Episode 154: Batman Inc 8, Dr Manhattan 4, Rocketeer Hollywood Horror 1, Uncanny Skull Kickers 1, 5 Weapons 1, Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1, Punisher War Zone 5, Jungle Book Last of the Species, Fantastic Four 236 (1981)!

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Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Batman Inc 8, Dr Manhattan 4, Rocketeer Hollywood Horror 1, Uncanny Skull Kickers 1, 5 Weapons 1, Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1, Punisher War Zone 5, Jungle Book Last of the Species, Fantastic Four 236 (1981)!

Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

St. Baldrick’s Day Announcement – 01:03
Listener e-mail 1 – 04:20
Listener e-mail 2 – 07:45
Batman Inc 8 – 21:08
Dr Manhattan 4 – 30:46
Rocketeer Hollywood Horror 1 – 34:22
Uncanny Skull Kickers 1 – 38:04
5 Weapons 1 – 41:39
Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1 – 46:02
Punisher War Zone 5 – 51:11
Jungle Book Last of the Species #1 – 59:15
Fantastic Four #236 (1981) – 01:05:38

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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44 Comments to “Episode 154: Batman Inc 8, Dr Manhattan 4, Rocketeer Hollywood Horror 1, Uncanny Skull Kickers 1, 5 Weapons 1, Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1, Punisher War Zone 5, Jungle Book Last of the Species, Fantastic Four 236 (1981)!”

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  1. RolandofftheDeschain says:

    Another great show fellas. If you enjoyed Rucka’s recent Punisher run, stay the hell away from the new Thunderbolts, I mean stay away in general, its bad. Unless you love Steve Dillon drawing Hulk…GOTG 0.1 was just OK for me, other than getting to see Peter Quill again, and the art of course. But I am sick of Bendis right now, and this def did seem like he was writing for the movie. I’m a huge DnA GOTG days and not sure how hes going to treat them with the movie coming up, will have to wait and see. Don’t really pay attention to anything from DC since the New 52, anything worth checking out these days, one or two recommendations? I’m going to give ole Junglebook a try this week and let you know what I thought about it, I enjoyed Bug’s previous work with the Grimm stuff so far, so I hoping for good things.

    Peace be to journey.

  2. Grim_Noir says:

    The whole “Court of Owls”/”Night of the Owls” thing in Batman was good, RolandofftheDeschain. I’m collecting in trades these days, so J.D. or Optimus could say more about the recent “Death of the Family,” but Snyder’s Batman seems to be the best thing DC has going right now.

    Oh, Wonder Woman has been interesting, too. Esp. Chang’s artwork.

    And, personally, I’ve been enjoying the “Ame-Comi Girls” storyline, in a Dini-Timm universe kinda way.

  3. Grim_Noir says:

    D’Oh! Cliff CHIANG on Wonder Woman. (Damn these fat fingers!)

  4. JD (Host) says:

    thanks Roland!
    I’ve been enjoying a good deal of the New 52…I spent most of my day off yesterday reading ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING, which are two really good creepy horror books that start to intertwine. I also like Supergirl, Aquaman and the Justice League book starting with issue 13 (honestly you can skip 1-12…)

    And Grim is right the BATMAN by Scott Snyder is solid all the way through, the first trade is called COURT OF OWLS, and then there is a NIGHT OF THE OWLS crossover that runs through the entire Batfamily set of books. Good stuff.

  5. JD (Host) says:

    and again, Grim is right WONDER WOMAN is really interesting too!

  6. Terry O'Brien says:

    Gentlemen, thanks for the mention. Although JD’s read put a more sinister spin on my words than was intended (and it ended up sounding REALLY whiny… my fault, not yours) it’s cool to have the conversation. (And for those new to the conversation, please see my comments in full in the Ep 153 thread).

    If the decision to alter the line to “truth, justice… and all that stuff” was Singer’s and Singer’s alone it was a colossal blunder (like getting involved in a land war in Asia or going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line). If it was the studio’s decision, more likely imo, then I suppose it was understandable at the time; there had yet to be a raft of patriotic, conservative movies like Iron Man, the Batman Trilogy, Avengers and Capt. America to put the lie to it. Still annoying, but understandable.

    I also think Hollywood has taken notice because I see fewer and fewer “Left Wing Sucker Punches” in movies today (i.e.: the gratuitous, unnecessary, passive-aggressive Bush-bashing in the otherwise inspiring and uplifting “The Blind Side.”) Or it could just be that with GWB out of office everyone blood pressure has dropped 30 points. Just don’t get me started on Obama and all his 1% buddies and the MILLIONS in tax breaks they receive…

    FYI I write a weekly column for Exit Zero Magazine here in Cape May, NJ in which this will certainly be talked about. If you ever need a guest podcaster deeply schooled in 80’s Marvel and owns the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, I am ever at your service. (Barry Allen was THE MAN.)

