Episode 157: Constantine 1, Justice League 18, JLA 2, Judge Dredd Year One, 5 Ghosts The Haunting of Fabian Gray, GI Joe Special Missions, X-Termination 1, Wild Rover and The Sacrifice One-Shot, and X-O Manowar 11!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Constantine 1, Justice League 18, JLA 2, Judge Dredd Year One, 5 Ghosts The Haunting of Fabian Gray, GI Joe Special Missions, X-Termination 1, Wild Rover and The Sacrifice One-Shot, and X-O Manowar 11!

Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

Listener email 1 – 01:49
Listener email 2 – 05:58
Listener email 2 – 09:37
Wild Rover 1 – 11:20
Constantine 1 – 16:25
JL 18 – 26:39
JLA 2 – 32:59
Judge Dredd Year One – 42:35
5 Ghosts The Haunting of Fabian Gray – 50:43
GI Joe Special Missions – 58:06
X-Termination 1 – 01:03:18
X-O Manowar 11 – 01:05:38
@$$terpiece Theatre – 08:09


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  1. Andy says:

    Is it just me, or is the no ‘DL the file’ link.?I can stream it on the right hand player & iTunes only has up to the 3/4/13 show

  2. Yorgo says:

    I have the feeling Justice League America isn’t really designed to last. It seems like instead of having a normal mission statement for the book of say protecting America they have one of we’re here to fight the Justice League. So, the whole book is leading up to Trinity War. It seems like it would be about Justice League fighting Justice League America fighting Secret Society in a giant run around. I just think it’s going to turn into Justice League International really quick.

    Hopefully I’m wrong. It’s weird but I kind of like it. It’s silly. It’s almost like they felt bad that Suicide Squad wasn’t like the old Suicide Squad so Geoff Johns tried to make the hero version of the Suicide Squad. I even like Vibe in a weird way. The jokes with him are so obvious but he looks so ridiculous and the fact that his super power is that he just shakes so hard that he can’t be photographed properly.

    I bet the constructs turn out to be Metal Men! Make it happen Johns!

    Also, David Finch did a good job and so did Scott Clark, which sad thing about him as I always liked his work. Although the braces David Finch drew on Stargirl looked weird. Also, I’ve yet to see a single major star who has braces. I call pickles on that. Unless Selena Gomez gets braces, I will find that to be more unbelievable than the space aliens.

    Oh and Matt Kindt should take over the title btw based on his Martian Manhunter back up. The back up was totally gold.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    @Andy…I make this stuff up piece-meal and have no real idea what I’m doing, LOL. I’m looking into it now to figure out what’s going on…thanks for speaking up, I didn’t notice that it wasn’t showing up! This back-end stuff can be a pain in the ass.

  4. JD (Host) says:

    @Yorgo…I don’t know..If Selena Gomez had braces and COULD FLY …I think people would overlook the braces. But then, that’s just me. I’m not a teenage girl. Anymore.

  5. Andy says:

    Thanks JD. I’m on iphone all day @ work and looking forward to this weeks show!

  6. Also, don’t forget about STORMWATCH, the team that was originally supposed to police the JUSTICE LEAGUE and new age of heroes..

  7. Yorgo says:


    Well played sir. Well played. I tip my hat.

    Flying with braces seems dangerous though. Imagine if you ran into something. I did that one time when I had braces (not while flying) and ending up with a hamburger mouth.

    Admit you want those robots to be Metal Men! Do it!

    Also, I’m sure you were a lovely teenage girl when you were one

  8. Yorgo says:


    We all know Stormwatch is all but written off. They’re in space now under Starlin and don’t look anything like Stormwatch/The Authority anymore. Unless, The Authority gets introduced in Trinity war or something. They can complete this DC vs Wildstorm Deathmate style crossover that the New 52 feels like sometimes, which both have the New 52 and Deathmate have their charms and I didn’t mean that as a slam. However, I don’t think they’re gonna be there at all. At most it’ll be like a 2 part arc that amounts to nothing. Justice League America essentially took their job.

    Jim Lee probably said dump them so he could have Wildcats.

    Btw, meant to say this earlier but thanks for the podcast guys.

