Episode 148: Star Wars 1, Superior Spider-Man 1, BloodShot 7, Insurgent 1, Threshold Presents The Hunted 1, Adventures Of Superman 501

Johnny Destructo, Optimous Douche, Matt Adler and Ambush Bug review this week’s books: Star Wars 1, Superior Spider-Man 1, BloodShot 7, Insurgent 1, Threshold Presents The Hunted 1, Adventures Of Superman 501
Also: @$$terpiece Theatre and listener e-mails!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble!

DC Comics Rumor Mill – 2:58
Listener e-mail – 10:34
@$$terpiece Theatre – 13:04
Star Wars 1 – 14:33
Superior Spider-Man 1 – 24:48
BloodShot 1 – 33:43
Insurgent 1 – 42:43
Threshold Presents The Hunted 1 – 45:59
Adventures Of Superman 501 – 51:00

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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14 Comments to “Episode 148: Star Wars 1, Superior Spider-Man 1, BloodShot 7, Insurgent 1, Threshold Presents The Hunted 1, Adventures Of Superman 501”

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  1. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Welcome back guys!

    And awesome! Simply awesome. Thank you so much for reviewing AoS 501 for me. That book was really my introduction to comics (the die-cut cover not the super jizzy wall cover) and has always held a very special place in my heart and I’m glad to hear that most of you guys enjoyed it too. Although I’m curious JD, on a show called POPtards where you talk about things that are POP culture, why isn’t that you didn’t enjoy the POP factor of this book? Not a criticism just a question.

    ps damn you emiliano

  2. Emiliano says:


    For what!!??

    ps I always thought the new Super(don’t-call-me)Boy from the nineties was a extremely dumb character!

  3. Rob Patey says:

    Superboy doesn’t speak fondly of you either. I loved it Rob, and once Optimous loves it the world will follow eventually.

    Hey JD, OK if I squat in on Phonographics Radio this weekend? Haircut time again for me and Mrs. P.

  4. Emiliano says:

    Optimus,friends,you could ask them!

    I heard! What’s up with THAT! I’m basically a nice guy. If I had friends, you could ask them!

  5. Emiliano says:

    Edit…edit…edit…oh, hell! MORE BEER!

  6. Rob Truthfeld says:

    For not like 90’s Superboy Emiliano. That’s why.

  7. Emiliano says:


    Got it! Hey, I’ve got the whole run (I liked the art) but let’s face it, it was a little silly (the character as a whole, that is). Some good issues, but…

    Oh, hell. Let’s face it, it’s even sillier after the New 52! Go ahead and damn me. I might deserve it. 😉


  8. Emiliano says:


    HOW did you know that I didn’t like the character BEFORE I posted? Are you watching me??? Damn it! Now I have to get dressed and close those windows!

  9. Rob Truthfeld says:

    No, he’s BULLSHIT after the new 52. He’s a fucking robot with no personality. I really REALLY wanted to like new 52 Superboy and Teen Titans but once they got to the Hunger Games rip off of the Culling I was done and out. And I get it, the Metropolis Kid is and was a product of his time, hence the fade hair cut and round sunglasses, and yes he had to explain his powers every fucking time he used him (“I bet you didn’t know I had TACTILE TELEKINESIS did you?”) but the biggest thing that series had going for it is that it was FUN. Does anyone remember fun in their comics? As it was pointed out in the episode, this isn’t Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns, or Kingdom Come or even Civil War for christ’s sake. It was a series about an asshole teenager who had super powers that (to be perfectly honest) got me through some pretty rough teenaged years. Was it silly? Absolutely. Will it go down as one of the seminal runs in the industry? Of course not. Was it fucking awesome? Well as you heard the guys say there was a bus with spikes on it loaded with explosives, so that answers that question. In short Emiliano, don’t talk shit on Superboy

    ps If I’m damning you for anything I’m damning you for using winkey faces.

  10. Emiliano says:

    LOL!!! Truthfeld, buddy, don’t hols back! Tell me how you REALLY feel!

    I agree with you a 100% (I was just entertaining myself by messing with you). The book WAS fun for the most part (like I said, I own the whole run), and it was entertaining enough for me to never drop it from my list. But the character DID (and does) suck, specially while wearing that ridiculous haircut. I’ll have to admit that Steel was worse (watch someone else jump all over me on that one), but there you go.

    Ok, one more thing: I’ll admit the nineties book was better than the new one. How’s that?

    And just for you…;-)

  11. JD (Host) says:

    As far as the Reign of the Supermen story goes, my faves were Superboy and Android Superman. I couldn’t really stand Steel or the Eradicator…

    And I have no problem with Pop or BubbleGum or what you want to call it, but I guess my point was that if I had a top 25 storylines to take with me to a deserted island, I don’t think this one would make my list.

    I wasn’t ragging on the book, I was just saying that it’s VERY much a product of it’s time and totally reads that way all the way down to the art style. Tom Grummett is very much a 90’s artist.
    It was definitely a FUN book though, no doubt about it.

    I agree that Superboy 52 is kind of boring so far. I liked the story when it first started, but I think it’s going to take some time for him to grow into a character. That’s part of the appeal. I like that it isn’t a retread of the Metropolis Kid, y’know? But I have to say, the Super book that caught me off-guard is SUPERGIRL. Holy hannah I love that book. The stories are fun, the art is fantastic. I just love it.

    Anyone else reading that? This Supergirl is a much better character for me then the weird MATRIX pile of Goo thing that she used to be. Jeebus, was that old stuff a convoluted mess!

  12. Emiliano says:

    Hard for me to forget that the Cyborg-Superman came out of DC poking at the Fantastic Four. Other than that, I agree, they were the best two.

    The Metropolis Kid still has to redeem himself (and I WAS poking fun at the book, even if I did enjoy it at the time) in my eyes. We’ll see what they do.

    Supergirl is awesome. I love that they are playing her as an incredibly powerful fish-out-of-water, and that they are not making any effort to get her settled quickly. I was afraid that she was going to get an immediate secret identity when she moved in with the Banshe, but the writers are taking their time. Good for them.

    The Matrix character was crap. If I remember correctly, it was just Byrne’s way of using Supergirl in his Superman books, since he really wanted to work with Kara, and DC was adamant about keeping her in her grave a couple of years after CRISIS (and they were right about that at the time). The problem was that Byrne left the series shortly after introducing her, and then everyone took a shot at developing the character’s personality and powers, leaving a total mess. They did a better job when they re-introduced Kara in the Superman/Batman book a few years ago, but that is gone also.

    The current Supergirl, though, is extremely interesting due to the fact that she’s not settling. Hell, she is not even interested in assimilating. She got to Earth, and she wants out. I think she is the only person in the world other than Luthor (and according to Geoff Johns in JLA, Batman) that doesn’t trust Superman, and the stories have been moving at a brisk pace.

    I don’t know how you feel about this, but I want to see her tackling a couple of Earth’s villains before I see her going against another alien/supernatural being. Otherwise, she might as well join Threshold. Maybe having a fight with Wonder Woman with Clark stuck in the middle? What do you think?

  13. SUPERGIRL = AWESOMES – The reasons have already been well stated

    YOU GUYS = AWESOMES – You know the reasons

    OLD SUPERBOY =AWESOMES A shining light in comics’ darkest days

    NEW SUPERBOY = YAWNS B4 H’EL. He spent the first issue in a Luke Skywalker/Casper Van Dien healing tank. nuff said (wait that was Marvel – fuck)

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