  7. Yorgo says:

    IMO Superman is sort of lame when he goes international. I mean it’d be like Dr. Who suddenly being French. Part of their fun is their national cultural identity. I mean I like that Captain Britain is British and I’m from Texas. Just like how I like 2000 Ad books because they are so different and no one in those books are fighting to help America at all. Not even Judge Dredd and he’s supposed to be from here. I still love Judge Dredd.

    I’m pretty sure that Hollywood is over reacting to the international market. I mean most of the money they make is here and people buy Hollywood movies anyway cause Hollywood ate up most of those markets long ago. Not that I’m saying there is a conscious conspiracy (although maybe in some cases) but it’s a product of a mindset.

    I mean Transformers 1-3 are about America being better than anyone and everyone and not just any America but the suburban Nascar set. Those movies made 100s of millions here and abroad. When we act like people don’t like us then of course they won’t. Shows a lack of cultural confidence.

    It’s kind of funny that someone claiming Leftism wouldn’t consider Superman an American considering you know immigrants can be Americans too from a logical standpoint and most Leftists wanting to make everyone citizens. I mean my grandparents on one side were the kids of immigrants. I’m pretty sure they were American too. I even say that as someone who wants to close the borders for a bit until we can get our mess sorted out.

    I can’t wait for After Watchmen. I mean come on we know it’s coming. Maybe Silk Spectre can finally quit being a sex object then.

    Rucka is boring and all his stories are here’s a female version of this character and they’re better than any man cause I hate my penis. He’s be fighting misogyny real and imagined with misandry for way too long.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is too Mass Effect looking for my taste but I do like Christmas tree Groot.

    Praying your new Jungle Book goes well guys. Your podcast keeps me company at work. Thanks.

  8. ghostmann says:

    Great show guys! Although I was disappointed JD that you didn’t read my scathing email retort towards Emiliano.


  9. def says:

    Another great show… I’d actually like it if you made them 30 minutes longer. They only last a bit of my daily commute!

    Two comments on topics raised:
    -about the liberalism of comics, I think writers and artists lean to the left. Most of the arts lean to the left. Comics are a little more of a boy zone than the ballet, but I’m sure a lot of the people reading comics were more sensitive in school, reading, writing and drawing rather than souping up muscle cars or playing football. I think this lends to a leftist mindset. There are lots of members of the tea party and the right that take pride in being anti-intellectual. How many writers would sypathise with that point of view? It’s not a rule, as Frank Miller clearly proves, but it’s no surprise to me that creative types lean left on the whole. This is not explicitly describing everyone, just a general vibe. I went to art school, and that place really leaned left, It makes the comics world look pretty damn uptight and right wing.

    -For the Fantstic Four you reviewed, it was at the start of Byrne’s run. That run is one of my favorite runs of all time, expecially around 250 when he takes them to the Negative Zone for a year. The current Fraction run reminds of that a lot, short, self-contained sci-fi stories, heavy on family dynamics, and interesting twists. There is one issue where they find a ship of a civilisation that has been traveling for thousands of years, looking for a replacement planet after their home is destroyed. I think their computer system had been damaged. Anyway, the Fantastic Four help out, and, well, it’s a great, smart story. I love that run, and that’s not even nostalgia talking. I bought them all in dollar bins when I was 19.

    Question, which I’ll e-mail if it needs to be to appear on the show:
    I love Marvel Now overall, but they are spamming up the comic shelves, it seems. Too many comics, too often. Would you prefer to read double-sized comics monthly rather than every two weeks? Like, what if All New X-Men published 50 page stories once a month for roughly twice the price? Marval would probably say no, because of the little advertising they have, but I think it would work a lot better, especially since it’s so hard to remember what happens from issue to issue. I’ve read all seven issues, and I can only think of about four issues of content. It would work better together, I think.

    Keep it up!

  10. migmog says:

    Hey Baldies to be will you record a Baldies vid for St Patrick’s Day with the Jump Around Song as the back drop that will get get you $5 dollars from me

  11. jaydee says:

    @Terry: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make your words more sinister!! lol! I do know that yes, my blood pressure has dropped since GWB is out of office. I don’t walk around with a general sadness in my heart anymore, lol.

    @yorgo: My point was that if Superman tried to just land through our borders near Mexico instead of from the sky, and god forbid he was a BROWN man? He’d be shown the door. AFTER WATCHMEN? I will punch the industry in the taint! Lol.
    Did you read Rucka’s run? Also I don’t know enough about Mass Effect other than it’s supposed to be the game to end all games.