  9. RolandofftheDeschain says:

    Thanks for the shoutout JD! Is it me or in the race of what is better Pepsi or Coke, Marvel seems to be one step ahead of DC in how they handle their entire line? Past couple of weeks I have been reading lots of DC’s new 52 stuff and other than the Batman stories I am pretty disappointed with their stories on the whole. Their big flagship title JL is as Charles Barkley would say Tuuurable. I’m not saying everything from Marvel MAO is great, but overall its better than most anything DC has to offer. I feel like when one of the big two decides to re-shuffle or reboot or re-w/e Marvel has got their shit together as a company and puts out better material across the board. I want to like DC stuff but its hard to right now. Thoughts?

    O and good show fellas!

  10. Yorgo says:


    I think the difference between the 2 is putting your eggs in the basket of Jonathan Hickman vs Geoff Johns. One is clearly the better choice for what is required. Hickman is his Avengers books isn’t plotting character arcs. He’s plotting plots with crazy things happening in them. Johns just has everyone bickering in Justice League and it becomes tiresome in singles. Justice League America seems like a bit of an improvement at least or seems like it will be. People are mostly still arguing in it.

    I mean compare Hickman’s arguing New Avengers to Johns arguing Justice Leagues and it’s night and day. Hickman they argue for maybe 2 pages and then proceed to build a universe destroying machine and back stab for another 20. Justice League they argue through everything. They even argue while fighting Darkseid.

    I don’t think Johns is going to stay in the position he is in. I think Snyder will take it from him soon. Then, it’ll be Snyder writing every book in the line the way he does on Batman or Swamp Thing but no one will notice cause at least the characters seem like adults again.

  11. Hey guys!

    Thanks for reading my email on the show! Good to see the Valiant love spread so thick in this episode! I’ve been lurking in the shadows far too long, so I guess now that I’m part of poptards continuity I better step up & start adding my opinion in these here comment threads too. Here’s to many a nerdy argument!

    Once again, another great episode. Judge Dredd Year One kicked my ass. Always been a big fan of Dredd. I agree that the movie was insanely good. Too bad it didn’t make a lot of money. I would kill to see more of those get made. Karl Urban was perfect.

    Same goes for 5 Ghosts. Great idea. Great writing & smooth art. I will definitely be following this series.

    I even read X-Termination #1. My relationship with the X-Men goes back to the 80’s (I believe Uncanny Annual #9 was my first X-Book) and man, was this a clusterfuck of a read. I tend to drift in & out of the X-Universe. Uncanny X-Force was my jam. Sososososo good. This on the other hand, WOW. Sadly,(and this is how you know you’re an X-nerd) it was pretty easy for me to understand what was going on in this book. I dipped into the ongoing AOA book for a bit & I still read Astonishing, but never got into X-Treme X-Men (and let’s call it what it is Marvel, fucking eXiles, quit tuggin’ on my dick tryin’ to sell me on some book that sounds like it should include a bag of EXTREME CHEDDAR Doritos). But I get it. WAY too many characters though. I’m expecting at least a third of these people to bite the big one by the end of this. It’s the only thing that’ll make this book “event worthy” in my opinion. They gotta’ get a new artist though. I love me some cartoony art, but with a book like this that’s essentially a muiltiverse hopping death match you need to step it up. And hey, I’ll admit it, I’m a Wolverine nut so the promise of a Wolverine 3-way battle makes my man parts stand at attention. 616 Wolverine vs. Howlett (a.k.a. Mustache Wolverine) vs. Weapon Omega (AOA Wolvie) sounds promising. I don’t know if this crossover has what it takes to keep me interested, but ‘ll give it a shot.For me I have to walk away from the X-Books every couple years or my brain will turn into oatmeal. Every so often they get these good writers that know how to properly shake things up & it makes it worth it. Sometimes, not so much. Funniest moment: Dazzler yelling at Wolverine for not knowing about her being gone for months, thus proving that even in their universe nobody gives a fuck about Dazzler.

