Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler,  Snooty P and Ambush Bug review THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN film!

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  1. Bob Khill says:

    A few months ago, I read that Sony was upset with the Amazing Spiderman.
    I went to the Regal today to watch Spiderman in amazing 2-d……And I’m glad I did, for the first hour, there was zero three dimensional moments worth buying the glasses. 3-D needs to go away. I just read that Superman is being post-converted. Save your money. Save your time. Etc.
    And now, a quick review.
    The ten-year old, two rows in front of movie was completely bored for the first hour. He kept saying, “Mom, where is Spidey?” “When is he gonna swing?” I started asking the same question myself. I know origins are important to re-tell, especially for the Twilight generation but I couldn’t help asking myself the same thing…..”Where is Spidey?”
    When he does show up on-screen, the film works, Andrew was great making the character feel fresh. Tobey always pissed me off, like he was clocking in his performance, waiting to collect a check to go sail with Dicaprio in the Pacific. Gwen Stacey was executed perfectly and I really hope Sony has the balls to kill her off.
    My main gripe, why does major motion-picture studios always feel the need to add the dynamic of hero creates arch-enemy, insert batman 89 dialogue “You made me!”. It’s an unoriginal way of approaching things and I think the screenwriters should be held accountable. I’m excited that Spiderman didn’t bomb at the box-office so we can get a sequel. All in All. I’d say it was an enjoyable experience. 7/10.

  2. Brian_the_Hutt says:


    First it was rated pg13 and therefore was deemed not appropriate for said 10 year old. Second, it seems like you have the same expectations out of a movie that a 10 year old has: gimme action gimme action gimme action.

    This movie decided to do the slow build. It gave you character development for every character. AMS took the Batman Begins approach where you don’t see the full costumed hero until he is ready. It works because we build with the character and see all aspects of life the costume can/could affect.

    As for the hero creates nemesis dynamic you mentioned, you can’t argue with truth. The greatest problems in the world or even in our individual lives are mostly caused directly or indirectly by our own actions. That’s why they hurt us the most and make us feel passionate about them. It gives us a feeling of motivation. Without it we are just watching an episode of Cops. I find it a great symbol of self realization we as a society should reach for: I created a problem and I will not blame someone else or pass it off to others. I will solve/fix it.

    All the best,


    Ps: if you only saw it in 2D how can you truly judge the 3D? That is like giving a review of something you didn’t see/read. My wife and I thought the 3d gave a great depth to much of the cityscape.

  3. Bob Khill says:

    Do you think Spidey’s Dad (Campbell Scott) was building a super-train around the city?

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