Weekly LOST Discussion! Part 2 – by Jess “The Hoss” Tutton

LOST review, Season 6, Episode 2 “What Kate Does”

Sorry this is a little delayed folks, by internet was misbehaving in the Blizzard (the second one) of 2010. Also sorry for all the questions and stream of consciousness. But, this is LOST. It’s hard to peg down.

This episode was okay. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat or anything. It seems to be one of those episodes that seemingly continues to string us along, leading us into begging for more information. What did we learn? Not too much this time around. Well, we saw that Clare is still alive though the “new Others” say she is “infected.” Her new style and ways seem to imply she is Rousseau-ing it up. Also, all this talk of “infection” is very season 1-3. Rousseau said this is what happened to her team. And we do know they died somewhere around the temple as we saw Jin help them last season, in a time travel twist. What is this infection? We don’t know. Rousseau didn’t die but her crew did, will Sayid die… again? Is this a physical disease or a spiritual disease? When they brought Sayid back to life, they noticed that the water wasn’t clear, was that part of the problem? These are the same people who revived Ben. Was something different about Ben’s revival? Just some interesting things to think about…. Kate is also very interested in meeting up with Claire. Is Clare dead? Was Rousseau already dead when we saw her? And why do you need to poke someone with hot sticks to figure out if they are infected?

It doesn’t appear that Sayid is being inhabited by Jacob. Who knows. When the Man in Black inhabited Locke, he had two bodies, so I guess that kind of makes sense. But, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Jacob.

In the other plotline, after they get off at LAX, it seems Kate still plays a role in Claire’s birthing of Aaron. The adoptive family can not adopt Claire’s baby. It seems that even on the other plane of existence, in one way or another, things happened as they did on the island. It does seem that a common theme seems to be that as Daniel had said, things are meant to happen and will happen no matter what. Interesting to see Ethan reemerge in the hospital. Why is he not on the island? It also appears that some of them recognize each other in some way, so it will be interesting to see how that angle plays out. Will the end be the same in both places, stay tuned.

I think a theme of this whole season , and really the whole series- is two different teams. Dark versus light. Good versus bad. Team man in black versus Jacob team. It’s confusing to think how Clare and Rousseau fit in, along with our LOST castaways. Who is good and who is bad? Is there a good or a bad, or just a “dilemma”?

We saw Rob McElhenney of “It’s Always Sunny” fame reprise his role – briefly- as Aldo. This gave us a general tee hee in our household.

Feel free to post away about things you noticed, or any clever ideas you might have, or any questions. Goodness knows you could write a dissertation on such things. So keep the discussion going!

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  1. Uncle Dunklenutz says:

    Ok so I wasn't surprised that this episode wasn't that great. A knockout episode 1 needs to be proceeded by a development episode. I like the call back of Faraday stating everything that happens will happen no matter what.
    Ok to enter my brain when it comes to Lost I will be labeling the ideas with an I for the island timeline and an A for airplane time line.

    Now lets look at the Claire and Kate storyline. I: Claire told Kate to not bring Arron back to the island, no matter what. Did she know she was infected? A: Will Claire abandon Aaron? And if so, how will Sawyer find him?

    Jack: I: He almost poisoned himself, so it seems. The Asian dude is talking more english, but I still think he has a lot of secrets and might be tricking Jack. Jack has to make a decision now, convince Sayid to take the pill or risk infection. A: WHERE IS HIS FATHER? How can Jack be outside if they still haven't located his father's casket? I would totally be in there asking for a lobster and steak dinner in anywhere in the world. I realize the service for his father is supposed to happen shortly, but still how is this going to pan out.

    Sawyer: I: He's busted up from losing his boo, but looks like they have to do something. He has always seemed like the Black Shirt to Jack's Jacob role. I'm eager to see what is next for Sawyer. A: So now he is loose and hasn't learned any of his life lessons about not being a con-man. Not to mention he shot the wrong dude, so what is next? If future events are inevitable, will he end up killing Lock's father?

    As for other questions, I don't think Jack really learned that Claire was his sister. It wasn't till Kate learned of this connection when she met Claire's Mother. I think the pool will clear up with Jacob emerging or something. Also in the first episode they were spreading more of that ash or dirt around the temple…WHAT IS IT AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM?

    I have a lot more, but my mind is spinning and my fingers are bloody from typing with frustration.

  2. JD says:

    The ash that they spread around the temple I'm betting is a spiritual deterrant..much like people in stories sprinkle mixtures to keep ghosts or demons either within an area or outside an area. I'm thinking this is meant to keep out the SmokeMonster/Man In Black. I think the same can be said for the "infection", whether or not Saiid is infected with the SmokeMonster..

    Also Jess..Ethan isn't ON the island because in this other reality the island is underwater due to the nuke back in the 70s (I assume), since they showed it briefly underwater a couple of eppys back.

  3. Glass Case of Emotion says:

    JD- Oh that's right, I got it, so the island is under water is at the same time as them off the island and landing at LAX. I didn't get that part. I thought that may have been a different time or something. So glad you are caught up. Come watch with us some time!

    UncleDunkenIcan't spellit- You were right about Sawyer come the next eppy! Does Jack know about Claire? I thought he did when they got off the island, and they met her mom. I am remembering this wrong?

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