    Let me talk about DC for a minute.
    Not a fan. Well, that’s not fair to say. I’ve had good runs with some of their books. J.D. you mentioned Mark Waids run on Flash in this episode. I loved that one.The Terminal Velocity story line was probably one of the best Flash stories ever. Plus it introduced me to the art of Mike Weringo (rip). Like the X-Men, I’ll dip in & out of Batman (and he won’t let just anyone do that, heyooo!) depending on the story. And Johns first run on Green Lantern was nothing short of epic. They lost me on Darkest Night though. That being said, I really do try to give DC a chance. When The New 52 started I told a friend at the time that it was going to fail. And I think in a way I was partially right. It wasn’t the reboot I was hoping for that’s for sure. They just didn’t stick with it. It feels like Marvels “Heroes Reborn”, but instead of going back to the original titles after clearly realizing the fucked up they just kept going & decided to mash in a bastard version of the old continuity while trying to give it a fresh spin. That just doesn’t work for me. I think Marvels Ultimate line pulled it off perfectly. It’s the stuff you like with a totally new spin & it left you with room to develop their characters from scratch still. And they did it right. It made you care about the the actions of the people inhibiting those books. I don’t give a fuck about almost any of these “New 52” characters. I don’t know a ton about DC, but I know enough to get by. If I was totally ignorant of all DC continuity and came at this fresh I would be utterly confused about everything. This could have been a great opportunity & I personally believe it fell short. I’m still reading some of the books in hopes that they pick up, but I’m getting nothing so far (yeah I know, Batman is Batman, so I’m leaving him out of this rant for the most part). Honestly the one story that gets me excited every month are the Shazam backup stories in Justice League. If they ever do a Shazam movie this is how it should go (unless it’s animated, then I suggest doing the Monster Society of Evil mini that Jeff Smith did a few years back). I don’t think DC is complete shit. Batman is good. Aquaman is good. JLA looks promising. Yes, very Bendis-y as you guys said, though unlike Bendis, I don’t feel like the character development goes far enough. Especially with the Justice League books. Out of all the characters in these books, the guy that seems to get the most face time is Wonder Womans ex-boyfriend. And that’s fucking weird. Also, trying to shove a character like Vibe down everyone’s throat reeks of desperate. They need better writers that actually give a fuck about these characters. Right now, if Marvel bought Superman or Batman, they would be done. And that shouldn’t be the case. They should have scrapped the whole Before Watchmen thing & utilized all the amazing writers & artists on that project for their main books. That’s just my opinion though. I’m sure all you DC guys wanna’ kick my balls up through my throat so I’ll shut up about it. At least they still have the Vertigo line, which I have always had a fondness for.

    A couple more words on Valiant. I wholeheartedly agree with what you guys said. I’m really hoping they don’t screw the pooch by diluting their line with more titles. I honestly don’t think they’re going to go that route though. I seriously love how they’re taking characters that at one time had their own books & are incorporating them as supporting characters in their main books (Eternal Warrior in Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak in X-O Manowar & most recently Dr.Mirage in the pages of Shadowman). That’s fucking brilliant. Plus they’re not blowing their load on the first story arcs. We have Quantum & Woody coming up in June & I’m thinking after the Harbinger Wars story line wraps up we’ll see the return of Rai & The Future Force & hopefully Timewalker. Even though it was a bummer at first, I think it’s a good thing Dreamworks got the rights to Magnus, Solar & Turok. This new Valiant started out perfectly & the addition of those three titles would have been too much. I love all the titles but X-O & Harbinger are the crown jewels of this line. X-O #1-10 feels like a god damn movie, it’s brilliant. I can’t think of another character in comics right now that comes off as more of a badass than Aric. Keep it commin’ boys. Here’s my wallet, take what you want!

    K, before I sign off on this unnecessarily long post I have some questions for you fellow Poptarders:

    J.D. – I haven’t heard you talk about Ultimate Spider-Man in a while. Do you like where the series is going? Did you read the last issue? It felt weird at first, but I really warmed up to Mary Jane & Gwen coming to help out Miles. Also, Ultimate Venom looks fucking nuts now. Wow! I’ve been a strong supporter of the Ultimate line since day one. You reading any of the other titles?

    Optimous – As the resident X-guy, what’s the one X-Title you would recommend to somebody who doesn’t read X-Men? I find myself going back and forth between Astonishing, X-Factor & X-Force. There’s just so many. And half the time they don’t even last more than 2 years or they get rebooted and re-numbered. I think they nailed it in the 90’s. 2 X-Men books, X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur & Wolverine. That was perfect for me. If you had control of that corner of the Marvel U, which titles would you keep around? Bonus question: If you could take one X-Character to wipe off the map, never to be seen again, who would it be?

    Ambush Bug – You’re the resident horror guy. What are the top 5 horror based books on the market today? Also, if you had any horror franchise to pick from to write, what would it be?

    Matt Adler – Where the fuck did you go?

