DC Needs to Fix Superman for New 52 to Remain Strong

If DC wants to truly keep the momentum from the New 52 going strong, they MUST fix Superman now, he is the fulcrum.

Step 1. Get ACTION in sync with SUPERMAN. Right now, it feels like two Clark Kents and I have no idea what time I’m in. I think we’re five years later in both, but not really sure.

Step 2. Perez caught a lot of shit for his SUPERMAN run, but what he did right was reestablish the media landscape to reflect 21st century journalism. They were my favorite parts of the book. If only the Superman parts were as well executed.

Step 3. DC made Supes weaker in Action and this gave the book a real sense of danger. Infinite Crisis made him weaker as well, and that worked. Noticing a trend here. We need to see him falter, it humanizes the character.

Step 4. One editor – both books. If this already happened, it doesn’t show.

Step 5. Use the September 0 issue to enact steps 1-4.

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  1. jaydee says:

    I couldn’t agree more! The only time that a power-amped Supes was interesting to me was ALL STAR SUPERMAN, but believe me, that’s a fluke of excellent writing.

    I have been bored past the point of tears and into the point of poops with the main Superman title, and even Action has lost it’s gleam for mine eyes.

    They really need to right this ship. Or not, really. It’s not like I care to spend more money every month, I’m just as happy spending that money on a different title.

    You know what DC, I change my mind. Keep the Superman books as they are! Lol

  2. jaydee says:

    Ps. how great is that scene from Superman 3? I used the same image for an article I put up here several months back, wherein I compared Action to Superman

  3. Optimous Douche says:

    The ONLY redeemable part of SUPERMAN 3

  4. Mr_Fancy_Pants says:

    I totally agree with this article Douche.
    I was sorting all my comics yesterday and looked at the small pile of Action Comics. I could not remember the plot at all so I flipped through them again. Then I realized, for all the cool moments in this book, none of it feels linear or substantial. I’m difinitely putting this book in the wait for trade column for now.

  5. Grim_Noir says:

    Is there really still “momentum from the New 52?”

    I know that the #1 issues sold quite well, but #1s always sell better. Are the current sales numbers for any current DC issues anywhere near what those #1s were? Has anyone seen the sales figures/charts?

  6. Optimous Douche says:

    @Fancy Pants – Morrison works best out-of-continuity. They either need to give him his own micro-universe or put him in charge of the whole shebang.

    @Grim – There have been quite a few analysis done, mainly to see if this brought in the deluge of new readers they thought it would. It looks as though comic dollars merely shifted from one end of the pool to the other (Marvel and DC being the two sides of the pool). I don’t think anything sold as strong as the #1s’, but this was the best year DC has had since like 2008 from what I’ve read.

  7. Pink Apocalypse says:

    That bar scene followed by the Superman/Kent fight was wonderful. It almost makes watching the incomprehensible ‘comedy’ mess around it worth it. Almost.

    Watching the Donner cut of II that removed as much of Lester’s ‘comedy’ stink as possible was like taking a breath of fresh air, even if it doesn’t quite work in continuity. At the downward slide they were, could you imagine how offensively horrific a fourth movie could have been? It’s a good thing it never happened.


  8. Optimous Douche says:

    Awww Pink is living in a happy place right now. Ask John Cryer if Supes IV never happened. He didn’t work for 15 years after that train wreck.

  9. jaydee says:

    @mr_fancy: yeah, I think I’m going to trade on this one as well. what a shame, considering how much I loved the first issue!!! internet sad face.

    @pink: I was in the theater for a Nolan Batman Marathon, and the high-schooler a few seats down from me that I literally had to shush 3 times, in between the movies said: Superman Returns was the worst thing to have ever happened to Superman!” My response was “have you SEEN parts 3 or 4???”


    “Then shut it.”

  10. Pink Apocalypse says:

    I absolutely, completely, utterly, shamelessly love Superman Returns. I was deeply depressed when I found out they weren’t making a sequel to it.

    I know I’m completely alone on that, and I have no defense. Mock at will.

  11. Optimous Douche says:

    Pink, I won’t mock I’m actually with you.

    Here’s the problem though, we’re old. For us, Supes Returns was basically Superman III. They made no bones about the fact it was a direct sequel to Superman II.

    Problem? It was twenty freaking years later. So old geeks could easily walk in and fill in the gaps, old non-geeks might have some remembrance of Supes II, but it was fuzzy at best.

    Everyone 25 and under though, this was a horrible reintroduction to the mythology. Too convoluted with all of the past baggage.

  12. Pink Apocalypse says:

    There may have been a generational disconnect with pacing also.

