Episode 153: Justice League 17, Justice League of
America 1, The Shadow Year One 1, GI Joe 1, Vitriol The Hunter Happy 4, X-O Manowar 10, Nova 1, Spider-Man 18 and Alpha Big Time 1!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Justice League 17, Justice League of America 1, The Shadow Year One 1, GI Joe 1, Spider-Man 18, Happy 4, X-O Manowar 10, Nova 1 and Alpha Big Time 1!

Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble:

Listener e-mails – 0:57
Justice League 17 – 8:47
JLA 1 – 13:22
Nova 1 – 18:05
Alpha Big Time 1 – 23:15
@$$terpiece theater – 27:21
GI Joe 1 – 29:02
Happy 4 – 37:28
Shadow Year One 1 – 45:42
Spider-Man 18 – 50:57
X-O Manowar 10 – 57:21

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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8 Comments to “Episode 153: Justice League 17, Justice League of
America 1, The Shadow Year One 1, GI Joe 1, Vitriol The Hunter Happy 4, X-O Manowar 10, Nova 1, Spider-Man 18 and Alpha Big Time 1!”

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  1. Terry O'Brien says:

    Recent convert to your great podcast. Was a 70’s/ 80’s Marvel nerd, but now consider myself a lapsed comic collector. Your show has proven a great way to catch up on all the craziness that is going on in the comics world today and usually cements in my mind my decision to abandon comics in the 90’s. But… it’s still fun to keep up with my favorite characters.

    Anyway, I find you guys pretty universally funny and informed, but take issue with Johnny’s comment a few podcasts ago that those of us who were offended or put-off by Superman Returns and the lack of “the American Way” are fucking idiots or fucking douchebags or whatever it was.

    Now, in the interests of full disclosure, I am a center-right fiscal conservative, social liberal (i.e. I want a thundering military capable of vanquishing our enemies and impenetrable walls on our borders, but could give a shit if 2 guys want to get married) and the complete and utter left-ification of comics in the last decade or so is pretty disturbing. At every single opportunity for comic creators to take a side on any issue, every single time they take the liberal/ leftist position, which is not only 100% predictable, it is also lazy and boring. It is not edgy in the least to paint Tea Party types as racists and domestic terrorists. Watch MSNBC or pretty much any major news outlet for 5 minutes and you’ll see this is the norm. Since when do artistic types so completely align with “the man”?

    For those of us of a certain age, “truth, justice and the American way” is up there with mom, baseball and apple pie. Leaving it out of the film only proves to some of us that either Singer was either embarrassed to include a little patriotism into the most American of fictional icons, which is an embarrassment unto itself, or was just clearly pandering to “international interests” in trying to make the film as profitable as possible (you know, like Lions for Lambs, Redacted, In the Valley of Elah, and any one of a dozen more anti-American films that made $10 at the box office with their super-appealing anti-Americanism and Avengers and Iron Man and Capt. America all did so poorly with their “jingoistic” undercurrents because Hollywood is money driven, right?).

    Anyway, I don’t think Superman Returns bombed because this line was left out, it had many roblems beyond that, including poor casting, so-so writing, and waiting an hour to see Superman in a Superman movie. But those of us that did pay to go see it and love our country could only shake our heads with the confirmation that comic books and movies hate us and don’t care about us and therefore must not want out money, I shall return that favor.

    But,,, love the show and hope you can understand this viewpoint. It’s not about one line in one movie, it’s about a decade or moral equivalency and undermining of “classic” American values. It’s okay to believe in something, even if not everyone else believes in it.

  2. Hey Man,
    First, thanks for listening to us.

    Second, my political leanings are right in line with yours.

    Third, nothing you said above is wrong.

    Fourth, I want to understand why this happened. Where has this pervasive hatred stemmed from not just across the globe, but on our own shores.

    I have my theories and they lie squarely in a complete and utter lack of faith in American leadership. The slaves rowing in the galley aren’t the problem, it’s all the assholes we keep putting on the bridge.

    Have your pride and trumpet it far an wide man. But ensure you have proof in place to back it up beyond just pure nationalism. Ideals become strong through action and weak through inaction.

