewolves the Hunger 3 – 38:24
Optic Nerve 13 – 43:07
Ultimate Comics Spider 25 – 52:25
The Flashpoint Paradox Animated Film – 54:40

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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8 Comments to “Episode 179 – Batman Inc 13, Collider 1, Tom Strong Planet of Peril 1, Wolverine In The Flesh, GFT: Werewolves the Hunger 1-3, Optic Nerve 13,Ultimate Comics Spider 25 and we review THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX animated film!”

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  1. W C Walker says:

    Hey JD,
    When do you have your Retrospectacle meetings? Are those closed off to new participants?

  2. jaydee says:

    the second wednesday of every month at the PLYMOUTH MEETING Comics and More, starting at 7pm…next week we’ll be meeting to discuss Jeff Lemire’s ESSEX COUNTY…open to all!

  3. Andy says:

    10 Points about Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox:

    1. The retcon of Barry’s mom and his origin don’t feel solid. It was enough that he was a good cop who wanted to use his powers to help the public. It’s feels like the just wante dot add a little BAtman to make the Flash an A lister.

    2. The opening with the JLA was spectacular

    3. The 1st Batman fight was also spectacular. The cyborg shows up and you remember “oh this is Flashpoint, that horrid comic I read once”

    4. Why is the Wonder Woman and Aquaman war a sidebar? It could have added a Game of Thrones epic-ness to the film.

    5. Wayne as Trump was great. Leaving out his fight with Martha was not.

    6. Recreating the Flash’s origin still comes off very dopey.

    7. Dana Delaney = Lois. It’s a waste she’s barely in it

    8. The Resistance might be the biggest mort moment I’ve ever seen. Who cheered when they saw these F listers lead by the EXTREME Grifter

    9. Michael B. Jordan is a terrific actor, but a horrible Cyborg. Dunno if that was the directors fault or what but he was B-A-D

    10. The fight at the end was great. But the Flash caused it is awful. I have no idea what happened back in time, what Zoom did, or how barry’s mom living could cause such reverberations in the space time continuum. She didn’t know any of the people in this movie other than her son. This movie is made for the masses who didn’t read these stories or else the sales wouldn’t be enough to keep this division going.

    Bonus point: The violence was way over the top. Have the balls to do this stuff in continuity. Alternate reality stories are becoming blood baths.

    Bonus Bonus point. Animation was smooth, but the character models left a lot to be desired. Was Aquaman stung by a bee?

  4. W C Walker says:

    Cool I’ll have to try & swing through one of these Wednesdays.

  5. def says:

    Nice to hear the review of Optic Nerve. I love comics in general, not just certain genres, and every once in a while, it’s great to hear you guys go well off the beaten path. But JD, Tomine is Japanese… it’s pronounced To-mi-ne.

    Good show!

  6. Rob Truthfeld says:

    So was I the only one incredibly underwhelmed by this weeks All New X-Men? This is normally my favorite book of the week but I was getting some Chuck Austin vibes from this issue. I was especially disappointed with the moment between Rachel and Jean. Is this another case of Bendis doing the “unexpected”? I really want to see that conversation between the two of them.

  7. Great show! I especially liked the parts when Johnny D got genuinely upset with that other guy for “just not liking Bendis” and also when Optimus douche, dumb name for such a thoughtful guy, said how much he likes having sex and smoking weed. High five! Speaking of which, you guys should do a social experiment where you do the show high without telling anyone and see if anyone notices a difference. Or maybe one where you probably have sex with a prostitute as you do it, maybe. Just a thought. Anyway, I used to listen to the show casually, but now I have become a devoted fan, looking forward to new installments every Tuesday. Hearing that cougar scream after you guys go “puh-puh-puh-poptards” produces almost a Pavlovian response in me, much like the theme song of Saved by the Bell did when I was little. The only suggestion I have for the show is to review more work by the likes of Alan Moore, Garth Ennis and Chris Ware, because 50 years from now, let’s face it, those three are probably the only comic book writers people’ll still be reading anyway. I mean, who the fuck’s gonna remember Bendis? Apart from that, fantastic show and keep up the wonderful broadcasting work, boys.

  8. Hmmm…let’s see, I think I’m the only imbiber of stinky green on the Podcast. Matt is squeaky clean, while JD and Bug are just alcoholics.

    I’ve had sex during a show. Wasn’t with a prostitute though, do I still get points?

    Optimous Douche is a necessary evil. Someone coming blind to my reviews is much more likely just from a visceral standpoint to read what I have to say versus the vanilla alternative of my oh so waspy Christian name Robert Thomas Patey III.

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