PopTards 158: Batman Inc 9, Time Warp 1, Mark Waid’s Green Hornet 1, East of West 1, Age of Ultron 3, Superior Spider-Man 6AU, Guardians of the Galaxy 1, FF 5, Savage Dragon 31, Lone Ranger 13!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Batman Inc 9, Time Warp 1, Mark Waid’s Green Hornet 1, East of West 1, Age of Ultron 3, Superior Spider-Man 6AU, Guardians of the Galaxy 1, FF 5, Savage Dragon 31, Lone Ranger 13!

Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

Listener e-mail: 01:50
Listener e-mail: 06:22
Listener e-mail – 08:46
@$$terpiece Theater – 10:50
Batman Inc 9 – 12:52
Time Warp 1 – 21:36
Mark Waid’s Green Hornet 1 – 27:06
East of West 1 – 31:12
Age of Ultron 3 – 38:58
Superior Spider-Man 6AU – 45:09
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 – 47:41
FF 5 – 53:30
Savage Dragon 31 – 01:01:10
Lone Ranger 13 – 01:04:109


Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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20 Comments to “PopTards 158: Batman Inc 9, Time Warp 1, Mark Waid’s Green Hornet 1, East of West 1, Age of Ultron 3, Superior Spider-Man 6AU, Guardians of the Galaxy 1, FF 5, Savage Dragon 31, Lone Ranger 13!”

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  1. W C Walker says:

    Ok I thought it was just me not being able to download the show from iTunes. Quick question what happened to Matt Adler is he ever coming back?

  2. W C Walker says:

    LOL ok I think you’re guys were getting my request confused with someone else. I only asked you to review Savage Dragon 31 I don’t know who gave you guys the Lone Ranger to review. I didn’t even know they had a Lone Ranger comic. But as for Savage Dragon that was a trip down memory lane for me because I haven’t read Dragon in ions. Plus I remember I thought of to torture Ambush Bug since he seemed to hate Erik Larsen LOL. But once again you guys had me rolling.

  3. Jason Seals says:

    Hey, guys. I’m the one who asked for the Lone Ranger review. Sorry it caused so much pain.

    I requested it because I’m an Asian hooker.

    Nah, I wish. I actually requested it because I loved the hell out of that book’s first story arc. The first, like, six issues were frigging outstanding. Tough and mean and beautifully drawn and really seemed to be showing us an iconic character in a new and exciting way—more so, I think, than lots of the other stuff Dynamite’s been putting out lately. Sadly, now it seems like the book’s kinda running out of steam. Thanks for taking a crack at it, though. And thanks for yet another first-rate episode.

    One more thing: was this week’s intro from that old Superman Power Records “Tomorrow the World” story? If so, that’s awesome. Do more of that!

  4. JD (Host) says:

    @yah sorry wc! Hopefully it’ll be back up and running more smoothly soon. This back-end stuff is a bitch, lol

    Bug doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He just has terrible taste. I used to LOVE Savage Dragon!

    @Jason: Yeah, I want to track down more of those old records. I’m tempted to use that intro all the time, it works so perfectly…
    I’ll have to check out the first arc of that Lone Ranger book, if you say it’s good.
    Just have to find time, with all the other books I read!

  5. Yeah, I heard a lot of people praise the first LONE RANGER arc. Asian hookers must have been what brought it down, though I’ve never seen that happen anywhere else.

  6. W C Walker says:

    It’s cool I still get to hear it on this sight and AICN. Now how is the Age of Ultron supposed to be apart of continuity. I don’t remember how Age of Apocolypse was righted but wasn’t that the same concept or thing?

  7. RolandDouchechain says:

    I can see why Brian Hitch was getting bored drawing AOU. Some may wide shots of a destroyed cityscape, people Bendistalking in destruction, then a fight scene, rinse and repeat. Not really sure what purpose this event serves. I think every comic now needs meerkat necklace or GTFO.

  8. Thank you Roland, I stand so much behind my Meerkat necklace choice I’m going to the Philly zoo now to behead a few.

  9. JD (Host) says:

    what the fuck are you talking about, lol??
    Meerkat Necklace?

  10. Rob Patey says:

    Well if you read the comic I wrote you might know…

  11. Emiliano says:

    Ouch, JD! Burn?

    Anyway…I can’t seem to get involved with either FF or Fantastic Four. Other than the “retarded children keeping Wyatt and Jen from a date” issue (way to go on the description, guys!) FF has been a complete bore, and truthfully, I find the art atrocious. I wouldn’t take that art on an Archie comic.

