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This week I would like to post about a buzz word you might be hearing in the news. As we advance digitally, more things are coming about to make our digital messes more manageable. The most recent evolution in data storage is called “Cloud Computing.”
What is it?
Cloud computing is a way to store digital information without the need for local storage. What is digital information? Well, it can be anything from your pictures and e mail to text files. Anything that you would normally store on your computer.

Where does it get stored?
The data you choose to save to this “cloud” is stored on remote servers. That’s right kids, the files you want to saved can be stored somewhere else besides your local computer. A basic example of this is your email. If you have any web based e mail, you are basically storing your emails in a cloud.

Why would I want to do this?
The reasoning behind this is to create space for one. Two, imagine being able to access your information from your home, smart phone, or any other computer-like device. Imagine you need access to a document, or you want to show a slide show of your latest escapades but you left your computer at home. No problem, with your data in a cloud, you can log on another computer and access it.

Another popular reason for all this fluffy cloudness is GAMING! Steam ( for example has its’ own cloud. Say, I’m at a friends house and they challenge me to a round of Team Fortress 2 but I forgot my laptop. With Steam’s cloud, I can use their spare computer and get the game,with my settings right there. This is also a great thing for when you get that brand spanky new computer. Imagine similar scenarios with smart phones. Game data could be accessed and take up hardly any space.

So who are these cloud contributors?
I already mentioned Steam and what they do for gaming. When it comes to straight up online storage, one big time player is Dropbox( Installing this application gives you an actual folder on your computer that actually exists on their cloud. Anything you put in there can be accessed on any computer using Dropbox, their mobile application, or just their website.

The biggest player in this arena is Google. Where to start with them? The search engine itself is your front row seat to ‘their’ cloud. As of now, Google = Interwebs. Seriously though, all the Google products are cloud applications. Gmail, Picasa, Docs, Calendar, and more all store all of their data in the cloud. There are others out there too. Microsoft recently announced the upcoming version of Office will have cloud support.

To sum up this basic (and yes, this is just an intro) post, with technology being condensed into single multi purpose devices (i.e. iPhone) the ability to store your information elsewhere and access it when needed wherever you are will become not only the norm, but required.

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  1. Heidi says:

    Very thought-provoking post Alana! I admit to not being the most tech.-savy gal around, but your post got me thinking about how many times having something stored on hotmail account has saved my behind. Maybe I’m getting old, but the possibility of having personal info. on a cloud kind of worries me because I keep thinking that if it’s out there then someone can possibly access it. What’s your take on security measures?

  2. I have to thank you. I consider myself some what of a techy kind of guy, but I thought the term “cloud” was solely for Apple’s Mobile Me. I enjoyed being enlightened and look forward to future geeky tech tips.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    Good stuff.. I myself use DropBox and LOVE it..I was tempted for MobileMe but well…you have to pay for it. And I’m too poor to pour my pounds into something I can get for free..
    Heidi has a good point, too..I worry about security. Maybe that’s a good reason to PAY for a service, but then, I’m not moving sensitive materials in my DropBox..

  4. Alana says:

    Perhaps a follow up is on order that highlights what measures have been taken to ensure some form of security/privacy issues.

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