    @Def: I’ve never really read much of Byrne’s FF run, but I do know it’s touted as some great comic-ings. It’s on my list of runs to go back and check out, after the entire run of Hellblazer! I’ll try to remember to read your question on the show, thanks!

    Sorry @Ghostman! Maybe next time!

    @Migmog: Tempting sir….tempting…

  12. Yorgo says:

    I don’t think Leftism is inherently more intellectual. I think it just presents itself that way. Both sides have a strong history of scholasticism despite whatever is said.

    I think the difference between the left and the right in this country is that the left is completely grievance driven. They don’t stop and realize things are better now. They want to punish people or get even. I mean Barak Obama said as much in a few speeches.

    The big problem right now in comic books is that it’s the same stale writers writing the same stale stories. Snyder’s Batman is a retelling of Batman RIP. Snyder’s Swamp Thing is let’s get back to the 80s gag. Rucka can only write about how much he hates boys and how women are so much better. His Wonder Woman run is a crappier more preachy version of the superior Perez run. Brubaker couldn’t not preach to save his life. His Authority run consisted of Henry Bendix is wrong cause he believes in capitalism and stopped our hostile take over of the world.

    I could go on and on. A lot of the newer guys aren’t politics driven. Some of them are like Dennis Hopeless’ stupid fighting Chik-Fil-A after that issue is out of the papers Cable and X-force story line. But more are like Jim Zub or Justin Jordan who seem way more interested in just telling good stories. Even Jonathan Hickman is unconcerned with politics…except maybe that issue of Secret Warriors during Seige where Phobos goes to kill the president and leaves him a note telling him his days are numbered. Either way, it was a nice change of pace and honestly since everyone and their mother was after Bush I think Barry can take one issue since he wasn’t even mentioned by name.

    Either way, they just need some new blood. Not a bunch of wannabe celebrity or failed novelist and TV writers who are still grinding an axe from high school cause they were athletic and the jocks and cheerleaders didn’t like them.

  13. Yorgo says:


    Dude I’m half Mexican and I’ve never had a problem. I even live in the Southwest in a state that gets called out all the time.

    Besides I always figured Supes was supposed to be a Jew. I’m cool with it. I really don’t care what race he is. I just want them to write fun stories again and quit complaining he’s not relatable because they’re not imaginative to come up with a fun story. I mean the guy love Lois and Lois loves him as Superman but couldn’t care less if he’s Clark and he still loves her for it. That’s forgiveness and unrequited love and selflessness all wrapped up in one.

    I admit I just really love Superman and Wonder Woman and I’m sad that Johns doesn’t get them (they’re superior but they still love us even though they suck, It’s a total messiah fantasy) and neither do the other writers right now. At least Azzarello gets Wonder Woman and Morrison is at least trying something new.

    I would love to see you punch the industry’s grundel/taint. Fingers crossed

    I couldn’t finish Rucka’s run. If I want Rucka, I’ll just reread my Checkmate trades. The one time I enjoyed him. That said I admit he may have pulled out a better story and I didn’t give him a shot. The trades are cheap. I can wait on that.

    The Guardian’s costumes reminded me of Mass Effect. Along with the saving the humans thing. It’s probably superficial. I mean it’s still superheroes.

    Hope you guys are having a good one.

  14. TheBeardBringer says:

    My response is to the whole “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” thing. Superman was created in the 30s by those who grew up in a nation that was being flooded with immigrants and in a world was quickly getting smaller. Superman, from what I understand, is meant to be the ultimate immigrant. He’s not from America or even earth and yet is adopted and raised by papa and mama Kent, the epitome of what is pretty much Norman Rockwell’s America. Superman then not only grows up to be a decent guy, he flourishes here and becomes strong and moral and awesome. So it seems like the authorial intent is that when the big blue boy scout says he stands for “Truth, Justice, and the American way.” He’s saying not that he stands as a symbol of the American will or government or anything like that but that he stands for the acceptance and love he was given as a child. This is really well explored in Red Son where Superman is raised in the Ukraine by a loving family but becomes the symbol of the Soviet way. Which is to say he stands for the idealistic version of the Soviet Union where everyone is equal and the government is just and truthful and protective. So I think that the “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” mantra should stay. It is a bit pretentious but authorial intent seems pretty solid and moral and awesome to me.

  15. TheBeardBringer says:

    So… yeah to sum up stands for ideals not for literal things or institutions. Unless you’re in the Dark Knight Returns.

  16. Yorgo says:


    Thanks. That’s entirely well put.

  17. Terry O'Brien says:

    This is, like, 3 days in a row of polite discourse on an Internet chat forum. We may be breaking new ground here, gentlemen.

    Curious on your thoughts regarding Orson Scott Card and Superman. Seems to be a lot of pressure from the usual suspects that he be fired (but it’s not a black list, no sir…) from the big talkers on the web, while the vast majority of comments attached to these articles are of the level-headed “I may not agree but let the man work” variety, or “if you don’t like him, don’t buy the book.”

