Episode 162 – House Of Gold And Bones, Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, DC Universe Presents 19, Justice League 19, Nightwing 19, He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 1, Danger Girl Trinity, TMNT Krang, Daredevil 25, Bodie Troll 1

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: House Of Gold And Bones, Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, DC Universe Presents 19, Justice League 19, Nightwing 19, He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 1, Danger Girl Trinity, TMNT Krang, Daredevil 25, Bodie Troll 1!

Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

Listener e-mail – 04:30
Listener e-mail – 08:00
@$$terpiece Theater – 10:00
House Of Gold And Bones – 12:52
DC Universe Presents 19 – 17:10
Justice League 19 – 21:31
Nightwing 19 – 37:10
Danger Girl Trinity – 47:57
He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 1 – 52:56
Superman Vs Muhammad Ali – 59:36
TMNT Krang – 01:05:04
Daredevil 25 – 01:07:51
Bodie Troll 1 – 01:13:05

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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15 Comments to “Episode 162 – House Of Gold And Bones, Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, DC Universe Presents 19, Justice League 19, Nightwing 19, He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 1, Danger Girl Trinity, TMNT Krang, Daredevil 25, Bodie Troll 1”

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  1. def says:

    Just read Uncanny X-Force 3. Don’t think it was covered on a podcast. It was problematic. The opening has a flashback to Psylocke as a teen… an Asian teen. I’ve been reading X-Men since she was brought into the X-universe, and man, that pisses me off. That’s not a small detail of her story. Other than that, Sam Humphries, the writer, tries to britify it by having her say stuff like, “sorted” when Psylocke at root was a posh, upper-class character. It’s as if he never actually read her old stuff. No need to be a slave to continuity, but is it asking too much to be a slave to characterisation? I swear, I’m not a bitchy comic reader, but that sucked. Douche? Opinion?

    Enjoyed the podcast. I really think Neal Adams 70’s art is much better than his current stuff. It was so super-humanly tight back then. I collected as a kid in the 80’s, and those old X-Men, and anything else I saw from back then dominated basically everything else going on when I was heavily collecting. Even today, I would consider peak Neal Adams possibly the best comic artist ever… Maybe I need to give that one a little thought though. I love so many artists, but that work is on a pedestal. A few years back, I got some Avengers collections, and felt the same way though. That issue where Ant-Man goes into the Vision’s body? Wow. Even in black and white.

    I’m never going to win ass-master theatre, since the music messes me up too much to even focus on what the words say, but I’d really like to hear grown-up analysis of Thor 380, one of the last Simonson ones. It is the first (that I know of) all splash page issues. You guys groaned over Youngblood, but when this came out, it was an event of sorts, before the Internet and fanboy-ism ran rampant. When it came out, it was simply fucking exciting and new. After about five years of Liefeld, McFarlane and Lee, I abandoned comics for girls, and loathed splash pages in general, but that issue… holy fuck. Maybe if I read it today, the magic would be gone.

    blab blab blab etc etc.

  2. RolandDeschain says:

    Brando Cal, buddy, pal, you have some good call on Thor baby! Great minds think alike! Out of all the Marvel NOW solo titles Thor has been my favorite. Aaron has done solid work with Marvel and I’ve been a big fan of Esad Ribic since I saw his work in I think it was Wolverine the List. Great combo of writer and artist, and the fact that he is using a new villain as opposed to a per-existing one is always nice. Aside from Thor my runner up is Cap’s solo book. JRJR is hit or miss for me and on this title its definitely a hit. What are your thoughts on Remenders new solo Cap?

  3. Rob Truthfeld says:

    @def Hey man, I heard what you’re saying about the continuity issue, I’ve been reading X-Men comics for the last twenty years, but I didn’t think she looked particularly asian. But if that was the intent then lets be fair, that was probably on Ron Garney and not Humphires. I have a hard time believing that the script says “We see ASIAN Betsy modeling for the camera. Remember she’s ASIAN.” Also it was probably a way to just connect it visually to let the readers know who are unfamiliar with the body switches and Revanche. And as for her dialog, well after her going through what she did during the last run of Uncanny X-Force, I don’t find it too much of a stretch that she uses words like “sorted.” Like someone who in a special forces unit saying “that’s fucked up.” Regardless of upbringing. And besides, the fight in the subway in that issue was pretty fucking awesome.

