JD sounds the alarm:
AvX Round 6 is filled with awesom-o-tron!


During the latest Poptards Podcast (Episode 111) , a chorus rang out to the heavens. A fanboy cacophony of disappointment unleashed as we announced, with no uncertainty: Failure. I, being the ever-so-sensitive and shy one, said “well, it’s just not been for me”. And, by Odin’s Beard, I meant it. Um..verily. The experience until now had, to me, felt more an economy of story in lieu of knuckles on faces. The detailing of the world’s “most expensive punch” while cute, wasn’t what I was hoping for. It’s the Mighty Marvel Way of old, to be sure…to pit hero against hero, but I was hoping for a little more. And as much as I’ve worshiped JRjr’s weighty pencil stylings in the past, the sequentials were coming across as a little rushed and to all four of my eyes, it looked like it was going to keep disappointing me.

Well, even your jovial Johnny Destructo can be wrong once in a ….

well..ok, just the once.

I admit it with Glee, (but without all the dumb singing) that this issue has turned me around! No longer do I scuttle slump-shouldered down the beaten path towards Jadedsburg, now I face a new horizon as I stride proudly towards …Awesomes…ville? Look, the book is fantastic, is what I’m saying. As Douche would bellow, in a bass-heavy tone “SOSOSOSOSO GOOD! SO SO SOSOSOGOOD!”

This book finally disperses with the silly slug-fests and the burly brouhahas, and we arrive, as Charles Xavier does, to a new Utopia. In fact, an almost new WORLD. Changes are sweeping the world as the Phoenix Five (Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik and Namor) take it upon themselves to use their new powers to remold the world to their liking, making things better. And not in a misguided “Oops, we’re trying to make the world a better place, but in our misunderstanding are actually unintentionally harming it” way. It actually seems to be BETTER, with the Fabulous Phoenix Force Five (as I will, from here on, call them, cause it sounds fancier, and I do enjoy the fanciful, as well as run-on sentences, it seems) making sweeping changes where hunger and thirst are rampant, as well as creating new energy for the world. They don’t even seem to be interfering with our world-leaders, the demand for the cessation of weapons manufacturing being the only exception. But of course, the sudden appearance of seemingly all-powerful beings taking control, however peaceably, worries us, and we can’t just leave it alone.

This is where I will end my revealing of the plot, as I’d really like you to go into the book and be as surprised as I was upon reading it. In the process of reading each previous issue of this crossover, I could be interrupted by life, my girlfriend, by customers, and I wouldn’t really feel a burning desire to return to the book, I only did so because I thought I should. With this hefty issue, I got interrupted by my girlfriend, and found myself actually anxious to get back to this story, to see where it was going. If that’s not a positive sign for a book, I don’t know what is. “Yes my love, you are the best, the light of my life, now shut yer damn word-maw so I can finish this comic, this isht is just gettin’ REAL!”

Several frying-pan shaped lumps on my noggin and an apology later, I was able get this issue read and this review written. I felt I must tell you just how wrong I was and how great this issue is, so that you too can pick it up and enjoy the boogens out of it. So much do I wish this, that I do so from within a darkened closet, armed only with this laptop, in the hopes that my vengeful love won’t find me. Good lord, I hear her coming. If anyone asks, I got these bruises falling down the ste


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