  3. Terry O'Brien says:

    Thanks for your time and the respectful reply (despite my post being rife with typos). I will continue to listen and catching up on PopTards podcasts has supplanted weeding down my Hulu queue as my nightly pre-sleep ritual.

    I believe most Americans are, at the extreme, about 10% different politically. Yeah, we may disagree on a lot of points, but the difference likely isn’t that great among the vast majority. I also believe most Americans thirst for any sort of compromise from our elected officials. Using fiscal cliff and sequestration scare tactics every single time will soon have diminishing returns, a boy who cried wolf-ness about them.

    In my mind it is our media that fosters animosity between R’s and D’s, as much as any Tea Party or Michael Moore type. A political 1% holding the other 99% hostage. In what Bizarro world does a political culture that already owns most media (aside from Fox News and talk radio) constantly cry out for fairness and the silencing of Fox News and talk radio? But I digress.

    Unfortunately, comic books have stuck their nose in that arena with their constant championing of leftist causes and viewpoints and demonization/ marginalization of conservative viewpoints. Me? I just don’t buy them and have learned to be pleasantly surprised when a movie/ TV show/ comic book DOESN’T take the left side. But you can see how parents (of which I am one) can be a little concerned about indoctrination.

    Eh, I don’t want to turn this into a political blog, just wanted to offer another viewpoint. No need to reply unless my words have so moved you you just can’t resist. Keep up the good work.

  4. Emiliano says:

    I believe you are 100% correct about the media’s effect on the public’s perceptions. It is bad enough to have every single network pushing the same talking points, but it is almost hilarious that the only network (fox) that shows some real balance is the one accused of radicalism. When everyone belives the world is flat, the one person that sets off to prove it is round is clearly the crazy one, right?

    Now, when this mind-set translates into comics and comic book movies, it gets old very quickly. You mentioned Superman Returns (and I agree, as I mentioned before, with your assessment, even though I thought Routh wasn’t too bad), but remember also they wanted to change the title of Captain America to read only “The First Avenger”overseas because “some people”might find the name offensive, insulting, or would think of it as american propaganda. Then it turns out that the only people that though that were the “americans” selling the movie. No one overseas actually gave a crap as long as it turned out to be a good movie. Why is it that we live in the best country in the world, and those in the entertainment business always lean to feel ashamed by it?

    It is hard (it seems) for creative minds to be anything but anti-stablishment, but it is a bit ironic that the creative minds in this industry seem to do nothing but toeing the actual “establishment” or “party line” that everyone else is spouting. There is nothing brave about claiming to have a point of view that happens to be everyone else’s point of view. You don’t have to be a “sell-out” because you have pride in your country, specially america, because when you get right down to it, the truth is REALLY out there in the history and deeds of this country. Whether it has made mistakes or not, it IS a country to be proud of, no matter how much hate can be flung at it by people like Moore and others.

  5. RolandofftheDeschain says:

    Hello gentlemen, love the podcast’s that you guys put out, solid stuff. I have been listening to you guys via Aintitcool for a couple of years now, def my favorite part of that downward spiraling site. I can be a lazy you know what and just realized that the Tards have their own site. So from now on Ill post my comments here and not on some silly talkback. Decided to pick up a few issues of Bugs run on Grimm Fairy Tales, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, very well done sir!

    O and I agree with pretty much all that has been said above ^ about politics in America and in comic books.

    Long days and pleasant nights Tards!

  6. Terry O'Brien says:

    Thanks for the civil dialogue, gentlemen… though I fear it will not last long if many others stumble on these posts…

  7. Rob Patey says:

    Hey Gang,
    Douche back again. Bravo on the civility, we actually herald this discourse on this week’s coming Podcast.

    I think the left and the right are equally dangerous when taken to the extremes of their respective ideologies. For whatever reason, we now have a two-party system and frankly one can not exist without the other.

    America needs a pendulum that constantly swings in equal time between the two school’s of thought.

  8. Terry O'Brien says:

    Excellent! I look forward to listening.

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