Ep 137: A+X, Bedlam , Ghosts 1, Happy 2, Lot 13,
Master Of The Universe The Origin of Skeletor and Ultimate Spider-Man 16.1!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: A+X, Bedlam , Ghosts 1, Happy 2,  Lot 13, Master Of The Universe The Origin of Skeletor and Ultimate Spider-Man 16.1!

Also: listener email and @$$terpiece theatre!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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26 Comments to “Ep 137: A+X, Bedlam , Ghosts 1, Happy 2, Lot 13,
Master Of The Universe The Origin of Skeletor and Ultimate Spider-Man 16.1!”

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  1. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Did you guys like Ghosts? I was thinking about picking it up tomorrow.

    I just finished the Justice League Dark annual. Between the old-school ‘Bwa-ha-ha’ dialogue, damsel-in-distress moments, and a plethora of surprise character cameos, it nearly felt like a bronze-age Marvel book (which was kinda retro-neat). But the characterizations for the guys from Frankenstein/SHADE and I, Vampire were too paper-thin to compel me to cross over and give either of those titles a flip.

  2. Optimous Douche says:

    Don’t let JL Dark fool you on I, Vamp or FRANK. Both have straddled that beautiful line between Vertigo originality in main universe continuity.

  3. Jaydee says:

    I think our review on Ghosts starts around the 28 minute mark

  4. Rob Truthfeld says:

    Where’s my Wolverine & the X-Men review? Or Babes in Toyland?

  5. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Uhh….ooookayyyyy. A bizarre, gender-twisting something or other, something that seemed anti-male to Matt, a poignant Q-bert piece, something else you guys went on at length about while leaving me no idea as to a clear opinion, and a neat-sounding sci-fi tale.

    I’ll decide based on how much money I have left at the end of the rack. Or a coin flip. Or maybe I’ll just be one of ‘Those People’, and let the art decide.

  6. Jaydee says:

    Yup that’s about right! Lol

    Who are “those people”? Is that a reference to something we said on the podcast? Because I think those people are at least half the percentage of people who buy comic books! I know a lot of people who buy books based on the art.

    I try not to do that except for Liefeld

  7. Optimous Douche says:

    First off Rob Truthfield, drops truths. Babes in mother Fin TOYLAND.

    On GHOSTS…if you want to have some fun and have some extra cash, you’ll enjoy 7/9 of the book wit a titter, an awww or an ewww. Halloween inconsequential fun.

    If you need a book with weight and gravitas, move along.

  8. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Regarding the Captain America #1 covers…I just saw the Hastings variant, and I like it even more than the photo-realistic variant. It’s gonna be the one I pick up, assuming I like the writing.


  9. An Irate Sasquatch says:

    Do any of you guys bag and board your comics? I have recently got back into to comics (mainly from listening to you assholes) and I have a stack of comics just piling up in the corner of my bedroom. Should I bag these puppies?

  10. Optimous Douche says:

    Yes, I still bag and board. These days it’s more for posterity than any resale value I expect from them one day.

    My parents are getting ready to retire and 14 years after leaving home they are finally making me get all my shit out of their house. A few months ago they bestowed upon me my 5 boxes of Richie Rich books. I forgot how many shows my Dad and I went to when I was a wee Douche, I have books in their my Dad got me at shows from the 1950s.

    Not one was boarded. My Dad knows nothing about comics and I had yet to learn when I started collecting Richie. Thank God hey were all bagged, but after 25+ years even those old bags were starting to wear.

    I rebagged and boarded every last one of them. I want my Kids and maybe Grandkids to see them, or for them to be around in some comic museum or other fans collection one day.

    I want to preserve a piece of culture that the digital age will no doubt eventually swipe out of existence…

    I’m Rob Patey and I Bag AND Board. Except if the book is real shit and not part of a series, then I leave it in the bathroom stall at work after my morning constitutional.

  11. Pink Apocalypse says:

    I’ve used bags since my first visit to an actual LCS (little monkey see, little monkey do), but I never saw boards used until much later, and I’ve never really seen the point. If you’re boxing them also, are boards really necessary? Why?

  12. kcviking says:

    I was told way back when that boarding your comics will help keep the spine from folding or bending. Also,it’s a lot cheaper to start boarding now when your collection is rather small then having to play catch up with the books later on.

    How’s the artwork on Bedlam? Did you mention that in the podcast and I just missed it? I’m a big fan of Riley Rossmos work. Really enjoyed him on Proof and Cowboy Ninja Viking.

    jd- Babes In Toyland!!!!!!!!

  13. jaydee says:

    @An Irate Sasquatch… I bag and board my books purely out of habit. I started collecting when I was a wee laddie and have just always done it. It keeps the books from getting banged up and bent, and even if you are putting them in a long box, putting new books in can sometimes cause the book in front or behind the book you are putting in to be pushed and bend underneath the new book, causing it to fold. I’ve had it happen time and time again. But it’s just personal preference. If I ever leave them to anyone or want to sell them, I don’t want them to be crappy and ripped or bent.

