Episode 149:Answer 1, Uncanny X-Force 1, Young
Avengers 1, Star Trek Countdown to Darkness, Revival 1 – 6, High Ways 1 and Savage Wolverine 1!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Answer 1, Uncanny X-Force 1, Young Avengers 1, Star Trek Countdown to Darkness, Revival 1 – 6, High Ways and Savage Wolverine 1!
Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble!
Listener email – 1:28
@$$terpiece theatre – 4:10
Answer 1 – 6:06
Uncanny X-Force 1 – 11:09
Young Avengers 1 – 15:32
Star Trek Countdown to Darkness – 22:30
Revival 1 – 6 – 27:51
High Ways – 34:12
Savage Wolverine – 37:46

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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13 Comments to “Episode 149:Answer 1, Uncanny X-Force 1, Young
Avengers 1, Star Trek Countdown to Darkness, Revival 1 – 6, High Ways 1 and Savage Wolverine 1!”

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  1. Emiliano says:

    Ok…it’s official…I’m addicted! Is there a DETOX program for the PopTard Podcast? I was actually waiting for this thing to be uploaded so that I could listen to it…

    I’m scared now…

  2. Emiliano says:

    Fuck the Dolphin!!!! You are f****n hilariuous!!!! LOL!!!

  3. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Douche, just for you the next time I make a request for assterpiece I’m going to ask to review the X-Men/Star Trek crossover. And I also loved the shit out of Uncanny X-Force.

  4. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Here’s what I’m talking about


  5. Emiliano says:


    I remember those being a lot of fun, TNG team-up being better than the original. Now, if you REALLY want to have fun with Douche at the same time you blow JD’s mind, you could also request last year’s Star Trek/LSH team-up (now, THAT was a cluster!).

    I think JD’s face when faced with that request would be worth the price of admission.

  6. jaydee says:

    @E: There is no detox program. We have you for life! Someday, you’ll just be wondering around the post-apocalyptic cities of the future, in only combat boots and a robe, muttering “fuck the dolphin….then give it an a-Thor-tion”, for within our show lies the Anti-Life Equation, which will see the ruin of the world.

  7. jaydee says:

    also, what is LSH?

  8. Emiliano says:

    JD – I’ll be muttering “fuck the dolphin” looking to give him an a-THOR-tion dressed in combat boots and a robe looking for the anti-life equation…? Well, it could have been worse. If I had to to all that while dress like Serifan of the Forever People, well THEN I don’t think I could handle it….

    Wait…now I got an image of all of you doing the Podcast, and you are dressed like the VILLAGE People! No…I really need to Detox…

  9. Emiliano says:

    LSH = Legion of Super-Heroes

  10. Emiliano says:

    We REALLY need an “edit” feature. I feel a little bit Bain-Dramaged after reading my first comment…

  11. Emiliano says:

    Did you guys checked-out Batman & Robin Annual #001? An Excelent read. It made me like Damien and Bruce’s relationship more than almost any issue to date, and at the same time, the story was full of heart, action, and a couple of good laughs. Check it out, really. Well worth the money.

    Favorite part:
    Alfred – “For the record, I have see you cry many times: over your lost binky, the ant farm you dropped in fourth grade, and, I believe, the end of “The Natural” and the “Magnificant Seven” when–”

    Bruce – “Charles Bronson saved those kids. Mention that again and you’re fired.”

  12. JayDee says:

    I was just texting Douche about that yesterday, LOVED B&R Annual! My fave bit was the

    “I AM..” bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..”..THE NIGHT”

    or something to that effect. lol

  13. Emiliano says:

    When he had to adjust the Batmobile’s seat to reach the pedals? lol! That was hlarious! Loved the Annual.

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