    But I DO have continuity problems with the New 52. I’m right there with you JD it should have been a HARD reboot and not all of this pick and choose stuff. It just makes for a bigger headache than in the previous universe. And I know they wanted to use Barry to usher in this New 52 era, because he was the one who kicked off the Silver Age in the first place, but I think story wise, and dramatically that Blackest Night would have been a much stronger period on the previous DCU. Imagine how cool it would’ve been if they actually fulfilled Alan Moore’s full prophecy of the Blackest Night and it was the actual end of the GLC which then led to the Black Lanterns consuming all life in the universe except for a small contingent of White Lanterns, who then decide to restart all life making it the “same but different.” Then we don’t have to have things like what happened “5 years ago” and what didn’t. Just a fresh new fertile ground from which to tell your stories from. And then you could have a very old White Lantern Superman from the time before be one of the Quintessence. At least that’s what I wouldv’e like to have seen as I thought Flashpoint was cool conceptually but just turned out to be a hot mess.

  4. def says:

    About the thing about artists working at their desks nine hours a day… Yes! If you ever hear about those old artists, often they felt like sweatshop labor. Everyone at their desks, often in a suit and tie, for a proper day of work. There are some pics here:
    The later it gets, the more relaxed the clothing gets. The other difference between then and now though was that artist back then often hated their job, but I think they’re pretty proud today. When Infantino passed, there was a interesting quote with him from the comics journal.

    [Gary] GROTH: Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like your enjoyment was primarily in the drawing itself.
    [Carmine] INFANTINO: Right. That’s true.
    GROTH: And the story was not that relevant.
    INFANTINO: I got bored with the story after a point. They were repetitive.
    GROTH: You’re actually on record as saying that you never really liked superheroes that much.
    INFANTINO: It’s true.
    GROTH: But your reputation is largely —
    INFANTINO: [Laughs.] I know, that’s what strange about it. But I was definitely not a fan. And in fact I wasn’t thrilled doing the first Flash, or the second Flash.
    GROTH: It’s funny because when I interviewed Joe [Kubert], I was talking about the Our Army At War stuff that he did, and he must have done that stuff for 20 years, and I said, “Well, I guess you must have had a real affinity for World War II stuff,” and he said, “No, not really.” [Laughs.]
    INFANTINO: Yeah, I know. None of us were.
    GROTH: But you did it because that’s what there was to do.
    INFANTINO: You got to eat! [Laughter.] It was that simple. They’d give us a script and we’d do it. The second Flash came around, because, I think Wertham had destroyed the business for a while, remember? So we were trying everything, everything. We did war stories, westerns, romance, every damn thing. But nothing was doing well. Nothing. Everything was kind of laying flat. The business was really destroyed for a time. Then I went in one day and Schwartz handed me the Flash. Julie said they were going to try the Flash — and I didn’t care, as long as it was work. Because things were bad, and we needed work.

    Times have changed in so many ways.

    @Mr. Truthfeld, I respect your disagreement. I agree Humphries isn’t responsible for an Asian teen Psylocke (and why was that scene even there?), but I’ll blame a lazy editor. I read those other X-Force, but I don’t remember how street level British she acted. I do know, she’s characterised a lot differently from the pre-Asian days. Not much of a clear character at all.

  5. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Yeah I’ll give you lazy editing. And I’m not sure why that scene was in there either. Maybe it’ll come back up later in the series maybe not. But it’s funny because I’ve never felt like Psylocke had any clear character other than “she’s ninja trained and Archangel’s girlfriend” which Remender did all he could with in that last series. Here’s hoping she can get an actual personality this time around.

