Episode 178: THE WOLVERINE movie!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler and Ambush Bug review James Mangold’s THE WOLVERINE, starring Hugh Jackman!!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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11 Comments to “Episode 178: THE WOLVERINE movie!”

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  1. Rob Truthfeld says:

    I think you can write a very simple explanation as to how Xavier survived X3. Before Jean completely atomized him he used his telepathy to make everyone see that he was killed and lay low while he completely healed. Boom problem solved.

  2. JayDee says:

    uh uh uhhh!!

    Jean was a more powerful telepath, a “level 5” or something, right?
    That wouldn’t have fooled her!

  3. Rob Truthfeld says:

    “uh uh uh, you didn’t say the magic word. uh uh uh…”

    I have a hard time believing that psychopathic Jean Grey is a more powerful telepath than Professor Xavier. Especially when he was the guy who set up the mental blocks in her mind in the first place. If we were talking about the proper Dark Phoenix then I’d have no problem agreeing with you but a nuttier than a squirrel turd Jean could be fooled me thinks.

  4. Pink Apocalypse says:

    I couldn’t get that ‘uh uh uh’ out of my head the entire time I was jogging this morning. GUH!!!

  5. jaydee says:

    fair enough, Rob. I still don’t buy it, but I’ll allow the argument, lol

    Pink, you had the uh uh uh from Jurassic Park running through your head? that sounds maddening!

  6. RolandDeschain says:

    Meh, I’m with Bug on this one, but then again I have never liked any Wolverine or X-men movie to date. Hugh Jackman, while being an actor i enjoy a lot, has never really been a wolverine that I like particularly much. I mean he is not terrible or anything but he never really meshed with what I think of as a “classic” Wolverine, but that’s just me. Fox has been at this a long time with X-men property, I think they have the same model for all of their movies except for maybe the first one they did like 13 years ago, and some of X2. Fox knows that the X-men are super popular in the comic book world, Wolverine even more so in the modern era. They know this and throw a lot of Big names and some money and make an average Hollywood action movie that happens to have X-men characters or wolverine in them. They movies are going to make money even if they are sub-par, cuz its wolverine and the x-men. Its a lot riskier for Fox to change up their game plan movie wise to match either Marvel or Warners/DC in my opinion, than go with if it aint broke don’t fix it X-men movie model. I don’t trust Fox to make a decent Wolverine or X-men movie anytime soon, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

    Just my 2 cents. What about that Douchey X-men fan guy who is on the show normally, has he seen this yet? Does he have any Douchey thoughts on this flick?

  7. Tigger11 says:

    Sorry JD, but Matt is right, Viper doesn’t appear in the original Miller 4 issue mini-series. It may have been in the collection, if they included either the New Mutants issues or the X-Men issues which follow the Miller miniseries in which SS and Viper come to Japan to kill Wolverine to avenge Shingen Yashida (the father of both Mariko and the original Silver Samurai), but I’m pretty sure that Viper doesnt appear in a single panel in the actual miniseries.

  8. W C Walker says:

    I thought it was good definitely agree that the 3rd act killed it from being really good. But when compared to X3 & Origins it’s a masterpiece. Now granted that’s an extremely low bar but still I did enjoy myself. As far as ranking of the X-Films I’d go

    First Class
    The Wolverine

    I honestly just wish they wouldn’t even acknowledge X3 and simply use what First Class did as a simple re-boot.

  9. jaydee says:

    I loved that they acknowledged the Jean stuff from X3 despite that movie being an abortion..it gave Wolvy something to struggle with besides “i’ve killed a bunch of nameless people”…it gave a face for the audience to focus on..

  10. jaydee says:

    gha! sorry Tig, I was flipping through the collection that was on my shelf and saw Viper…I should have read the whole thing thoroughly before commenting!

    thanks for the heads up!

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