PopTards Episode 140: Steed and Mrs Peel 2,
Indestructible Hulk 1, Justice League 14, Judge Dredd 1, Clone 1, Spiderman 698 and Captain America 1

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler and Ambush Bug review this week’s books:

Steed and Mrs Peel 2 – 19:53
@$$terpiece theatre – 24:09
Indestructible Hulk 01 – 25:46
Justice League 14 – 33:21
Judge Dredd 01 – 37:42
Clone 01 – 47:20
Spiderman 698 – 53:00
Captain America 01 – 01:06:06

Also: listener email!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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22 Comments to “PopTards Episode 140: Steed and Mrs Peel 2,
Indestructible Hulk 1, Justice League 14, Judge Dredd 1, Clone 1, Spiderman 698 and Captain America 1”

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  1. OK, I’ll pull a Gary Johnson here and comment after the debates.

    Yes Matt, I back you up completely. To think THE BOYS was a series of dick and fart jokes is to say a Mel Brooks movie is solely about racism. In both cases these are societal indictments.

    Personally, I need a fart covered dick to make me swallow the hard pills of life and I’m not alone. JD, you make jokes about losing your cancer ridden testicle. CANCER TESTICLE man, the only thing worse would be if it was a CANCER KID TESTICLE.

    There’s a layer below the layer, and nay it is not a pie with another layer below.

    I just went Dr. Evil on you bitches.

  2. Until the day BeardEater’s mailbox is gang raped with Kickstarter request coverage, I say sir you only see one side of the coin…or the under beard if you will.

    Of course crowd sourcing is good, see how well it worked for Russia.

    Seriously, I’m all for quality projects getting launched this way, I did some coverage for Tyler Kirkham recently and a comic brain aneurism comic. Not FOR brain…you know what I mean.

    But then there is the deluge…nay tsunami of crap on Kickstarter asking people to pay you to write a crappy book. When I was writing my crappy book, no one paid me, it was on my time.

    And if the book is good, it will get published. Self-publishing may be the future, but it ain’t the now. There’s a gravitas and seal of quality when you are published under a house with other title…unless it’s Blowwater.

    Seriously, it won’t cost that much to print 100 books, just do it.

    To prove my point, I direct all interested parties to the story of Ken Garing. he made a book, a good book, Image bought it. See how simple….http://robpatey.com/2012/11/25/planetoid-4-review-image-the-new-and-best-frontier-in-2012/

  3. If you need your Grandma to fund your comic…you don’t have a damn comic. $100 and I get my name in the back. I will pay 2.99 and read someone else’s name in the back thank you very much.

  4. JD (Host) says:

    hey guys, the link for listening in the post and the pop-up window link should be working now!

  5. Brian the Hutt says:

    I think Peter Parker will be Superior Spider-man before first arc is over. He will win in the end against Doc Oc and prove he is, was and always will be the Superior Spider-man

  6. Pink Apocalypse says:

    I’ve read The Boys trades.

    A lot of it is pointlessly gross. Some of it has made me laugh so hard I was in tears (Gotta fly, gotta soar like an eagle!). I feel like it’s had some really great social commentary, but stretched out for far too long. A lot of it shocked me or made me roll my eyes, but nothing offended me.

    On recommendation from my LCS, I picked up The Pro. I thought it was the most stupid, pointless, offensive trash with no redeeming quality ever (they actually refunded my money and took it back, when they found out what I thought). I tried getting through Preacher, and couldn’t make it past the first trade volume. I thought I’d love the religious commentary, but just found it boring.

    Having a polar-opposite view to JD is new, but agreeing with Optimus is what’s interesting. I guess Hell actually has froze over.

  7. I actually agree with quite a lot of your points Pink, it’s just my rampant pragmatism that keeps from fully imbibing the spirit of your battle.

    Men are hard coded to be pigs, it’s what’s allowed us to become the dominant species on the planet. A civilized man will curb those appetites in public, but at the end of the day the troglodyte still simmers underneath.

