Episode 159: God Loves Man Kills, Action Comics 19, Miss Fury 1, Stormwatch 19, 68 Jungle Jim, Thanos Rising, Harbinger Wars 1, Jungle Book Last of the Species 2, Uber 0!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: God Loves Man Kills, Action Comics 19, Miss Fury 1, Stormwatch 19, 68 Jungle Jim, Thanos Rising, Harbinger Wars 1, Jungle Book Last of the Species 2, Uber 0!

Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

Listener e-mail – 02:05
Listener e-mail – 03:06
Listener e-mail – 04:58
Action Comics 19 – 07:02
Miss Fury 1 – 18:21
Stormwatch 19 – 22:37
68 Jungle Jim – 30:18
X-Men: God Loves Man Kills – 33:38
Thanos Rising – 41:00
Harbinger Wars 1 – 50:57
Jungle Book Last of the Species 2 – 59:01
Uber 0 – 01:08:44
@$$terpiece Theater – 01:12:35

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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15 Comments to “Episode 159: God Loves Man Kills, Action Comics 19, Miss Fury 1, Stormwatch 19, 68 Jungle Jim, Thanos Rising, Harbinger Wars 1, Jungle Book Last of the Species 2, Uber 0!”

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  1. ghostmann says:

    “Feel, feel, feel, feel Liefeld’ s heat!”

  2. W C Walker says:

    LOL just from listening to the description of what’s going on with Superman had me rolling. I can’t remember the last time I actually picked up a Superman comic, but it baffles me as to how boring I find this character. He’s supposed to be DC’s preeminent superhero and you could just care less about him.

  3. Terry O'Brien says:

    Did you catch the recent Adventure Time that prominently featured “You got the touch… you got the power!” That show is bordering on genius. AND I have 11-10-7 year old sons, so I have an excellent excuse to obsessivle watch.

  4. W C Walker says:

    Adventure Time is the BEST & I’m grateful to my nephew for putting me onto that show LOL. I’m not ashamed I watch it and love it LOL.

  5. RolandKidsLoveLotsofDeschains says:

    JD you are quite the artist bud, just went through all the shit you’ve got and facebook. You drawn or inked anything lately?

  6. Why are your names growing? Or are you a Roland Gang now?

  7. Anonymous says:

    They sure are RollingWithDeChaines, aren’t they?

  8. RolandDeschainedaMongoosenecklace says:

    I can be a very fickle person, I like variety, or do I?b I just like keeping things fresh, but not anymore, I’ll keep my name the same from now on. Wait scratch that, no I’m not. When is your Average Joe comic coming out, and where will I be able to acquire it?

  9. AVERAGE JOE Is due for release this year. It’s 160 pages and only one man doing all the pencils, inking and colors…but it looks gorgeous.

    You’ll be able to get it anywhere and everywhere, I have an honest to God publisher…Com.X. You should check out their title CLASS WAR, was the reason I wanted to go with them and I walked away from Comedy Central when they wanted to buy it.

  10. JD (Host) says:

    GOD I love that song from Transformers. No Lie. I get a rush every time I hear it…I have it on the Spotify playlist at work, and we play it a lot on my radio show, PhonoGraphics..

    Thanks, @Roland..I also have a Deviant Art page as well…I’m working on a web strip or two right now, that are still in the planning stages..But I’ll be posting about it as soon as it exists!

  11. Yorgo says:


    Dang dude, Com.X!!! Cool company. Glad to see. I haven’t checked out the last book they let out. I always buy their stuff when I run into it. I’ll pray your book does well


    Good work man. I’ll pray your strips go well (that taken out of context could be amazing)

  12. Wow, lotta’ stinkers this episode. Also, possibly the most frivolous use of the word cunt as well. Obviously this means I approve. Truly, Harbinger Wars was the best of the bunch. I waited until I picked up Harbinger #11 until I read it. Great stuff! Has anybody noticed that it’s only 4 issues and not a half a years to a years worth? Adding on crossover stories to big event books usually means you’re buying 12+ books every couple weeks, which is bullshit (looking at you, MARVEL!). Matt Adler (btw, welcome back!), you would be wise to get on this train. I know you said you didn’t want to get involved in another comic universe, but this is well worth it. I recommend it to anyone who’s on a budget too & can’t buy a stack of books every months. I also attribute this (at least in part) to why Invincible is such a good read, he’s not doing s shit ton of crossovers. He keeps it to 1 or 2 titles, a mini series every now and then & feels fulfilling after reading it.

    I totally agree on the Thanos book. Really pretty to look, but the story was kind of weak. Yes, some people are just born evil, & to write his origin to make it seem like he was cohered into being evil fucking sucks. Jim Starlin really set that character up to be this remorseless space-faring philanthropist alien Hitler guy who really scared the shit out of almost everyone in the MU. To pull the “mommy/daddy issues” card is lazy and degrades the integrity of such a good character. Plus, the motherfucker died twice in the past decade. Also, does anybody know how he came back? I though he was pulled into the cancerverse in The Thanos Imperative.