  6. Emiliano says:

    I absolutely agree with you about Neal Adams. I have been reading comics since much longer than I care to admit, and one of my first encounters with the X-men was X-Men #060, in which Adams drew the first app of Sauron, and I fell in love with th title. Thomas and Adams tried to revitalized a title that had already been cancelled, and they failed, but their stories, along with (as you mentioned) the Avengers original Kree/Skrull war are still some of the best stories (art wise) ever, and rightly considered classics. I have to mention also his work with Denny O’Neil at DC, where they created Ra’s al Ghul and some of the best Batman ever. Sure, his current work is not what we remember, but he is still better than most artists out there, even if his writing is not the best. Few people can claim as many classic stories as this guy, so I think he deserves the props. Hell, even if the Superman vs Muhammed Ali story had been TOTAL crap (and it wasn’t), it would have been worth buying for the art alone. The guys was/is one of the very best.

  7. Emiliano says:

    Rob Truthfeld / def,

    Correct me if I’m wrong (and it has been years) but wasn’t Psylocke supposed to be Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain’s little sister? My memory of the character was as a young woman that basically was a supporting character and suddenly became a victim of the “Illyana Rasputin Syndrome” (ending up a lot more popular than her brother, at least here in the states). I REALLY don’t recall ANYTHING asian about that girl (again, it’s been years, but…) in ANY story I read, other than the art in later comic books (after Excalibur and such) that kept drawing her eyes more and more almond shaped. Am I wrong? Is there something I don’t remember?

  8. JD (Host) says:

    Betsy Braddock was European but kidnapped by The Hand and brainwashed and physically altered to look Japanese, and thought herself to be Lady Mandarin for a little bit.

    @Def: thanks for posting that interview…that’s interesting and mildly disappointing, although not entirely surprising, I guess.

    Neal Adams was an insanely talented artist. I just love looking at his past works.

  9. @Rolo (We’re pals now, that’s my nickname for you. Get use to it dude!)

    Thank you for confirming that Gorr is a new bad guy. Like I said, I’m not hugely versed in Thor lore (THOR-LORE!), but I originally assumed this. Great villain! Super creepy at first, an then they get to his origin issue, which is almost heartbreaking. Fucking awesome book! But you know what dude? We’ve built it up too much now. 2 requests?! We’re gonna’ get a big ol’ *yawn* from the a$$holes, just you watch. All I really know is that’s it’s a beautiful thing when a mainstream character has a good story run like this. Making me give a shit about a character I’m passive about is a total win. And Rolo, I concur on JRJR & Remenders Cap. I almost forget about that book every month & am then reminded why it’s good every time I put it down. It’s a good book in the way Thor is good. Exceptional art. Great story & compelling characters put in an interesting situation. There’s character interaction, but it’s separate from all the team books & crossovers going on. Just a solid tale. Books like Cap, Thor & Hawkeye are standout Marvel titles. You know, I really miss “Marvel Comics Presents”. I would kill for a 64 page monthly book with collected stories like these in a MCP format again.


    I swear I heard you start to lose your nerve at the thought of having to read & review a Ralph Snart book.

    @DC Comics

    I think I may be through with you. I’m really trying. I am. But you’re on fucking notice!
    (this may be the nerdiest thing I do all week. “Yell at DC Comics like they’re a girlfriend I’m fighting with”, CHECK!)


    That review made me wanna’ check that book out. Holy fuck J.D., that “saying Power twice” thing always pissed me off too.I would have even taken “By Dolph Lundgrens hairy balls, I have the power!”.
    Either way,I may give this book a shot. I like G.I. Joe & dig the TMNT books when they take a serious turn. My favorite Cartoon/Toy-to-comic franchise has always been Thundercats though. Did anybody read any of the Thundercat books when Wildstorm was handling them? Epic run. Smooth transition from the last episode. Flawless continuity and great use of making the villains and situations more realistic. Then they start to seriously shake up the story and characters and it makes for some really good reading. Shit, they even managed to fit in a Superman crossover & make it work.

    I thought Psylock was currently trapped in the body of Kwannon. Hence the Asian persuasion.


  10. Terry O'Brien says:

    Hey hey hey… didn’t say you STOLE it from Sanford & Son, only that it sounded similar. Which it does. So nyah…

    Good show this week. Fell in love with DD because I loved Gene Colan’s art, few issues later that Miller guy came along. Kismet.

    I want to get back into collecting, but with 1’s and 0’s and .1’s and -1’s and minis and maxis and reboots and good Christ I wouldn’t know where to begin. Any advice? A 70’s and 80’s Marvel nerd beseeches thee.

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