Ep 123: Batman 12, Before Watchmen Ozymandias 2,
The Creep, Gambit, X-Factor 241, Idolized, Thun’da, Godzilla Half Century War, Archer and Armstrong!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, Matt Adler and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Batman 12, Before Watchmen Ozymandias 2,  The Creep 0, Gambit 1, X-Factor 241, Idolized 1, Thun’da 1, Godzilla Half Century War 1, Archer and Armstrong 1!

Also: @$$terpiece theatre and we pay brief respects to the recently passed comics legend and all around good guy JOE KUBERT!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!


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6 Comments to “Ep 123: Batman 12, Before Watchmen Ozymandias 2,
The Creep, Gambit, X-Factor 241, Idolized, Thun’da, Godzilla Half Century War, Archer and Armstrong!”

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  1. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Uh….I have a problem, and sent a message over Skype to Matt about it, but it must have been eaten by a Grue. I singled him out because I thought he would have the best chance of being able to help me, given his seemingly-vast knowledge base. Warning, this is long.

    There were a handful of random Doctor Strange issues (Vol. 2, 1975+) I had when I was little, that I read repeatedly and loved. Eventually I had to sell them (long story). Back when I had them, I wished that I could read more, and know more about the ongoing story.

    Recently I decided to acquire and read them all. So I did, and now have a complete Vol. 2 run. But as I started reading them, I discovered that I was missing some vital lead-in story. So I ended up getting Marvel Premiere 3 thru 14 (a Strange fan or Marvel history buff would know why). But then when I started those, realized I didn’t want to be in the dark over Vol 1 (Strange Tales #110+). I flipped through a couple and fell in *love* with the bizarre art and concepts.

    But I cannot afford them. Even ‘reader’ copies are stupidly-expensive. I *hate* the collector market for this reason. I want to buy them to read the stories, not speculate a retirement. So I went to Marvel Masterworks, thinking they were the answer. Ruh-hu-hu-hu-hong. All five MM: DS volumes are somewhere in the neighborhood of reasonably-priced, except for volume 2, which is insane. It typically goes for well over $100 on both Amazon and Ebay.

    TL;DR: Is there some magical way to get Marvel Masterworks Vol 2 at a reasonable price?

  2. jaydee says:

    I know this isn’t quite what you want..but Essential Doctor Strange Vol 1 has the same issues included in the MM you’re talking about ( Strange Tales #142-168) and more, but for less. Granted, it’s printed without color on newsprint, but if you’re just looking to read the stories, it might be an option?


  3. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Sweet, thanks. Even without color, I guess that’s the only affordable way to go.

  4. Matt Adler says:

    Pink! I didn’t get your message, sorry. As for the Dr. Strange Masterworks, if you’re deadset on getting the Masterworks, the only cheap way I know of would be to go diving in the discount bins at various cons… they typically have stuff half off, and that’s how I got my copy of Warlock Marvel Masterworks Vol.2. It may be harder to find if this Dr Strange volume is particular rare or extremely in demand, but I still think that’s your best bet. You can find some real gems in those bins. The only other alternative (other than the Essentials as JD mentioned) would be Marvel’s digital comics… on the plus side, they’re super cheap and in color, but on the downside, I assume you really want some sort of physical comic in your hands.

  5. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Sweet, thank you. The closest city of reasonable size is Seattle, so I’ve never really been able to get to any cons except once. I dig around Marvel’s site and see about availability and prices, and then think about it. Digital never even occurred to me…

  6. optimous douche says:

    Some decent shops in Seattle, but back issues were few and far between when I was there.

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