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Lost “The Lighthouse”

This was a pretty cool episode, leading to hopefully a super cool showdown episode next week. This episode was mostly about Jack being groomed by Jacob (via Hugo) to do whatever it is he needs him to do. Become Jacob? Do whatever Locke was supposed to do? Be the candidate to defend the island? Meanwhile, in never never land, or the alternative reality Jack has a kid. Huh- what? A teenage kid at that. When did that happen? And how did the plane not crashing cause him to have a son? That whole thing is still so unclear. Also unclear why blowing up the hatch caused the island to never exist. I guess we’ll get more on that plotline later.

The lighthouse itself was a very cool image. It’s neat to see how each degree on that giant wheel pointed to one of our beloved characters. It was cool to be able to see these things in the mirror. It didn’t really reveal anything as of course we knew Jacob was following them. It just may fill in a bit of the “How?” The “Why”, as usual in Lost-town, is ever elusive. What made Jacob select these specific people? And at such young ages?

I got chills with the part where Jacob said he had to save Hugo and Jack because they were important. I guess screw all those other temple dudes. They are smoke-monster-toast. I guess the only person we care about  now is Sayid at the temple. But I digress to return to this point.

Claire has gone all Rousseau-crazy and her hair got really crazy. She’s best friends with Man in Black (MIB)/ smoke monster. And she also talks to Christian Shepherd (Dad.) And they’ve convinced her the others in the Temple have her baby. Why though? In any case, they are all BFF now. And I bet once they get to the temple, Sayid will become BFF with them too now that he’s all infected and such. Infected with what? Darkness? It’s so hard to tell. It feels like Jacob may be the side of good, but is he really?

Pete absolutely hated the scene where they ran into Kate near the caves. It’s like “Oh hi Kate.” Convenience, much? I think it was just a plot device to steer us into fear of Claire killing Kate. See showdown, next episode, I am sure.

The scene inside the cave was pretty cool. I once saw an interview with the writers and they pointed several times to those two bodies in the cave as evidence they knew all along what they had planned for the series. They were somehow important to the plot. I liked Hugo’s theory about dinosaur times. This is potentially possible after all.

Finally, who is coming to the island and how is he going to get there? It seems that was all a set up by Jacob to get Jack thinking about destiny-stuffs, but it did seem possible someone is on his way.

Best line of the episode, from Hurley to Jack, “This is old school” where they were wandering through the jungle and not sure why,¬† on an adventure. And it was.

Looking forward to the episode they couldn’t even show us a few frames of… hopefully it’s bad ass.

Discuss amongst your self. Or selves…

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  1. jd says:

    I'm telling you, I think the island isn't there anymore cause the nuke sent it to the bottom of the ocean, causing the multiverse versions of the characters!
    But maybe I'm wrong..
    But I'm not. Cause I write the show. All of it. And I think you're right about Sayid..I'm thinking we're starting to see a definite dividing line between MIB's peeps and Jacob's..

    And YES. That Kate scene.."oh hey there's Kate, whattaYOUUU doin' here?" There's giant temples, and lighthousen that we haven't ever seen, but dang we sure do stumble onto each other alot.
    But hey, can't blame them, really…

    Can't wait for next eppy!

  2. Uncle Dunklenutz says:

    Ok, so Jack has a kid scenario: If the Island was blown up then maybe Jack didn't save the woman that was paralyzed. I think Jacob had a hand in that encounter some how, he brought Lock back to life when he fell out a window. So if Jack didn't save the woman, then he didn't marry her and therefor could have enough time to get married and have a kid. TADAH!!!

    Jacob has been watching them all it seems and I think Jacob is grooming Jack to become the next Jacob. Jack has always wanted to be good and help everyone else. So why not?

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