    As for Fantastic Four, other than the Ultron tie-in that was fairly interesting, the story has had the pacing of a legless corpse. And a not very interesting one either. What is wrong with these two books? Matt Fraction hit just about everything else I have read from him out of the park, but for some reason I don’t feel it in the FF. Maybe he just haven’t hit his stride, but I figure he would at least have a feeling for the characters. So far, the FF have become Marvel’s most boring family.

    Am I missing something?

  12. Terry O'Brien says:

    Not germane to anything really, but wondering why all the hate for Rob Liefield? Not saying it’s unwarranted, just wondering about its genesis.

    I stopped collecting right around Heroes Reborn (91? 92?) and thought those books were reasonably enjoyable, though it HAS been 20 yearssince I read them.

    I would also encourage you guys to take a look at ROM: Spaceknight, a based-on-a-toy comic that, unless I’m crazy, ended up being pretty cool. Also, Brent Anderson’s 80’s Ka-Zar was, to my memory, another fantastic read (you can stop after Paul Neary shows up as artist).

    Anyway, check them out or don’t. i just recall enjoying them vastly in my youth. It is this show that keeps dredging up these warm, fuzzy memories, so dredge away!

    Any thoughts on the Ender’s Game movie?

  13. Terry O'Brien says:

    Oh, and the super-annoying doot-DOOT-doot! that opens the show is clearly the first 3 notes of the Sanford & Son theme song.

  14. Emiliano says:

    Terry O’Brien,

    You are absolutely right. Bruce Jone’s Ka-Zar was an absolute pleasure to read, one of the best incarnations of the character ever. Loved the dialogue in those comics, specially the bickering and the relationship between Shanna and Ka-Zar. To this date, I don’t think anyone has been able to write either character the way Jones did (although Frank Cho draws one mean Shanna!).

    ROM also ended up being a tite that I planned to ignore and ended up picking up out of curiosity, being really surprised as to how cool it turned out to be. This was one excellent comic book (and I know there are a lot of doubters out there that never read a page of it. Well, trust me.) The storyline was much better than it deserved to be and they created some really cool characters and situations. Hell, they did so well that ROM’s enemies ended up fighting the X-Men (and the X-Men were HOT at the time). I wonder where the rights for this character are standing right now. I wouldn’t mind reading more about it if Marvel could get their hands back on it.

    As for Liefeld…I don’t know what to tell you, man. Sure, not everything he has done is crap, and some of his art in the day was nice, but I think he has brought most of the “hate” upon himself by being a douchebag on most forums he’s been using in the past. Criticizing the people he works for, asigning blame on everyone but himself on petty stuff, you know, the usual stuff people do for a while before everyone starts thinking they’re douchebags. His work has become shoddy with time, and the more he talks, the more people feel the need to make fun of him. I think he should probably keep his mouth shut for a bit and try to regain some of the popularity he had when he started. The haters will always be there, but a bit of humility would probably earn him more respect than he is getting now.

  15. Emiliano says:

    Oh, HEY! I LOVE the “super-annoying doot-DOOT-doot”! Let’s not mess with perfection, ok? :-)

  16. RolandballanDeschain says:

    Ahhh good ole Robby Liefeld…http://www.progressiveboink.com/2012/4/21/2960508/worst-rob-liefeld-drawings


  17. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Is anyone reading the Wrath of the First Lantern story line? I just dipped back into Green Lantern since the War of the Lanterns arc with issues 18 & 19 and I really enjoyed those and I was thinking of going back and trying to pick up what I had missed so far but I really don’t want to have to get all the other Lantern titles. Is GL pretty self contained or is it spread across all the other titles like when Johns and co were prepping up to Blackest Night?

  18. JD (Host) says:

    @Terry: Roland’s link probably says it all, though Emiliano added some great points as well…

    ALSO. Not only has he not grown as an artist for 20 years…his work LITERALLY puts people in danger:
    check this out:


    And the poptards theme is totally different then Sanford and Son…S&S is “duh doot doot DOO doot”
    while P’Tards Theme is “doot DOOOOOT dooooo”. See? Vastly different.

    @Rob Truthfeld: I would go back and just read Green Lantern, starting with the new 52 reboot, you should be fine from there. Good stuff. This crossover into New Guardians and Corps are just basically taking a look at Kyle and Guy interacting with The First Lantern..

  19. JD (Host) says:


  20. Terry O'Brien says:

    Hahahahaha! Thanks all.

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