    Ok, that’s it from me for now. Sorry for the long post, but this is why I don’t get involved in stuff like this often. I find it hard to restrain myself when talking comics. But now that the cat’s out of the bag, consider me here to stay. Like I said before, love the podcast! You guys are awesome. Thanks again for reading my email. Expect many more.

    ~Brando Calrissian~


  12. Even though I’m an X-Zealot I did forego trying to buy every book years ago. The ones I steer clear from the most are the solitary character explorations – like LEGACY for example.

    I like X-Teams. For my money right now, look no further than Bendis’ All New, Uncanny, and the new X-Force. NOT Cable and X-Force.

  13. Yorgo says:

    @Brando Calrissian

    As a DC guy I understand what you are saying. The problem is this isn’t Heroes Reborn. It’s Deathmate the old Valiant mash up crossover with early Image. DC is basically Valiant in that their characters seem old fashioned but can be used in all manner of stories. Wildstorm characters are basically early Image in that it was early image and most of their characters only work for specific situations.

    It’s really painful to watch. From the beginning it wasn’t an actual reboot. The whole thing felt like a big oops on the part of Geoff Johns and a let’s make Brightest Day go away cause it turns out it wasn’t all that cool of a story anyway moment. I liked Optimous’ idea of literally starting with a handful of titles and just working from there. It would make more sense. They could do it quickly. Sails would’ve been up cause everyone would’ve bought the issues cause there would be no reason not too. The whole story would be right there. The difference between starting out with a handful of titles, example 10, and 52 is huge. They could’ve reworked the characters to the point where they made more sense too. Instead they all started at different points in a weird time line that they couldn’t keep track of either.

    You’re right about the writers too. Geoff Johns is rather fickle in the way he treats characters. He’s not really a continuity whore. He’s more of a hand cut off whore. Johns only has one story in his tank and that’s b-list hero is considered no good and now here’s why he’s really great coupled with a lot of violence. He also feels the need to be as Marvel like as possible. The good guys usually are the source of the problem and are tidying up their own messes (Green Lantern, Aquaman, the 2nd arc of JL, and Flash to name a few). It like they can’t just be good guys trying to do good guy things. Just look at the Green Lantern movie. It was a shameless and boring pasting of Green Lantern ideas onto the plot of Iron Man. It even felt and looked like sub-par Iron Man too.

    Hickman is really good. He writes these crazy arcs where at least a universe or 2 blows up. It’s less about graphic mutilation like Johns and more about totally wild only in comic books things happening.

    At the same time, Marvel has so many terrible writers. We focus on the good ones cause hey they’re doing great but it’s not like it’s all roses. Also, Marvel has a way better PR machine. DC could honestly do the best thing ever and no one would care.

    Anyway, sucks cause I love Superman and Wonder Woman. I love that they all had utterly bizarre early adventures. I love that they still could and that at least Wonder Woman is. Superman is even getting a bit better. I just get tired of all the needless attempts by Johns, Harras, and Lee to make DC into Marvel. If I want Marvel, I’d buy Marvel.

    But yeah man. No anger. Just sad agreement as a lover of all DC.

    Speaking of Valiant

    You guys should review the Unity Crossover from way back when. I read that thing recently after getting the trades on Amazon. Oh wow is it crazy and racy.

  14. Yes, Marvel has way better marketing, but DC has better PR.

    UNITY was marvelous. It’s what made me love Valiant and it never felt forced or like some crossover was being jammed down our throats because they had always been in each others titles anyway.

  15. Yorgo says:


    Omgeez Unity looks so good too. I can’t believe how much everyone does to look like Barry Windsor Smith. If you’re gonna have a house style, Barry Windsor Smith is the house style to have!

    How weird was it that that the villain is punished by getting molested for all eternity?

    Oh and freaking Archer’s little nerf crossbow pistol is hilarious! Turok can sense his soul from it. Robot T-Rexes. It’s almost like 2000 AD.

    So can I take this as a yes?

    I’m not sure DC has better PR. They can’t even keep their writers to keep calm when they self righteously walk off books (half joking). I mean non-disclosure agreements? Marvel kept Brubaker quiet when he clearly didn’t get to do his Tripods attack pulp crossover he was clearly trying to work toward in The Marvels Project, Secret Avengers, and Captain America.

    DC does seem to have a better animation group or at least used too. Although I guess they needed to retool Young Justice to fit the comics and movies more. It’s off in it’s own world. They should’ve got the guy from that show to design the New 52 costumes. I can definitely say that.