    That makes me sad hearing about your Stormwatch affair. Being comic fan with intense character devotion is a bitch sometimes & I feel your pain *cough*moonknight*cough*. What’s your limit though? When do say “fuck it, i’m out” and wash your hands of it. I mean yeah, you’ll eventually come back. But still, it’s fucked up. In fact, I’ve noticed, you guys tend to review a lot of DC books. And I would say the majority of them you guys intensely dislike. The love is definitely there. You want good stories. And I enjoy listening to you guys speculating on what’s going to happen (like the L.E.G.I.O.N. theory in this episode), but your theories end up being more creative than what they actually follow through with, at least in my opinion. From the baffling and sloppy continuity and flashback sequences to shitcanning treal talent after 1 issue (Diggle) I’ll say it again……DC is fuckin’ up.

    I wanna’ comment on this real quick, you guys talked about how writers don’t do solid runs on good mainstream books like back in the day. This reminds me of professional sports. Now, I’m not a huge sports fan, but hear me out. Sports teams use to have dynasty era’s. They built a solid team and they went on a good 4 to 8 year run. But with the lucrative sports contracts being what they are today, a team can never build itself up. Trades happen. And maybe 1 or 2 teams keep that solid lineup for a while and have a great period (Like the Patriots, Yankees or the Kobe/Shaq lakers of the past decade. You can compare that to the Bendis/Avengers run. All of Brian Vaughan’s 50 plus issue series’, Both of Kirkmans books, Morrisons Batman run that we’ve had in comics the past decade), but it should be more. A writer does good on a book. Get’s offered a higher profile gig or something appealing they’ve always wanted to work on. Then they leave, and what could have been is now lost. I miss that shit. I would love to see someone in comics take a new character or a someone nobody gives a fuck about and just kick everybody’s ass with it for like 5 or 6 years, thus making that character the stuff of legends. A “Hall of Famer'” if you will. It’s a great thing when it happens. Anywho, I’ll never bring up sports again. You guys talking about me just made me think about it from that aspect.

    Finally, I couldn’t guess what the Assterpiece Theater quote was from, but I have a suggestion on something to read and review instead of a Youngblood comic. All of you guys get together in a small room, feed Matt Adler canned chili and laxatives for a day and a half, then let him drop anchor and squirt a deuce on the table, Ambush & Optimous then come up with a quick 1 page story. And finally, as the resident artist, JD, you have the privilege of sifting your hands through Matts’ chunky let liquid-like stool to illustrate the short story the writers have crafted for you. BAM! Instantly better than anything Liefelds’ ever done. Bon appétit!

  13. Yorgo says:


    I think the real reason we don’t see super star writers on mainstream books doing super star work anymore is cause we have a bunch of writers who just rehash stories they enjoyed. Geoff Johns entire Green Lantern run is based off a an Alan Moore annual. Scott Snyder’s entire Batman run is an easier to understand version of Grant Morrison’s run (there is no way the Court of Owls is not The Black Hand) and Swamp Thing was a quick retread of Alan Moore once again. Even Hickman is a little guilty of this with the way he brought in New Universe. Brubaker’s entire Captain America run was just a retread of Steve Englehart’s concepts from his Nomad run. Greg Rucka just completely redid George Perez’s Wonder Woman run.

    I think the problem is that we don’t have someone like Walt Simonson who is given a book and thinks I should be creative and change Thor into a book about a horse alien who becomes a norse god for a few issues. We don’t have a Warren Ellis who gets given the very bad early Stormwatch and fixes it’s execution only to kill it and give us concepts in The Authority that have basically dominated the industry for the past almost 2 decades. We don’t have George Perez who comes in and decides Wonder Woman isn’t about girl power and is really about Greek mythology.

    I think the closest we get right now to any of this is Hickman on Avengers and New Avengers, Kieron Gillen on Young Avengers (cause he actually had them do some superheroing for a change), early Bendis on Alias and New Avengers (not his Frank Miller DareDevil retread), Azzarello on Wonder Woman, Scott Lobdell on Red Hood, and Joe Keatinge on Glory. They were all given concepts and at least tried to be creative with them and give us something we haven’t seen before. I mean Lobdell basically thought lets take Batman as far into Wildstorm territory as possible on Redhood. The rest of his work so far hasn’t wowed me but Redhood really showed he was trying at least. I also think Azzarello’s Wonder Woman and Keatinge’s Glory are some of the best runs ever made.

    I also only mentioned a really small number of people. I think the newer generation of writers will fix everything. I think we just have an unfortunate generation at the top in guys like Johns, Jim Lee, Simone, Brubaker, and Bendis that aren’t very creative, which is bound to happen. People will of course enjoy their stuff because their is a nostalgia factor in it but they are ultimately poisonous in the way they hold the industry back. I think we’re going to look back and wonder why anyone liked some of the people we did as they did nothing but cater to a hardcore group that brings the whole industry down with the way it excludes new readers.

  14. Yorgo says:

    Also Top Cow is the horror / fantasy version of Valiant.

    That’s my statement of the day!

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