Episode 167: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Film review! Also this week’s books: Dream Thief 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws 20, Doomsday .1 and Age of Ultron 8

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Optimous Douche and Ambush Bug review STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS as well as this week’s books: Dream Thief 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws 20, Doomsday .1 1 and Age of Ultron 8!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

@$$terpiece Theatre – 2:16
Chin Music 1 – 04:08
Grimm 1 – 13:23
Batman and Red Hood 20 – 20:03
Batman 20 – 29:27
Iron Man 258.1 and 258.2 – 37:03
Thor God Of Thunder 1-8 – 44:59
Archer & Armstrong 0 – 50:55

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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7 Comments to “Episode 167: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Film review! Also this week’s books: Dream Thief 1, Red Hood and the Outlaws 20, Doomsday .1 and Age of Ultron 8”

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  1. Brian the Hurt says:

    I believe you are mistaken about the prequel planet and movie planet. They are completely different planets. The planet in the comic was a desert planet with grey bugs vs black bugs and in the end is left for the Klingons to rule over and Kirk is told by Pike to forget everything about the incident. The planet in the movie had huge red jungle and ocean with humanoid creatures.

    The story of the planet in the prequel was to show how Kirk starts to feel the Prime Directive can not be a black/white issue. Kirk sees that there are should be exceptions to the rule for the safety of those involved.

    So the prequel sets up the motivation of Kirk secretly helping other planets even if he is breaking the most sacred oath of the Federation.

    The prequel is well done because it shows Spock still dealing with the loss of his planet, shows Kirk’s true feelings about Prime Directive/his moral responsibility, that starfleet is trying everything to avoid war with Kronos and set up that there is something dark happening in Star Fleet that even Pike isn’t aware of(For example: who put the secret take over code into the Enterprise). My theory is the secret code was put in by Marcus at some point as part of his plan with USS Vengeance. It does all this without spoiling big reveals that we’re fun in the movie.

  2. Kitten Mittens says:

    Optimous…high praise coming from you. Thanks!

  3. Good points Brian, I was looking for a more literal and continuous bleed-in like we got with the first movie comic prequel.

  4. Brian the Hutt says:

    Optimus- I was as well when I originally picked up the comics. I am guessing with all the secrets surrounding the movie they felt they couldn’t give too much away.

  5. Joel says:

    I gave up on Age of Ultron after Issue 3. I just couldn’t justify spending more money on something that just…seemed pointless.

  6. def says:

    I had a chuckle when you complained about Wolverine meeting Wolverine…. 30 minutes after you guys enjoying Spock meeting Spock, with not an ounce of self-consciousness.

    I think Age of Ultron is utterly alright. But it does feel really really old and out of touch with continuity. I’ll finish it out, but expectations are low. I find it pleasant, which is not the same as good.

    I have a (debatable) intro for you on my iPhone, and with send it when you get your butts back in iTunes regularly.

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