    It’s funny, when you look at the whole older man/younger woman phenomenon we can say it’s based solely on aesthetics or maturity, but I fully believe we are driven by that need to procreate.

    With women, a lithe frame is a sign of youth and as such better for breeding. As for women liking old guys, my theory was flawed until I read a study that’s showing as a man ages parts of the sperm “hardens” if you will passing on the ability for the offspring to live longer.

    Men are little boys, men like boobies. We should all strive to come out of that shell for the sake of civilized existence with our fairer and better halves, but we also should be allowed our outlets to just be men. Flaws and all.

  8. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Well, the usual caveat that ‘I can’t speak for everybody’ applies, but as far as personal tastes go, my (current) boyfriend is a wild exception to the rule of age for me. Before him, I would never date a guy unless he was at least 10 years my senior.

    It was just a matter of playing averages and odds – guys my age were almost always less experienced with the world and less mature than I could tolerate, and not as in control of themselves. Older men usually were. I can’t comment on your Iron Sperm of Power theory without reading it in full.

    Liking boobies is perfectly fine. Just don’t randomly honk them on the street, or demand seeing them as a prerequisite for a job.

    JD must think I’m a poopy-head. I would’ve filled in for you on the podcast, despite the risk of colliding with Ambush Bug like matter and anti-matter.

  9. JD (Host) says:

    @douche : It’s not that I dislike jokes of dick-covered fart or whatever…I make them all the time, but I guess it’s just that non of the jokes in The Boys made me laugh that was my problem with the book. Ennis didn’t really cover anything that I didn’t see him cover in things like the offensive and terrible THE PRO (which I loved BECAUSE it was offensive and terrible) or things like Hitman and Preacher.

    @Brian the Hutt: I like the thought there, but this new Spidey doesn’t seem very Peter-ish.

    @Pink: the first trade of Preacher isn’t the grabber. The first trade I read was Vol 2, and I was hooked. I understand if you are put off by the first trade, but it was really the visit to “Grandma’s” house in the second trade that got me. I’d like to see if you dislike it as much after reading the second trade.
    And I don’t think you’re a poopy-head lol. I didn’t know Optimous was bailing on the show until I logged onto Skype to start the show.

  10. Uhmmm can we give context to my bailing though please. I sent the email at noon – and JD has a long history of being email “challenged.”

  11. jaydee says:

    that is EXTREMELY TRUE. Also,@Pink, you said on a couple occasions that you don’t listen to the show, because we are too offensive and say stuff you hate, lol….I didn’t think you’d want to be ON it again

  12. Dan Slott says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake…

    I was ON Twitter & Facebook when I told my followers ON Twitter & Facebook that if posted any SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man #698 BEFORE it came out that I would block them FROM Twitter & Facebook feeds.

    I didn’t go OFF Twitter and Facebook and give an interview on some other site saying this.
    I said this FROM my Twitter and Facebook feeds TO my Twitter and Facebook followers.
    Geez. You make it sound like I went door-to-door exclaiming this– or shouted from a rooftop or something.

    This spread around because Bleeding Cool and a number of web-sites made my Tweet and Facebook entry a story and THEY ran with it.

    I mean, c’mon, isn’t it REASONABLE for the author of a story to tell the people following his Twitter & Facebook feeds that he’ll block them for releasing spoilers of his work BEFORE it sees print?


  13. Nice,

    For the first time it wasn’t me pissing off creators. I need to be sick more often.

    Dan, unfortunately there is little distinction in the myopic minds’ of the masses between the story originator and the outlets that choose to run the material and provide their according spin.

    We have ten + writers on Ain’t It Cool. Yet, when our distinct feelings are repurposed it is always Ain’t It Cool says…because that’s what holds the gravitas.

    Same phenomenon here, it is much weightier to say Dan Slott says versus CBR feels.