  16. W C Walker says:

    YESSSSSS Please bring back Quantum & Woody that is a series I supremely miss.

  17. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Douche I think you’re missing some good stuff by not picking up X-Men Legacy. One of the things that I’m really enjoying about all the X-books right (with the exception of those involved with the X-terminators crossover) is that all basically about how to carry on Xavier’s dream after he’s gone and how each character does that in their own unique way. So while each of those books don’t feel very connected (I’m looking at you Cable and X-Force) they feel cohesive to me in a way that they haven’t since the 90’s. Even Uncanny Avengers is Captain America’s way of carrying on the dream. I think a couple podcasts ago JD said that the through line in these books is Cyclops, well I have to say I think it’s really the absence of Xavier and right now is the most I’ve been excited about the X line of books since some guy named John Sweadon wrote Astonishing X-Men.

  18. RolandofftheDeschain says:

    “Courage is not always a roar” So I gave Jungle Book 2 a chance, and I’m glad I did, pretty crazy issue guys! So much blood in both stories! Loved the necklaces in your story Douche, and Bug Loved the Tiger vs Elephant fight, jesus that was brutal. For a Universe I could give two shits about that was a very exciting issue and well worth the money, I might even pick up issue 3, hehe.

  19. @Yorgo – That’s a seriously refreshing & well though out way of putting it. I agree. As someone who wasted my money on every single Deathmate book I totally see where you’re coming from. Unity was fucking ace & it was the first crossover I bought every single issue of. I was beyond stoked on Deathmate & was completely bummed by the end. I see what you mean comparing it to 52 though. It’s a shame. I honestly wanted it to go well too. But I think they rushed it and yeah, that was way too many books for an inaugural run. It really does look like Valiant did everything right w/ their reboot & DC did everything wrong with theirs.

    You’re also right about Marvel. They absolutely have a lot of shit titles & supremely horrible writers working for them. Also, they can only seem to pull off a good “Event Story” every five years. Even though they try to publish one about ever year. I like a good mini event here and there. Maybe 2 or 3 books that crossover every now and then and tell a story that’ll have lasting results for all books involved. Lets face it, bot companies are guilty for their crimes of shittiness. Thems the breaks though.

    I’m personally loving everything Hickman is doing. He’s the only mainstream writer that comes close to the epic storytelling scale of old school Alan Moore (Moore minus the sexual assault equals Hickman for sure)

    @Optimus (& Yorgo again) – I definitely agree about Unity as well. Such an insane crossover but almost perfect in every way. And yeah, you can’t go wrong with Barry Motherfuckin’ Smith. The man’s art remains amazing always. Also, I believe Marvel at this point Marvel is more PR friendly and they do seem (at least in my opinion) that they actually listen to the fans once in a while. If DC payed attention to their fans they wouldn’t just have a handful of really popular books.

    @W C Walker – Stoked as hell for Q & W! I think that title will be the final piece of the puzzle and fill out the book lineup quite well for the foreseeable future.

    Also, I wanna say how excited to see that they made Dr.Mirage a woman (as well as Geomancer). I’ve been really impressed with all of Valiants’ female characters. Not just typical typical love interests or half naked eye candy. Good stuff.

  20. Yorgo says:

    @Brando Calrissian

    I think part of the problem with DC is that they listen to the wrong fans. DC fans I know (the diehard ones) weirdly hate their own company even when it does what they tell them. I recognize the flaws in the new 52 but I like the characters and stick around. I’m going down with the ship so to speak. I realize though that keeping some people on despite the fact that no one was really amazed by their stuff cause the internet got in a puff due to another lame Bleeding Cool article is stupid. I mean before Gail Simone got fired no one really liked Batgirl. It got bad reviews. You made fun of how stupid the roommate was in the first issue. People even dogged on pretty good Adrian Syaf. Gail plays the sympathy card for being a giant, orca ginger. They all change their minds. History gets rewritten. Everyone starts thinking they liked it cause they don’t want to appear like a jerk.

    I mean sadly by the numbers the only people that sell are Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder. Jeff Lemire maybe. The main reason why those guys sell is cause they are established writers on established properties. Look at Johns on Aquaman. The last time that comic did well was under Peter David and even then no one looked at it seriously. They’re being smart in putting Snyder on say Superman. Honestly though, Snyder and Johns should both be put on smaller characters to prop them up and build a fan base. They could each do maybe one flagship book but instead…they only do flagship books, which I guess aquaman and swamp thing could be called B-List but not really as they established and have serious fans.

