Episode 164 – IRON MAN 3 Film Review!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Matt Adler review IRON MAN 3!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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3 Comments to “Episode 164 – IRON MAN 3 Film Review!”

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  1. Iron Man 3 was fucking tits! Great dialog. Great twist w/ The Mandarin & just an all around solid movie. I personally loved the shades of Lethal Weapon and little nods to other awesome action movies too. Did anybody catch the Terminator homage at the end with Killian coming out of the fire after Stark. They even did a little medley of the Terminator theme (with the anvil dings and everything). I love clever shit like that. And only really smart writers seem to be able to pull that off and give a clever nod to something instead of just rip-off something & do it in a totally fucking corny way. That movie was serious when it needed to be & the funny parts were on the nose (the guy who drops his gun and proclaims to hate working with everybody stands out in my mind.)

    Also, this has been bugging me. I haven’t sought it out online, but it crept up on me as I was watching this movie for the first time. I know they didn’t really give out villain names. And while Ben Kingsley is just a paid schmuck in the movie & Guy Pierce (if you close you eyes he sounds like he’s doing a dead on Val Kilmer impression the whole movie) says that he’s the Mandarin my initial impression was that he (or at least other bald dude) was the Living Laser, another Iron Man vbad guy. The powers were kind of similar. Having A.I.M. would have been enough for me as a main threat for the movie. The Iron Man movies weren’t so much super hero movies for me as they were movies about dudes using technology to fight one another. One guy using it for good, everyone else trying to stop him & use it for bad. So just the way they were able to throw that in there & tie it into his past & still be able to throw in crazy battles with some dude w/ powers at the end is pretty damn cool. But yeah, I thought it was some sort of incarnation of the Living Laser & somehow tied that to the Extremis story for the movie. They just didn’t bother to say it.

    I know he’s an FF baddie, but I think a movie where Iron Man fights Dr.Doom would be the shit. They are polar opposites in every aspect and them clashing in the comics is always a great time to read.

  2. Mazer Rackham says:

    I kept thinking “Molten Man.”

  3. jaydee says:

    @Brando: It WAS the tits, you are correct sir! I didn’t notice the Terminator nods, but I’ll definitely look for them when I see it again!

    Val Kilmer impression! Bwah! Totally!

    I too would love to see Iron Man vs Doctor Doom…and not that lame guy from the last two FF movies. Guh.

    @Mazer: Agreed. I thought the Extremis was more then just really HOT POWERS, lol…but whatevs, I’m fine with it

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