    Now to be fair to my AICN/Poptards cohorts, we don’t get paid to report on comics. We do it for fun. So, since we work day jobs we are often trying to compile our thoughts in our limited free time, which leaves deep dive research to a rare luxury.

  14. Oh, and to answer your original question, it is more than fair of you to ask for spoilers not to be revealed, but it’s a toothless tiger in 2012.

    ban someone they can have another account running in no time if getting to your followers is tehir main objective, there are sweat shops in Asia DEVOTED to this activity of getting great original content taht people are salivating for – spreading to the four winds of the intertubes – and then using to link back to whatever revenue schill is paying them.

    You’re better off simply to hope than try to manage.

  15. jaydee says:

    @Dan, thanks for posting
    I TOLD these heathens the same, lol. It’s a shame because a lot of the negative hype about this seems to stem from you simply saying “hey I’m serious about spoiling this…DON’T.” Others, including some of the guys on the show seem to have difficulty detaching the hype from the story, sadly.

    (ps you should come on the show to tear the other guys apart for being heathens lol)

  16. jaydee says:

    Also, i’m curious….did the threat of blocking WORK? I wasn’t looking for spoilers of the issue, so I’m not sure if it happened. I think you posted on your Facebook that someone on FB posted every single page on their timeline after the issue came out, but were spoilers managed before release?

  17. jaydee says:

    …..I JUST got the “pete’s sake” joke.

  18. “…..I JUST got the “pete’s sake” joke.”

    I’m starting to worry about you.

  19. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Because a passive responder and active participant are not the same thing, JD.

    Without being present to refute objectionable claims only leaves rebuttals in reply threads, which can easily be ignored by their intended recipient, or overrun with trollish behavior (assuming the objectionable claims themselves are not trollish behavior). By extension, it is an imbalance of power in the arena of ideas, where reacting well after the fact rarely makes as much of a difference as responding at the moment in question .

    Conservative talk shows and shock jocks predicate on this, and will gleefully paint a distorted, cartoonish picture of opponents as ‘crazy’ or ‘no sense of humor’. Because that’s a lot easier than admitting ignorance and changing for the better.

    Anyway, fart jokes and comic talk are fun. There’s just some core issues that need addressed and called out when they come up.

  20. Emiliano says:

    Hey, guys!
    Loved PREACHER (I still think I’m going to HELL for having finished that one. As good as it was, I think the ending went a BIT too far…but loved the series nonetheless), HITMAN (even if I felt it was VERY uneven), and enjoyed the hell out of THE BOYS. THE PRO was garbage. It made me smirk, but it was one of those ‘one-read-and-forget-about-it’ books.

    As per ASM #298 – do you realize that they have been building up to this storyline (death of Doc Oct and all) for over a hundred issues now? That’s insane! I love what they are doing, but I m one of the people that would not stay with Spidey if it wasn’t Peter. It would be interesting for a storyline, and I can see the book without Peter for a bit, but to me Peter IS Spider-Man, and wouldn’t have it any other way. We already have Miles Morales in Ultimate, let’s not get carried away.

    Looking forward, as always, to listen to your next Podcast.

    OH! A-THOR-tion? THAT was a classic! :-)

  21. JD (Host) says:

    Preacher is the best series EVER. I still maintain that.

    I don’t think Peter not being Spidey for more than a year is even a question, of Course he’ll be back! I’m just excited to take part in the ride!

    I plan on having A-Thor-tion on my tombstone. It’s been my only worthwhile addition to humanity.

  22. Brian_the_hutt says:

    I still think Superior Spider-man will be Peter. However the character will have changed. He is going through one of his life shattering experiences that may have him change his view of the world. He now has Doc Ock’s memories and knowledge that he can tweak to his benefit (ie the new suit) and also possibly with his memories will come some lingering personality traits. Much like what happens to Rogue in the X-men.

    And if its not Peter and Peter is dead, well every thing that has a beginning has an end/ending point. If they didn’t, they end up being the last season of Lost…

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