    For the record, I am a huge OSC fan. He blurbed my book (“Murder-Oke & Other Spooky Cape May Tales” if you’ll pardon the spam) and a brief essay of mine is included in his “Ender’s Game Companion.” I fully back him and his right to follow his religious beliefs however he sees fit. Some of his thoughts on Gay Marriage make me itchy, but he has incorrectly been labeled an “anti-equality activist” which is simply not the case, though you’d never know it from all the surrounding hysteria.

    I have read just about every word the man has written, which include a number of homosexual characters, and none of them have been written as anything other than sympathetic and fully developed, well-rounded human beings. All this hand-wringing is beyond me, really.

    Either way, he better hope the Ender’s Game movie makes a billion dollars, because he will NEVER get another film produced now that he has the anti-LGBT stink on him, deserved or not.

    Perhaps a topic for an upcoming podcast?

  18. Yorgo says:

    I think the OSC thing is blown up. It’s the usual internet pundits trying to make themselves look big and pat themselves on the back. They aren’t doing themselves or anyone a favor. Most science fiction fans and certainly the entire state of Utah like OSC. They would be bringing in the coveted new reader that Marvel is trying to pull in through their movies (but not really considering the crazy awesome that Hickman is dropping on everyone with New Universe concepts). It was an out of continuity story in a digital format that most people wouldn’t have noticed but the PC police, intolerant intolerance groups, and the torch and pitchfork crowds got win and went insane.

    This is really the last comic book site I go to very often anymore. Mostly cause the rest of those sites have been taken over by the likes of Pink Apocalypse who used to post here and the aint it cool forum all the time. A bunch of uptight, always angry, constantly offended types that can’t wait to pick a fight.

    I saw a site yesterday though after the Chris Sprouse declared he “changed his mind.” It wasn’t a good bunch. If it wasn’t something psychotically over the top about Card it was something psychotically over the top about someone trying to defend him however tepidly they chose.

    It also smells like we’ll have to wait til the stink dies down for OSC’s story or they will just wait for the movie and slap from the writer of Ender’s Game on the cover. Also, there is no way Sprouse hadn’t already been working on the thing. If so, bad planning on their part.

    Also, seriously, do they really think it’s gonna just sell gangbusters now? I would’ve let that Chik-Fil-A controversy cash roll in. I mean everyone got what they wanted. Gay people made out and everyone else got chicken sandwiches.

    That said. I’m Christian but I don’t think Card is going about any of this the right way. He uses a lot of hyperbole.

    Personally I just wish we could get off each other’s collective lawns. You know. Marriage is a religious ceremony. Why on earth is the government involved? Just give every civil partnerships and be done with it. Everyone is equal and religious types can keep their marriage.

    Either way, no matter who wins. I’ll live my life by my religious beliefs and read what I want to be. I won’t justify bad behavior for myself based on others.

  19. TheBeardBringer says:

    Yorgo I’m totally in agreement with you concerning the marriage topic. And as an ardent Orson Scott Card fan I have to say that man is nothing but respectful of all races, religions, creeds, sexes, and orientations. His books deal with all kinds of sexuality, worldviews, and belief systems and I’ve never felt he was dissing on anyone of them. He may have strong beliefs concerning homosexuality but that’s not something that in anyway effects his work. I honestly look up to the man as a paragon of political mediation and religious tolerance. The more socially minded of us, particularly those limousine liberals out there, needs to take a chill pill and realize that by taking digs at a guy who’s just acting out his beliefs that his God has commanded him to do, and is doing it in a nonviolent respectful way is just as much an act of intolerance as they are accusing him of.

    Now not to seem out of the loop but what does Supes have to do with my favorite author?

    PS: This conversation is way too civil… I’m gonna spice things up a little. ALL OF YOU ARE GAY. There. Now we’re good.

  20. Yorgo says:


    Yeah man I don’t get it. I’m Christian and pretty much non-political (though I lean right on money) but whenever I read like a comic by Ed Brubaker it’s pretty clear he hates me. Just read any issue of his Authority run and it’s all about how anyone who isn’t super left like him is awful and should die. I don’t begrudge him his job. I wish everyone would realize how much his Captain America runs and pretty everything he’s ever written has sucked and gotten by solely on the amazing art talents of Sean Phillips, Steve Epting, Butch Guice, Dustin Nguyen, etc.

    It’s ok though if someone likes him. It’s even ok if someone likes his writings or ideas. If they decide to make that stuff into laws, well I’ll just go somewhere those laws don’t exist or fight back by legislation back to get them changed. It’s just not anything to get worked up over.