    Movies today, particularly action/sci-fi/superhero movies seem to have a studio requirement of ‘frenetic, explosive, fast & loud’. Returns was slow. I won’t deny it. But the thing is, I *like* slow, or at least slow builds. I’ll take a quiet, piano-wire-tense emotional moment (can you open the door for Mommy?) over an explosion any day.

    I loved ST: The Motion Picture as well, and would choose it over the last three Next Gen movies any day. You’ll never see deliberately-paced genre movies like it ever again.

  13. Optimous Douche says:

    My only disagreement with Star Trek is FIRST CONTACT. Still my favorite of any Star Trek flick.

  14. Khill says:

    Superman should be able to physically change his body into a fat, clumsy Clark Kent. I think Grant Morrison did that once, or at least the artist touched upon it. @Pink Apocalypse Brandon Routh should make a “dirt laundry” style short for Comic-Con next year.

  15. Emiliano says:

    Pink Apocalypse & Optimous Douche –
    You’re not REALLY alone on SUPERMAN RETURNS, but it’s like 99% of the movies; No matter how bad it is, somewhere, somehow there’s always a fan. I thought Routh was really good as Superman, and Kevin Spacey was wonderful as Lex Luthor, but the movie was not only a bad remake/reimagining of Superman1, but it was badly paced. The “Land scam” plan was out of character for Lex Luthor even in the first movie. To repeat it was folly. Even when they remade-reimagined Evil Dead with Evil Dead 2 they made it look fresh with the injection of humor (much more than in the original). SR didn’t even had that. To make it worse, Lois Lane ws a waste, kumar was a waste (playing Jon Cryer from Superman 4, I guess) and the thing with the kid…wow, horrible and pointless. Where did they really think they could take that!? But anyway, this has been discussed ad nauseaum, so…

    Optimous Douche – I don’t agree First Contact is the BEST of Star Trek movies, but it is my favorite NG movie, no doubt. I just think it was badly directed, and most of the jokes fell flat because of it. My favorite still is Wrath of Khan. The Voyage Home comes close and, even when i know I’m leaving myself wide open for attack, the JJ Abrams re-imagining comes a close third. He gave us something fresh to look at and enjoy (and that part at the end when Chris Pine walks into the Bridge channeling William Shatner? Beautiful! Still get chills when I watch it).

    Just my two cents. Rip away.

  16. Optimous Douche says:

    No mocking, I love Abrams STAR TREK. Goose pimples galore.

    I liked Kahn, but I think I was too young to get the full impact, plus David’s perm just killed it for me.

  17. Emiliano says:

    Optimous Douche

    That was a perm!!??? I thought he looked that way because he was born in an alien planet!!! I have to watch that movie again. :-)

  18. JD (Host) says:

    we actually did a sort of review and discussion awhile ago, looking back at Superman Returns:


    The only major problem I had was Luthor’s plan. That shit made NO sense.

  19. Emiliano says:

    Thanks for the link, JD. Really interesting.

    As a matter of fact, I agree with almost everything Kevin Dragone had to say, except that I do believe Terri hatcher made an excellent Lois Lane. She’s a better actress than people give her credit for, imo.

    And again, the son! Why, oh why can you possibly believe that making Superman a dead-beat dad would make the movie better? Unbelievable.

    Too bad, because I still believe that Brando Routh and Kevin Spacey would have been fantastic if given a good script.

  20. JD (Host) says:

    Haha, yeah I used to LOVE Terri Hatcher as Lois!! She was the first attractive Lois to me, and I liked her spunk.

    A new movie with Routh and Spacey would be awesome, if it was a reboot..

  21. Mr_Satan says:

    New poster, long time lurker. I liked SR as well. I wish they had a better script, the kid was ridiculous and he killed a dude with a piano. I think Routh was a perfect Superman he looks like him and it looked like he got the attitude right for him. His Clark was to much like Reeve kinda creeped me out. And Kate Bosworth was just wrong. On to the comics. I’ve been reading Action and Superman. And I don’t know when either story is taking place. Its like one is on Earth 3 and the other is Earth 1. Also they hint that Lois knows that Clark is Superman. I think they are going down a horrible road already.

  22. jaydee says:

    welcome, @Mr_Satan!

    I liked how much he was like Reeve, and how faithful they “attempted” to be to the originals. Kate Bosworth was NOT a great Lois. She was pretty, yeah, but she lacked the spice and grit that Margot Kidder brought to the role. Kate was just kind of …bland.

    I tried reading Superman again this month because of the tagline “THE SECRET OF THE COSTUME REVEALED”. Ummm. No it wasn’t. What’s the secret? They show that it digitally transforms his clothes. Was that a secret? Didn’t we already know that from Action where he first gets it and it kept…digitally transforming??

    I hope they can right this boat in the near future!

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