    There’s a lot wrong at DC on the PR and marketing side. Marvel learned quick when Marko Durkoveijic flamed out on them at a convention with Jonathan Hickman in tow. They also keep Mark Waid’s loud mouthery to a minimum, which I lost a lot of respect for his talent after how he pretty much didn’t stay true to the Irredeamable concept of open ended and worst of all that bizarre origin story.

    So many issues. I still love DC best though.

    On a happier note. Valiant man. How nice does Harbinger Wars look under Clayton Crain?

  21. Rob Truthfeld says:

    I’m sorry, I’m unfamiliar with “giant, orca ginger.” What is that exactly?

  22. @Yorgo – DC Needs more fans like you. Like I said before, I’m not a huge DC fan, but I’m pullin’ for you guys (Shit, I’m pulling for good stories & good characters in general). Your passion for the company actually makes me want to read more DC titles. Aside from Aquaman, Batman & the Justice League books, is there anything you would like to recommend to me to read? I’ll give it a shot.

    And yeah, Clayton Crain man…WOW. Beautiful art. Like Boris Vallejo/Greg Horn & Old school Jae Lee on fucking steroids. There’s this Ghost Rider one-shot that came out for the Shadowland story line in the Daredevil books a couple years back that he did. It’s one of the most beautiful single issues ever made in my opinion. There’s this one panel with GR chillin’ on top of a whale out in the middle of the ocean that I wish I could blow up and frame somewhere in my house. He’s the reason I bought all those so-so Carnage mini series’. God I can’t wait until Harbinger wars starts. I think I’m actually going to go back & re-read all the new Valiant titles this weekend.

    On a side note: Anybody read Invincible #101. I still think it’s the best superhero book out there. As soon as I feel the title starts to lose me the motherfucker’ pulls me right back in. I seriously don’t care what anybody says, Invincible is top notch.

  23. Yorgo says:

    @rob truthfield

    Sorry Rob. Gail burned me way too many times. So, in honor of the wasted time, I gotta say she sucks and she is an over weight, annoying ginger hairdresser.

    Dude right now, check out Wonder Woman, Superman is getting good, All Star Western is really fun, Earth 2 is great, and Whistling Skull is really fun too.

    After Harbinger Wars is over I hope they do another small crossover with the other books. Let the others take a rest. Do crossovers right and not like the Big 2.

    I’ve never read Invincible. Is it something easy to get into right now starting at 101?

  24. RolandofftheDeschain says:

    @Yorgo For Invincible you should prob pick up a trade or two before hopping on at #101, I have not read the past 4 or 5 most recent issues, but it its a great series overall, I prefer that Kirkman to Walking Dead Kirkman.

    @Brando Totally agree about that GR on a whale spread, and Clayton Crain is truly a delight when he has enough time to get all of his detail on the page, when he is rushed…not so much. By the way what the hell ever happened to Ghost Rider? That will prob where Bendis tries to get his grubby little hands on next, like his awful MoonKnight…

  25. @Yorgo – Roland is right. Definitely pick up some Invincible trades. In fact, pick up the first couple & I can almost guarantee you’ll get hooked. Invincible (In my opinion) takes all the aspects that people love about the the initial (and classic) Amazing Spider-Man run, Superman & Savage Dragon & makes it it’s own. I love how he’s developed the characters (making you give a shit about them), honors classic Marvel & DC heroes, doesn’t ruin the book with a billion different crossovers, and pokes fun (while making valid points) at the comic industry. He will plant seeds in his story, make you forget about them, and then 15 issues later comes back and practically nails it every time with the craziest twists. It’s really one of those books where you honestly can’t tell what’s going to happen. At one point there will be a scene where the characters are at school talking about their lives, or having people discuss their relationship problems & suddenly you’re watching a dude get his head exploded by another persons fist. Cities are destroyed with actual consequences. And people you care about die and (surprisingly) STAY dead (for the most part, like I said, you can never tell what happens next). Truly one of the best Image books on the market & definitely Kirkmans’ best book. You can tell the dude is having a ball writing that thing. The evolution of Ryan Ottleys’ art is a thing to behold as well. That guy can draw his fucking face off.
    Yorgo, I’ll for sure give Wonder Woman a shot too man, thanks for the tip! I actually read the first couple Earth 2 issues & color me impressed, I’ll be sticking with that title as well. That’s the kind of cool reboot action I’m looking for in DC.
    Side note – I think DC should take a look at what Valiant did to X-O Manowar & apply that to Hawkman. That character has always had crazy potential and again, people can’t seem to get him right. It’s a damn shame.