    I have a customer who just buys them as they are and is very rough with them and then leaves them wherever he’s finished reading them, like a comicbook Johnny Appleseed, for anyone to pick up if they want it. I really admire that, but just can’t bring myself to do it LOL

    @kcviking: The art in Bedlam was ok. Pretty scratchy and sketchy, but not terrible.

  14. Matt Adler says:

    I wouldn’t boil that story down to being “anti-male”… I just felt the point made, about the man holding the woman back, was heavy-handed and caricatured. I think the reality of relations in that era was more nuanced; did many women not get to fulfill their dreams? Sure. But it had more to do with the constraints of society in that era than uncaring, insensitive husbands. Is it a good thing that we’ve moved on and women can now follow any path in life they choose (albeit with significant obstacles remaining)? Absolutely. Still, I think if you talk to most women of that era, they are not quite as unhappy and oppressed as the story makes them out to be. And like I said, I disagreed with JD that this was meant to be just about this one particular family. I think it was meant to represent an era.

  15. Matt Adler says:

    Reposting this here…

    One thing I wanted to say on the podcast, but I opted not to because I didn’t want to consume time on a big debate; I respect JD’s knowledge and experience of the comics retail business, but I have to question whether people who come into his shop and say they are first time buyers are really and truly blank slates when it comes to comics. Even if someone is not immersed in the hobby, they may well have read comics belonging to friends, or had exposure to comics in some other way. It’s tough for me to believe that someone who has absolutely zero familiarity with the form would walk into a specialty shop with the express purpose of trying it out. What would motivate them to do that? I could understand it more if they came into buy some non-comic item and got curious while they were in the store, but otherwise, it seems like there must be more to the story.

  16. jaydee says:


    “I respect JD’s knowledge and experience of the comics retail business,” but here is why he’s wrong despite his having more knowledge and experience and conversations with new readers!

  17. Matt Adler says:

    Not saying you’re wrong, just that you may not have a complete picture. I mean, we haven’t answered the basic question here; what would prompt someone who had no prior knowledge of a particular product to seek out a store that specializes in selling that product? In other words, what is bringing these new readers into your store?

  18. Grim_Noir says:

    Pop Culture itself is now selling the “idea” of being a comic book/graphic novel reader, Matt. Between movies being made of everything from “Watchmen” to “Antman,” TV shows like “Arrow” and “Smallville,” and even actual LCS discussions being portrayed in “Big Bang Theory” and “Comic Shop Men,” people want to go to an expert to start collecting/conversing; much teh same way our grandfathers went to smoke shops or haberdasheries to start collecting pipes or wearing hats…

  19. Matt Adler says:

    Hmm. If that is happening in significant numbers, why aren’t sales in the industry going up? We hear time and again that the movies really don’t move the needle when it comes to the comics in the long run. I’m not pretending to have the answers here, like I said, I just don’t think we have a complete picture.

  20. Grim_Noir says:

    I’m not saying that this is happening in significant numbers, Matt. (Hell, we loyal comic readers aren’t even a significant number compared to other entertainment consumers.) I was simply pointing out that there are more “meta” ways of getting interested in comics beyond “direct exposure,” as it were.

  21. Matt Adler says:

    Fair enough. I think JD did say something to the effect of that he sees people who have never read a comic before come into his shop looking for comics “all the time” which is the part that puzzled me. I think someone would have to do a real study of this before we could draw any real conclusions about how people get into comics, though.

  22. jaydee says:

    yup, it’s not a rarity. I happens frequently. It’s not a place that people have to travel to in order to discover it, we’re in one of the biggest malls in the country. People walk by and they see our displays and walk in because it’s inviting. It isn’t rocket science lol!


    And so on and so forth.

  23. An Irate Sasquatch says:

    Cool, I just finished bagging and boarding over 150 books. I feel a little inside dirty now, like I just took the final step into full on nerdom.
    And now to shamelessly kiss your asses: you guys are fucking awesome. I drive a lot for work and your podcast makes those endless miles on long, lonely roads seem a little less monotonous.
    Also, there is something about Ambush Bug’s voice that I find oddly appealing…

  24. Pink Apocalypse says:

    I find all their voices appealing. At least when they’re not saying stupid shit seemingly custom-geared to irritate me.

    Strange observation: JD and Optimus’s voices sound significantly different and ‘deeper’ while recording, then they do after the fact, in the recording itself. Matt sounds the same either way.


  25. JD (Host) says:

    Nope, we just say stupid shit because it’s stupid shit and stupid shit makes us laugh, because we recognize that it’s just stupid shit that we’re saying just to make each other laugh, which I think makes for a fun show. :)

    Yeah, when I got you on Skype before the show, you didn’t know it was me, lol

  26. JD (Host) says:

    @An Irate Sas: Thanks! We certainly appreciate any compliments that we can get!! (Especially since we usually just get that Pink thinks we are saying stupid shit just to irritate her, lol jk)

    We seriously appreciate every single one of our listeners, which we know are out there, it’s just getting them to speak up sometimes that’s difficult! Thanks for letting us know that you’re out there, I hope we keep you from running off the road with boredom!

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