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Episode 4: The Substitute

Things are becoming clearer, aren’t they? As we thought previously, Jacob has been selecting people to bring to the island. This is why he touched them. And why the Man in Black knew how people keep ending up on the island. The Man in Black states that Jacob wants them there as replacements. However, it is unknown if everything he states is true. It was cool to see the last names of our castaways behind the famous “numbers.” It is also interesting to see how early on Jacob chose some of our castaways.

Which brings me to my new theory. Perhaps the parallel universe we are seeing, sans plane crash is the world that would exist if Jacob had not chosen to bring certain people to the island. This may explain how Ben is a school teacher. However, fate is fate, and without Jacob’s intervention, it seems that certain paths were meant to cross. Maybe this would help to explain why certain things are different. Like why Hurley is happy or something, and not afraid of the numbers anymore. It does not explain why Locke lived unless it was not Jacob who prevented him from dying. Who knows.

Also of interest this episode- the boy? Was it a young Jacob? Was it someone else? Is he a ghost? Is he a ghost of a formerly dead Jacob? As we know, the Man In Black, has inhabited other bodies once he died as a human. Perhaps this is the age that Jacob first died at, and Jacob later went into another body. Who knows? All we know is that kids can’t be born though, and he had on some old ratty looking clothes. My guess is that he is from a former time- but when? His warning to man in black was “You can’t kill him.” Did he mean, you can’t kill Sawyer? As Richard hinted he might? Or did he mean you can’t kill Jacob? As in those are the rules? Or as in Jacob can’t really die? Many possibilities.

Well Man in Black did not kill Sawyer, but did recruit him. As Richard said he would. Richard also warned that he wanted Sawyer and everyone else dead. He is seemingly playing to Sawyer’s desire to get off the  island. But as true to his dark nature, it does not seem possible that he is all the way telling the truth. Richard seems very very afraid. Yes Man in Black wants to get off the island, but what does he want to do when he leaves? Does he want to kill many people- is this what Richard is referring to? I do think there is some sort of balance between the Man in Black and Jacob, that has been offset and the Man in Black may be dangerous not only to the island- but to the world at large. He may want the world dead, in some kind of satany apocaylpse kind of way, and hence his need to “recruit.”

I do not think it is an accident that Jacob is the name of a ruler. Jacob is a name with significance in the bible, and Jacob was often at odds with others. I was re-reading some Biblical information today and there were some similar themes. Not to say that this about God or anything or the bible, but it may be that there are some recurring historical themes between good and evil.

I really enjoy the alternative reality Hurley and how he is so happy and granting wishes left and right. He seems like an angel. Interesting that Locke was with his girlfriend as they had been broken up before the crash of the light. So some past realities have been resolved. However, Rose still has cancer. Things are messed up, past and present, it’s not like everything was fixed from the time of the bomb on…

The more I’ve given thought to this episode, the cooler it seems.

Anyways, please do discuss amongst yourselves, lots of good food for thought this week….

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  1. peter tutton says:

    it's taken me much longer than it should have to comprehend what it meant for the '77 folks to have been blasted into the 'present.' i didn't quite know that they were in the same time as sun, lapedis and ilana. i'm not smart.

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