    I don’t even like Orson Scott Card. (no offense) He hasn’t done anything worse than the Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin who screamed about how he wanted all the tea baggers to die and throws all his money to left wing causes that try to get laws made to force people to do things too. I mean honestly Martin’s books have way worse views on women, gays, and just about everyone. Not to mention all the under age sex presented as completely ok.

    But none of it really affects my life outside of maybe having to deal with some lack popular support cause the group think is so wildly wound up by particular internet pundits and politicians, which good job Obama for finding a wedge issue to distract us from your crap economy you made in 4 years as president.

    I don’t really care about the Card issue. I just wish comics were comics and people would just calm down.

    Seriously, this is a bizarrely civil discussion for the internet.

    My spice up is that I WANT YOUR BABIES PUNCHED IN THEIR FACE!!!!!!!!!! But not really I love babies.

    Review Request: 2000 AD any issue. I love it.

  21. def says:

    I don’t want to say the left or the right is more intellectual. Truth is, they both embody a bunch of unrelated issues (what does the protection of religious marriage have to do with fiscal responsibility or gun laws?). What I was getting at is that artsy types tend to lean left, meaning it makes sense comics would do that as well. Business majors are often very smart, and often lean right, but they don’t have much influence in popular culture.

    I would ask that you think about how you’re coming off in this thread. You say that Ed Brubaker hates you, and that you wish everybody realised his writing sucks. It sounds like politics could be influencing your ability to enjoy his work.

    It also sounds like you mainly agree with Card’s views, so it’s not surprising you find people voicing opinion about him “uptight, always angry, constantly offended types.” America is about freedom, and they’re voicing their opinion. I’ve read at least 10 Card books, and enjoyed at least half of them. I downloaded a podcast interview with him about two years ago, and was shocked how paranoid and uninformed he sounded, and I think it hurt my enjoyment of his writing, though I’ll always enjoy Ender’s Game. I understand why people think he is against equality, and why you disagree.

    ” Just give every civil partnerships and be done with it. Everyone is equal and religious types can keep their marriage.” I am an atheist who married an atheist Japanese citizen in a civil ceremony in Japan. It’s a marriage, with zero religion. When people like Card, and possibly you, try to define marriage as a religious thing, well, it’s something that I would like to oppose. (He says a lot of other questionable things as well) Card actively works against marriage equality. Not just holds an opinion, but actively tries to go against my belief. It really isn’t implausible that were Card successful, that atheist marriages might one day be argued to only be civil partnerships as well. I believe in people being treated equally under the law, and not just my narrow interest group. (Card is lucky that as a straight white Christian male, he is part of one of the broadest American interest groups) Boycotting Card’s work is a fair and righteous way of being heard, and, though I’m not American, I think it’s a pretty American way as well.

    Cheers, all written with hopefully a friendly voice, not looking to enflame you.

  22. Terry O'Brien says:

    I agree with OSC in that marriage is now and pretty much always has been, at least for several thousand years, recognized as a religious ritual between a man and a woman. And I am in favor of defending marriage in that sense. In that tradition. Now, the Left will say, “Oh yeah? Well slavery was a tradition, too! You want to bring that back? RACIST GOP WAR ON WOMEN ROMNEY’S TAXES!!!”

    Obviously, no right-thinking human wants to repeal Emancipation. But it is also apples and oranges. Marriage is a universal good. Slavery was… not.

    Now, the hysterics like to copy and paste OSC’s statement about “any government that yada yada yada is my mortal enemy and I will work to destroy it yada yada yada”, so he is a barking mad radical homophobe… except they leave out the part where he says he will do it by supporting candidates that reflect his beliefs. Not with a flamethrower.

    And I love, love, LOVE how he is now universally referred to as “conservative” when, if any of these reporters did an hours worth of research, they would see that he constantly labels himself a Democrat. He just happens to be disgusted with his party right now (read his “War Watch” columns from the GWB years to read how a really smart person perfectly articulates what I feel but am too inarticulate to say) and so more identifies with conservative politics and politician. For now.

    This is the definition of mountain vs. molehill.

    And you’re all a bunch of fucking assholes…

  23. TheBeardBringer says:

    I’m really enjoying Thor: God of Thunder at the moment. It’s fulfilling my need for a high BPP (Beards per page) in comics. What comics are you guys enjoying?

  24. def says:

    Fair enough 😀

    I actually wanted to get in some comments about comics, but I always read them a week or two late, when at all.

    I try and follow them, and was, shall I say, intrigued at the new 52, but I don’t think I read past issue 3 of any of them, except Justice League, which I read purely out of schadenfreude. I’ve had periods of enjoyment with DC characters in the past (JLA, Batman, Flash), but there’s this streak of cheesy earnestness that I just can’t get into.

