PopTards Podcast Episode 142: Avengers 1, Hellboy In
Hell, Human Bomb and Stormwatch 15


Johnny Destructo, Optimous Douche and Ambush Bug review this week’s books:

Avengers 1, Hellboy In Hell 1, Human Bomb 1, and Stormwatch 15!

Also: listener e-mail and @$$terpiece Theatre!

Here is the time chart for each segment of the show, since we have a tendency to ramble!
Brian The Hutt email – 1:35
Dan Slott Aunt May “controversy” – 3:52
Emiliano Filiberti email – 11:30
@$$terpiece Theatre – 16:25
Avengers #1 – 17:55
Hellboy In Hell 1 – 26:14
Human Bomb 1 – 32:06
Stormwatch 15 – 38:02

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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10 Comments to “PopTards Podcast Episode 142: Avengers 1, Hellboy In
Hell, Human Bomb and Stormwatch 15”

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  1. Emiliano says:

    The batch this week was pretty weak. Hellboy (never been able to get used to Mignola’s art), Human Bomb, and Stormwatch were all forgettable issues, and I am still up in the air with the first issue of the Avengers. Hickman is an acquired taste and to be honest, I never found the Fantastic Four issues to be as mind-bending as people claimed them to be. I think you guys were right when you said that Hickman has a serious case of “Grant Morrison’s syndrome”. I am planning to read it again and I’ll drop you a line, but so far it’s pretty “meh!”.

  2. kcviking says:

    Uncle Sam is black now? wtf?? I kind of wish they would just do a Freedom Fighters one-shot instead of the individual issues. I miss them.

    Where was Matt this week? I’ll bet he was reading My Little Pony back issues and chatting with his new “Bronies”, wasn’t he? :)

    jd- It’s the holiday season, so, you should review Babes In Toyland as a present for all your loyal listeners!!!

  3. Emiliano says:

    kcviking – Yeah! What the hell’s up with that? Did DC want to have their own Ultimate Nick Fury (although I believe I saw a black Nick Fury in the regular Marvel universe (616?) not too long ago…)? I truly hate it when they change a character’s ethnicity (or sexual persuasion) just for the sake of change. Especially a character that has been around for thirty, forty, fifty years. I really don’t know what they think they are accomplishing with this, but to me me it just shows lack of originality/imagination. It doesn’t do anything for the story other than turn off long-time readers like me.

  4. Rob Truthfeld says:

    It is neither female Protector nor female Captain Universe. She’s female Smasher the first human ever to be admitted into the Shi’ar Imperial Guard.

  5. jaydee says:

    WOAH! Truthfeld droppin’ knowledge!!!

  6. kcviking says:

    Rob Truthfeld- WOW! When/where did that happen?

    I’m not doubting you, just curious.

  7. Rob Truthfeld says:

    The info was in the February Marvel solicits. And it looks like I fucked up because I took another look and there is both a female Smasher AND female Captain Universe. Females all around then.

  8. WHOA! JD dodging the Babes in Toyland requests…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…again…

  9. Rob Truthfeld says:

    I believe that JD’s christmas presents to all the listener should be that he finally reviews Babes in Toyland.

  10. Yorgo says:

    The Authority oddly enough immediately did more city destroying story lines when they gave the book over to Robbie (now Rob) Morrison and Dwayne Turner. It even went even farther left with it’s politics, which made sense when Micah Ian Wright was doing stuff like Stormwatch. Originally after Mark Millar Brian Azzarello and Glenn Fabry were going to do the book. I think that Wildstorm was gun shy cause of the issue that had happened with Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, and Art Adams all having delay issues but 9-11 was there to blame. I wish the book had been given to Azzarello and Fabry though. Morrison’s run was not good at all. It read like Team America rewritten by everyone made fun of in Team America but not realizing they writing a Team America movie.

    Also, the worst thing about the new Uncle Sam is that he doesn’t have a funny costume and works for the government. Yep, the new symbol of America is a non-descript guy in a bad suit that works for the government…the thought process these writers have baffles me.

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