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Last week in Geek…

Good morrow everyone. As you can see, I am late to the party with this weeks column. So, let’s skip the foreplay and get into it shall we?

For all my bookworms
This week, there was an article about a book club you can follow/join on Twitter. As of April 29th, the book to read is by Neil Gaiman. It’s his book American Gods. Currently, you can find comments on the book by searching for “1b1t’, which stands for “one book one Twitter”. I’ve heard rumors that even Neil himself has commented on this. Check it out. It sounds like a fun time to me. Go here: for more details and a timeline of what will be discussed. Happy reading!

Back like a zombie….It’s Polaroid!
For those of you that miss the awesomeness that was once Polaroid, fear not. It’s back.  It’s called the PIC-300. It has the comforts of the original. By that, I mean you snap the picture, and it develops in front of your eyes like magic. This baby also comes equipped with four exposures.  From what I’ve read, the pictures that come out are smaller. But do not fret! There’s still that nice frame/border thing to give it the look and feel of this once most powerful camera. See the camera here:

Local Spotlight: Who you gonna call?
Last weekend as I was sitting in a dinner I noticed about 10 people all dressed like members of the Ghostbusters. So naturally, as they were leaving I had to ask why. What I found out is that they are a local Philadelphia group that makes appearances. They do events and charities. So next time you want to add some “umph” and pizazz to your event or charity, pick up the phone. Remember: “They’re here to believe you!”

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That’s it for now people. Have a great week! Remember to comment!

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