    So, Marvel NOW, for as confusing a concept as it was, has been quite enjoyable. It’s fresh and interesting.

    I have always liked Chris Bachelo, and love his work on Uncanny X-Men, especially now that he’s coloring it himself. I know he’s not everyone’s favorite, but I really have dug him going back to his run on Shade the Changing Man at DC. It’s really cool what he’s doing. I’d like to see him cut out any computer shortcuts (photo-edited backgrounds), but it’s really interesting to check the subtlties of his work.

    I like the Superior Spider-Man a lot, and especially Stegman’s pencils. One thing I appreciate about it is that Slott has a story each issue, something that a lot of books don’t. I read Savage Wolverine #2 yesterday, and really, nothing much happened in two issues. Same complaint as All New X-Men. Looked nice though. One story per issue is quite satisfying.

    FF is pretty awesome, though I think I used to liked Allred’s pencils more when it wasn’t so ‘painted’. Still, it is funny and beautiful. I love the characterisation in Fantastic Four, though not the stories just yet. And I’m not a Bagley fan, but Farmer’s inks make it look a whole lot more rounded, making them much better. Farmer’s always great.

    I read Nova yesterday, and like on the podcast a week back, I can see why the bullied kid is a tiresome trope. What I found more tiresome was the really hot girl in hot clothes making goo-goo eyes at the kid. Plus, he works so hard to help his father! It is too much all together at once. The art was okay, and I liked that final page reveal, but I’m not feeling it overall.

    I wonder how this site would do with a forum thrown in?

  25. def says:

    I guess comics aren’t as interesting as defending marriage from those who would claim it for their secular lives. Not surprising.

    I read All New X-Men 8 last night, and it was less pamphlet like, though still a little bubble-gummy. Like, it took under 10 minutes to read.

  26. Terry O'Brien says:

    Aaaaaaaaaand…. THERE it is.

  27. def says:


    Peace, man, Have fun! Enjoy comics!

  28. Yorgo says:


    I don’t agree with Card and I don’t agree with people trying to redefine marriage by law. It’s a social function. I mean in Mormonism and Islam you can have 4 wives. It’s their choice. That’s a societal choice. It should be a consenting adults choice.

    I’m not fighting against equality. I’m for equality. I just am against a group of people using the law to force behavior. Card and those against him are both guilty of that.

    I don’t let politics bother me. I love Earth 2. It’s got lots of gay people in it. It’s not an issue. I like The Massive. It’s good but believes a bunch of stuff I think is being exaggerated for political gain. It’s not an issue. Hell, I like Oliver Stone’s movies. I’m enjoying Dial H and Meiville is utterly different from me.

    It’s not the politics that annoy me it’s preaching at me that does. I do not like that ever. Also, a marriage is just a partnership with a religious ceremony attached. I mean you don’t need a pastor or Justice of the peace to get married or partnered or whatever you want to call it. You can get a civil partnership and have all the same rights. If not well then we should fix that. Its why I say drop the marriage word give evyone civil partnerships and call your relationship what you want.

    Also Brubaker’s Authority run was just so blew that I focused on all the lame preaching. It sucks cause Elllis’ first run is fantastic.

    I’m ok with boycotting. I’m ok with being offended. I just get annoyed. Like you said we quit talking about comics because everyone wants to get offended. Plus people get all bigoted and don’t respect others views and talk about how someone else is coming as a cave dweller or whatever.

    Not inflamed but please don’t call Mormons Christians. Its so different. Incredibly different. Jesus and John Smith are super different.

    As far as comics. I want more Freedom Fighters. Oh and Glory ending is incredibly sad. Also, Dial H is beyond weird right now. Do an Earth 2 review too.

    Sorry if this comes out weird this iPad sucks.

    Hope you all have good ones.

  29. def says:

    Thanks Yorgo for your reasoned reply.

    Just keep in mind, I am an atheist, I am married, and there was no religious ceremony, just a wedding party. That was our choice to do, and nobody fought me on it, legally. I don’t know how far back in time you would have to go to get the religious ceremony as a neccessity for marriage. Non-religious marriage has been around for a long time. That’s why I don’t see it as using the law to force behavior, rather than allow it. Everyone gets the marriage they want (as long as it’s concenting adults). I actually don’t have an issue with legalised polygamy either. I wouldn’t do it, but, as long as it’s adults. I respect people’s right to religious belief.

    Anyway, hopefully Card is not up for discussion in the next podcast, since people’s minds aren’t likely to change. Is this more or less polarizing than Before Watchmen?

  30. Yorgo says:


    We’re saying the same thing. It’s a relationship. Just call it what you want. In the end I don’t care cause it won’t change the way I live or the values I try to pass on to my kids if I ever have them. I’ll still be Christian and I will still be ok. I’m not gonna stand on someone’s lawn.