    @Roland – Yeah, I’ve always had a big Ghost Rider hard on. I recently blazed (pun fucking intended) through the Jason Aaron GR Omnibus and quite liked it. I think he’s totally underutilized in the MU & I love how just about every other character in that world is kinda’ freaked out and intimidated by him. That’s a quality that not a lot of their heroes bring to the table. Punisher & Moon Knight have that appeal too. I attribute that to the fact that those three characters kill. Which doesn’t bother me. Being altruistic has it’s qualities. But sometimes you just gotta’ explode a motherfucker to get your point across. I really miss the 90’s Midnight Sons GR-era. That was a really cool, horror oriented corner of the MU that I really wish would come back.

    I kind of actually liked the Moon Knight Bendis run. I like Maleevs’ art, & I liked the fact that he moved to LA. As an LA resident I’m always excited to see a Marvel character take up a home over here. They for sure need to spread out their heroes more (Chicago is another untapped marked for their characters. Spread the love Marvel, c’mon!). The fact that Moon Knight was taking on guys way out of his league is always fun. The whole him producing a show based on his life seemed a bit lame (the fact that the bad guys & police didn’t blow up the entire production of that show as soon as they found out it was Moon Knight interfering in their plans was a huge hole in the story). I’ve always been on the fence about the character having multiple personalities too, sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn’t. But him manifesting Spider-Man, Wolvie & Cap to give him advice was fucking dumb (though funny when the real ones showed up & he didn’t know if they were real or not was a bit funny). Marvel is totally missing the mark w/ that character. Having a slightly crazier & more violent version of Batman should be a number 1 seller. I would like to see Greg Rucka or Jason Aaron take a crack at Moon Knight.

  26. RolandofftheDeschain says:

    @Brando Yea I really enjoyed Aaron’s GR run, almost kinda Preacherish in the Heaven vs Hell stuff. And I guess I’m a little hard on the most recent Moon Knight run, as you pointed out there were some things about it that were decent, I just couldn’t get over shoehorning in of the Spiderman, Wolvie, and Cap personalities. I mean it even had Echo in it, which I kind of forgot. And I want to say right now that I’m not a Bendis hater, its just that he has had so much success at Marvel that I feel he is like, “OOOOO, I want to do that now! Lemme do that!(Insert any title)” and he gets it. And it is hit or miss on if it works or not. I like what he is doing with the X-men, but I am not a fan of the glossy makeover that he is playing around with in GOTG. It’s only one issue but I don’t like what I see…Iron Man? WTF? There is no need for him to be there…

  27. Yorgo says:


    Omg I got no clue what Johns is thinking with Hawkman on JLA. It makes no sense in relation to what came before. Plus now he seems to just be a raving psycho. So pointless.

    It’s almost as bad as Marvel’s handling of Moon Knight. Almost.

    Still holding hope for JLA. Man Matt Kindt had some cool stuff going down on his back up. The story is something Johns coul never do.


    I can’t stand the new costumes in GOTG. I don’t think that they will work either in the movie. Also, I love how Loeb, Milo Manara and McGuiness are like no Gamorra dresses sexy and not in boring jumpsuits. I really don’t get hy they think that full body paint makes the costume better. It makes it generic. The Iron Man costume would look silly on film too.

    Are you looking forward to Gaiman taking over? Angela from Spawn is gonna make it so odd. Maybe in good way. I wonder if Pichelli will stay with Gaiman or not. I Los bet that GOTG is where Marvelman shows up.

  28. JD (Host) says:

    @Brando: Dudicals, I am ALL about Ultimate Spider-man still. I just stop mentioning it because I assume that everyone knows it and are tired of hearing about it, lol. I think there was a tiny dip there during the United We Stand crossover, but I still love that book!! I’m also a big proponent for the Ultimate Line, though I must confess to being a *little* bored by the Ultimates and Ultimate Xmen titles. I’m not giving up on them yet, but it’s slowed down a little recently.

    But that Ultimate Wolverine series that just started? UGH-City, daddy-o.

