JD reviews: Final Night (Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night) Crossover #1 (of 4)

My long time hetero life partner Kire Carlson over at Bibliodiscoteque introduced me to Cal McDonald years ago. He wasn’t the type of fella I expected to meet, this one. His stink wafted through me. He reeked of alcohol and afterlife and the sort of thoughts that regular folks just didn’t think. I came in mid-conversation, but feeling welcomed, I sat down and poured myself a drink.

“I was face-down in my apartment, experimenting with the adhesive properties of vomit to hardwood floors, when, of course, the phone rang. It sounded like a hammer against a steel barrel inside my skull. I groaned and peeled my head from the floorboards.”

I liked this guy already.

Cal isn’t the type to come around on a regular basis, like some other “heroes” I spend time with. He dips in and out of my life whenever he damn well pleases, but it’s always good to see his ragged carcass casting a shadow on my front door. He stumbles in, all grumbles and bandages, recounts his recent adventures in a throat cancer slur-a-thon as we drink and smoke ourselves into a haze and then he’s out again, doing what needs doing. What no one else has the stones for.

He swung by recently to recount his latest series of unfortunate events. He put on a good front, but having known him so long, (as well as anyone CAN know a stained brick-wall like him) I couldn’t help but see that he was a touch nervous. Or maybe that was just the black, oil-spill vomitus speaking. Something was wrong, besides being newly dead. He had some things to say about a  new pair o’stems he ran into, by the name of Alice Blood. I thought he was joking, a name like that, but Cal just stared at me with that squint of his until I let him continue. Seems Alice knows a thing or two about Barrow, Alaska that most people chalked off as tabloid fodder. Bat-Boy, stuff like that. But it happened. I was there, and it was something to see. Vampires finally got smart, decided to enjoy a 30 Day long moonlit stroll and all you can bite buffet. The saviors of that first attack, Eben and Stella have been through the ringer ever since. Eben sacrificed himself to save the day (or night, actually) but was brought back by Stella. And they just recently traded places, and Eben’s non too tickled about his gal being face up in the ground. He’s set his sights on us, the humans.

Turns out, this “war” that Cal’s been hearing about might just be heading our way, like NOWSville. It’s already started. The no-good Barrow Boys are here and the casualties, they are a-risin’. The usually difficult to “kill” Ghouls aren’t even safe. Without giving too much away, turns out the BarrowVamps are coming after everyone.

This might be Cal’s biggest challenge to date, but with his buds Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten by his side, I have no doubts that he can handle whatever rolls over him.

If you want to listen to some Criminal Macabre-inspired tunes while you down your whiskey..slam this into your ears.

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