    I know that you can get married to someone without a religious ceremony but the custom comes from religions which is why I consider it that.

    Trust me Before Watchmen is probably more polarizing. I made a joke about it in a shop one time and the cashier flipped out. The owner showed up and was like back off cause it keeps the lights on.

    Like I said uptight people causing grief. They’re stealing my religious stereotype.

  31. Grim_Noir says:

    I have struggled with whether or not to contribute to the current ongoing debate. Partly because I am a liberal Christian (yeah, I know that self-proclaimed title confuses a lot of people).

    But mainly because I am a struggling writer. As a writer, I am always pushing myself to look beyond what my views are and look at the viewpoints of my characters, the situations they find themselves in, and what (ultimately) is best for the needs of the story.

    From my viewpoint, the two biggest offenders in comics in recent years are at BOTH extreme ends of the spectrum:

    1) Fred Van Lente’s take on Archer and Armstrong has been INCREDIBLY offensive to Christians and the Right Wingers. Anytime Religion or Money shows up in the book, they are treated as a joke. And a poorly executed one at that. Fred has taken what was an excellent “East-meets-Middle-East” story from the ’90s and bastardized it for his own personal agenda. I have been completely amazed that this has not raised more fervor.

    2) When DC removed the Left Wing liberal street-level social justice from Ollie Queen, he lost all sense of identity. Right now, we just have a Batman-wannabe who shoots arrows. Since Denny O’Neil, Green Arrow and Green Lantern have always represented the whole conversation that is going on in this forum: Ollie was liberal Left Wing and Hal was always conservative Right Wing. And they disagreed. LOUDLY and often. But they remained strong friends. And somewhere in the middle of their respective opinions, we got a broader picture of the world around us. And I feel we are all losing out by not having those two strong character voices around anymore.

    But, that’s just one man’s opinion…

  32. Yorgo says:

    @grim noir

    You’re right on both of those.

    In the case of Archer and Armstrong no one cares cause it’s Christians and were not cool to defend. Popularity games and all. I read the first issue and thought it was just average Da Vinci code stuff. Clayton Henry doesn’t flot my boat either.

    Btw Green Arrow hasn’t suffered quite as much as Stormwatch/The Authority has. I mean the book fell apart in later runs but goodness it has like no identity right now. I miss my crazy British Labor party and secret Fabian Society superheroes even though I pretty much strongly disagree with both.

    I think the problem is that the middle left lost it sense of humor. It’s all attack attack. Sense of momentum I guess from having won a majority in the branches of government.

  33. jaydee says:

    To those that said: Obama destroyed the economy in 4 years, I think you have your timeline a bit off, the economy was trash before W left office. And with Obama in office, it’s gotten a damn site better.

    I think Marriage can be a religious and/or legal practice, it just depends on the couple. If you want peanut butter in your chocolate, that’s cool. I don’t, however, think it should be an ILLEGAL practice. If your church doesn’t want to marry you because they think “God Hates Queers”, then go to another church that believes in a more accepting God. It should NOT be the government’s place to say whether or not that can happen, since Church and State should be separate and it’s not of the government’s business whether or not God hates or doesn’t hate. If the government wants to police us according to the Bible, they’d have to start ending most marriages in stonings.

    I’m loving Archer and Armstrong. I think it’s a great book, cheaps shots and all. I guess I just don’t let comics offend me.

    Interesting point about Green Arrow, btw. I was saying that the other day in the shop. This new Ollie is just a more boring version of Bruce Wayne. Here’s hoping that Jeff Lemire can fix it up a little bit.

    I like Chris Bachalo when he reins himself in. Sometimes he can get a little jumbled, making his foreground/background indistinguishable. His work on Uncanny so far has been nice, but he colors Emma Frost to look like a powdered donut, instead of diamond. He hasn’t worked out the coloring for her yet, but otherwise, it’s lovely.

    I’m loving ALL New X-Men as well. Great stuff. I’m catching up on Animal Man and Swamp Thing…those books have been creepy and awesome!

  34. Brian-the-Hutt says:

    This has been the most mature discussion about comics/politics I have ever seen on a comic website, nay, the entire Internet. This is proof there is hope for humanity.

  35. Terry O'Brien says:

    I feel this way…

    I am generally for the defense of marriage as currently defined, between a man and a woman. If I had a chance to vote on it, I’m honestly not sure which lever I’d pull. I think it sucks that my gay friends who are committed to each other cannot be recognized as “married” and therefore cannot attain the rights that come with it; power of attorney, medical decisions, etc. I am 100% ALL FOR some kind of recognized ceremony for gays that allows them to attain these rights. I don’t think any right-headed person could possibly be against two people who are in love and committed to each other having the same rights as the rest of us breeders. I’m just NOT 100% certain why it has to be called “Gay Marriage”, thereby redefining the word and the meaning of the ceremony. So my argument is mostly semantic.

