Things of Note in the World of Music by Myke

How to Destroy Angels

Things of note in the world of music…

HA!  See what I did there…note…music….I’m a genius.  Any who, lots of good shows coming to Philly this summer.  I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface here, but hopefully you’ll find a nugget or two of life changing info and will hold a candle lit vigil in my honor on this date every year.

To start, for any NIN fans out there that haven’t heard, Trent his lovely new bride Mariqueen Mandig have a new project heading for the world.  How To Destroy Angels.  Not much more than twit and book of face links on the page, and a 40 second clip of what to expect.  Needless to say, I’m waiting with bated breath for this one.

First up on the live music front is the one I’m bouncing off the walls excited for, the Silversun Pickups are finally headlining a Philly show.  They’ll be playing with Metric, Against Me! and The Henry Clay People on Monday, June 28th @ the Great Plaza, Penns Landing.  You can find more info and links videos from the band on 104.5’s site.  Tickets are on sale now, if you haven’t purchased them already, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY OPEN A NEW TAB AND BUY THEM NOW!  DO IT!!

Welcome back. Next up we have another June show for the Great Plaza.  John Butler Trio will be playing a show on the Thursday the 17th with State Radio.  Here’s a good sample of the amazing music contained within.

The Troc has a usual amount of goodness going on.  Lucha Vavoom is happening on Friday, May 7th.  Mexican Wresters.  Sauscy Stripteases.  If that’s not enough, call a doctor, because you my friend, may be dead.  Skeletor will be running the Karaoke Gong Show for the Lucha after party.  Monday, May 24th the Flobots return with more politically charged jams.  Saturday, June 12th is the Kaiju Big Battle, and I don’t care what you have planned, cancel it, this will be much better.  Its Godzilla meets WWE, and the perfect after party for Wizard World, and once again Skeletor will be having a Karaoke Gong Show following Big Battle.

Coheed and Cambria are doing back to back shows at the Electric Factory May 21st and 22nd.  At the tyme this was written, there were still tickets available for the Friday, 21st show.  Hole is also doing a show at the Factory on Tuesday, June 22nd, sobriety not guaranteed.  I’ve heard some of the new album, you can stream some of it here compliments of 104.5.  I’m not terrible impressed, it may grow on me, but really just sounds like more of the same.

If you still have a love of aquanet and spandex, Ratt will be playing a 94WYSP show at the T.L.A. on Saturday, May 8th.  Toy Soldiers is having a record release show on Saturday, May 15th, with Drink Up Buttercup, The Great Unknown along with a few other bands and Of Montreal will be back on Saturday, May 29th with Noot D’Noot.

On Saturday, May 15th, Geekadelphia is having a free concert @ The Piazza at Schmidt’s featuring Action Item and Case Of The Mondays.  If you RSVP by May 3rd, you’ll be entered to win and iPad at the event.

For all the video game music fans out there, make sure to check out John Freeborn’s video game sampla, and if you haven’t already, listen to Anamanaguchi.

That’s all for now, look for a review of NIER and some upcoming summer titles next week.


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  1. Alana says:

    AHHHHHHH I CAN”T WAIT FOR THE HOW tO DESTROY ANGELS!!!! I’m more than slightly nerding out to new NIN…well Trent with his wifey. :)

    Just saw ok go last week. EPIC show.

  2. Sauci Sson says:

    I must try what you say, it sound interesting. I’ll talk about your blog to my friends :). Sorry for my bad english :S

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