  29. Yorgo says:


    Are you excited for Filakov taking over Ultimates? I think that’s a good move for him. He’s a super solid writer too. Plus, Carmine DiGiancomennono (the guy who did Punisher Warzone with Rucka) drawing it and he’s tops.

  30. Hodag007 says:

    Constantine has always been in the regular DC universe. (Implied as a former lover of Zantana)

  31. @Roland, thanks for picking up JUNGLE BOOK man. Yeah, I was quite proud of the Tavi necklace.

  32. @JD

    Just venom blast anyone who says you talk about USM too much. Sooooososososo good! I’m liking Ultimates too but I think they’re suffering from too many characters. I likes it when they split the titles up and you had the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ultimates & Fury’s black ops unit. I still love it though & like where the series is going. Same w/ Ultimate X-Men. I’ve loved that title since it started. I have one beef with the story though: Mach Two. Making her a villain seems super contrived (her reasoning for disliking Kitty is completely retarded). Re-writing her powers to make her kind of like Magneto Jr. is fucking dumb too. After everything Kitty went through (witnessing the majority of her friends either killed or murdered, being stalked by mutant hate groups, raising an army and fighting a war almost almost by herself, becoming a government fugitive, ect) she’s really evolved into this great character who takes absolutely zero shit now. She has no choice & it’s pretty much her responsibility to ensure the survival of the mutant race. So to just let Mach-Two come in, challenge Kitty like that & automatically divide the group & begin to sabotage things really goes against what Kitty’s character has been striving for and from a writers standpoint, it seems lazy & unnecessary. Part of what makes the Ultimates universe great are the realistic characters and consequences of their actions. That plot line seems like neither. Kitty has enough shit to worry about and that part of the story seems shoehorned in. Also, I think they blew it w/ Jean Grey’s team. There was all this build up, and then they found those cities in China and just kind of went away. Seems like a wasted opportunity. Glad to see they’re coming back though.
    Also, I’m on the fence about the Ultimate Wolverine. I like anything Wolverine but this (again) seems like an unnecessary story line. I hope Ultimate X-Men gets better & they haven’t written themselves into a corner. I just hope they don’t start bringing back people from the dead, that’ll kill it for me.

    @Yorgo & Roland

    HUGE GOTG & Nova fan. I was there for the whole Annihilation story and all the events and series after (Hell, I grew up obsessed reading the original Jim Starlin/Ron Lim cosmic books). I loved those books. Abnett & Lanning rocked it. But Bendis & Loeb are fucking ruining it all & I feel like I’m just getting aspects of the GOTG movie spoiled for me. It’s soooooo cheap & lame & you can really tell they don’t give 2 shits about the characters.Also, did you notice that Loeb named the new Nova “Sam”? Holy fuck does that need to stop. I’m going to do my best not to go off on a total rant and seem like a total asshole about it. But I really think he needs to put a lid on it. His writing already suffers & going out of his way to mention his deceased son in almost everything he writes makes it worse. Anywho, my point it that Bendis & Loeb are really doing a disservice and are totally not respecting what Abnett & Lanning spent years building just so they can promote a movie (which I’m looking forward to. But the reason I’m looking forward to it has absolutely nothing to do with Bendis & Loeb’s books).

  33. def says:

    Three weeks now this hasn’t been available on iTunes, and the first week it isn’t available here either. This is the comic podcast I LIKE. Please don’t make me give up on convenient listens. Please let us know you’re working on it.

    Read GOTG today. Niven is gifted, but stiff like a rain man. Age of Ultron is confusing, and poorly designed (i.e., different Spidey in AOU and SSM.). Loving Uncanny, and more than willing to stick up for Bachelo’s art.

  34. jaydee says:

    Def: What do you mean it’s not available here? It’s on the player up top on the right.
    I’m definitely working on getting everything back in running order, trust me.
    You can go to the itunes store, all the episodes are up now..


  35. def says:

    Ah, didn’t see that. I usually listen on my phone, and the mobile version doesn’t have that. Usually there’s one embedded in the post.

    On iTunes, the last episode is 154.

    I’ll listen this week on the computer since I’m on holidays.

    Cheers, and I hope the feedback helps!

  36. Nick Graham says:

    Uh, there is still no download link on the website, nor on BeyondPod on my phone. Fix it, JD!

  37. JD (Host) says:

    a ha!

    try it now!

  38. Nick Graham says:

    R2, you did it!

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