This week we saw leaked photos of the new iPhone from Gizmodo ( The new phone looks great right? Well I thought it was cool too, until I learned how they obtained it. Apparently, an Apple employee left it in the bar, someone found it. The person who found it DID NOT give it to the bar tender. They also, only asked the patrons. They did not turn it into the police.  This person then sold the phone to Gizmodo. Therefore according to California law, it is a stolen item. It is also purchased stolen property.

Gizmodo held on to the phone for about a week. In this week, they verified it was an actual Apple product. They then posted pictures on the site. They also released information about the Apple employee who lost the phone.  Supposedly they are giving the item back but It may be too late. Charges may be being pursued. Philadelphia’s own John Gruber has an excellent write up on his blog if you want more in depth coverage (

In other news…

NASA released new pictures of the sun this week. They are beautiful. They even caught a solar eruption. Also, this week was the Hubble’s 20th anniversary. Once again, there is some really pretty images taken from it. Go to NASA’s site and check it out(  You can also go to NPR’s Science Friday site (

This week, Nintendo announced a new costume for “Mario for Mario Galaxy 2.” Mario will be able to get a cloud costume. They also announced a co-op option for the game. This could be some cool stuff. Wanna read more? You can go here to read more about new features of the game and to see a video of game play:

OKAMI for Nintendo DS – Okamiden

For all of you Okami fans, there’s a new Okami game for the DS. It’s called “Okamiden.” In this you are Amaterasu reborn basically. You are now a baby wolf. Cute as ever. But instead of an annoying flea, you now have a person as your side kick. The game looks pretty good on the DS. When I get to play this, I’ll post more. Until then, enjoy this link to the trailer: Seriously, it’s pretty darn cute, and awesomely pretty. If you’re not familiar with the original, “Okami” take a look at the original trailer:


The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody is up for a Webby! There is a link to vote at the bottom of the video. Go VOTE!! Haven’t seen the video? Here:

That’s it for now people. Have a great week! Remember to comment!


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  1. I’d have to say I’m ok with Gizmodo getting the phone. Am I ok with paying for it and then saying you paid for it, no. That’s just plain stupid. I’d deny the whole thing and it would be a real shame if Apple decided to be a dick and pursue serious legal action. In my eyes I feel as though Apple has been a complete socialists and will not allow any thing to go untouched by Apple. Down with the man!! Oh yeah and the sun pictures are awesome looking and muppets rock!

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