    So yes, I’m pro-traditional marriage. But this does not make me a homophobe or intolerant. It puts me pretty squarely in the majority as every Gay Marriage bill has been voted down when people have been given the opportunity to vote on it.

    But neither would I break out the torches and pitchforks and march on Washington if it ever became an amendment.

    But the thing is… I don’t think it matters. It’s all generational. Like Civil Rights in the 60’s. Every new generation is going to see it as less and less of a big deal (which it probably isn’t, I’m just a bit curmudgeonly) and things are just going to move in that direction as their numbers grow.

    As a straight white male approaching middle age (I’m 43), there are fewer and fewer things that are “ours”. So I guess I’d like to keep this one thing. But I won’t start mailing envelopes full of white powder if I can’t.

    As for comics, I am woefully out of the loop. I stopped collecting when there was only 2 or 3 X-Books, Peter Parker was Spider-Man, and Wolverine was still cool. My collection consists of the Walt Simonsen Thor’s, the Frank Miller Daredevil’s, Byrne’s Capt. America, Perez’ Avengers, Crisis on Infinite Earths… and also full runs of Rom-Spaceknight and Brett Anderson’s Ka-Zar. So taste is clearly subjective.

    I’m dipping back in via the Marvel Android app and just read Wolverine vs. Everybody, which was pretty cool, though I think my head would explode trying to figure out what’s continuity and what isn’t.

  36. jaydee says:

    two things:
    1. It’s not Gay Marriage. It’s just Marriage.
    2. It isn’t “ours”, it’s “everyone’s”

  37. jaydee says:

    Being that you don’t currently read most comics, it’s interesting that you listen to the show..is it just to keep abreast? At any rate, thanks so much for listening!!!

  38. Terry O'Brien says:

    1. Marriage is a religious-based ceremony. There is no religion on Earth that recognizes same-sex partnerships as married.
    2. I pretty clearly stated that I don’t think it will remain “mine” for much longer, and that I’m generally okay with that.

    But again, my argument is semantic. Loving, committed couples should all have the same rights. If our government redefining marriage is how that gets done then so be it. You’ll get very little argument from me.

    Started listening out of curiosity, to see what’s happening in comics these days (been an AICN reader for 15 yrs.) and found myself genuinely entertained. Thinking about getting my kids started (7, 10, 11 year-old boys). It’s funny. They know all the superheroes and have their favorites and beg for the Legos, but they’ve never read a comic. It’s all movies and cartoons. None of it existed when I was their age.

    FYI I grew up near Philly and now live in Cape May. I manage a haunted house on an amusement pier in Wildwood. I also work as an actor, singer, writer and karaoke host for a living. I’m hugely famous down here and talk about you guys in my next magazine column.

  39. Grim_Noir says:

    Side-bar to the Politicking: If ya wanna get your kids into Comics (and maybe you, too), then this is a good time of year: Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner (May 4, 2013). It’s a great chance to sample stuff you wouldn’t normally look at, think of, or hunt for, when you’re online.

    Apps are great and all, but sometimes there is no substitute for walking into your Local Comic Book Shop and “talking shop,” especially if you’re a kid…

  40. jaydee says:

    well said, Grim! Get your kids to a shop, especially on Free Comic Day :)
    Are there any good shops in Wildwood, I wonder?

    Thanks for the mention in your column, send it over when it’s done!

  41. Terry O'Brien says:

    Perhaps I’ve shared too much…

    I’ll probably bust out my collection and see if they have any interest. Then go from there.

    But I misspoke before. My 11-yo and I have read all of The Walking Dead trades from our local library. Great parenting, right? But… He loves the show so…

    But Im not sure Im going to let him read the one where Glenn meets his fate. He loves that guy.

  42. Grim_Noir says:

    NOT trying to be a troll, but simply as a matter of knowledge: the Abbott of the Bodhinyana Monastery has said, “I see no reason why religion should deny their spiritual resources to gay and lesbian marriages…Religion does not own the institution of marriage and has no right to govern it. As a Buddhist leader, I would very much like to perform the Buddhist marriage ceremony for gays and lesbians. Why should Buddhists be denied this opportunity? Let other religions make the rules for their own members, but may they not make the rules for the Buddhists.”

    The first official lesbian Buddhist marriage ceremony was performed in Taiwan last August.

    And knowing is half the battle. Go Joes!

  43. Terry O'Brien says:

    Well then there you go.

    As stated in my original post that the Tards quoted, I really don’t give a shit. But as long as there is a fuss to be made I don’t mind making it.

  44. Def says:

    Freedom is a good thing.

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