Gathering the final pieces of Lost! by Jess “The Hoss” Tutton

Why must it end??

I’d like to apologize for my hiatus from the LOST blog. It was too
hard to keep up! I know. Whine, whine. Get on with the reviewin’

I would like to take this moment and pause and say:

“LOST is fucking incredible.”

I personally feel that the series has answered many many questions,
and I like that it has done so and still managed to maintain an air of
mystery. For example, we now know that MIB inhabited Christian
Shepherd. Which explains why he was hanging out in “Jacob’s cabin.” So
I think I will summarize my review with some of the remaining

1)      Does Desmond know what is going on in Sideways World and the current island world?

2)      Who is the kid on the island? (Guess- Jacob??)

3)      What exactly is Widmore’s role in all of this? Are his old issues with Ben going to reemerge,
or does he have bigger fish to fry?

4)      What’s going to happen when Jack operates on Locke- how will this
affect present island world?

5)      Does just being away from MIB make Claire and Sayid less kooky? Or
are they permanently kooky?

6)      How the hell does Jack have a kid? Is that somehow significant?

I think this show is amazing. At this point- and feel free to disagree
with me- I feel pretty surely that MIB is bad and as they’ve said,
we’ll all die if he leaves the island. Evidence: throwing Desmond down
a well. Telling Claire she could kill kate once they got off the
island. Lying to Claire about Aaron.

I don’t know that Jacob is necessarily good, but I do think he’s a
means to an end to keep the world safe. Which is good, but the way he
has affected people’s lives- maybe not always the greatest. I do think
he left the chosen people there on the island as he wanted to baptize
them/ trial by fire. That’s probably why the others always
conveniently missed them with their guns- kind of like stormtroopers.

I like how Jack’s character has essentially become the Locke of old.
Taking a “leap of faith” off of the boat. He used to piss me off when
he got all ragey all the time.

And how cute was the Sun and Jin reunion? I  mean.. come on! One thing
is for sure, love has come to play an important role on the show.. as
Desmond’s character has become mega- fucking cool. He seems so calm… a
real man on a mission!

I cannot wait to see how the season comes together. Even if all of the
questions are not answered, I am sure we will have all of the info we
need to figure things out… plus it would be so boring if they solved
neatly everything at the end.

BTW- If you are in the Philly area and would like to join us for the
finale viewing party on May 23rd, let me know!

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