Lyz Reblin slips a poison apple to

Last November I wrote a review that compared Mirror, Mirror to Snow White and
the Huntsman, based purely on their trailers. Having just seen the latter, it is with a
heavy heart I return to the article in order to say just how wrong I was.

I never saw Mirror, Mirror, so it would be unfair of me to judge or compare it to the
recent Snow White release. I know critically and financially the film bombed, so
perhaps I was right in my analysis. But I was dead wrong about Snow White and the

Let us start with the script, the foundation of any film. When I see more than one
screenwriter listed in the credits (I shall not include their names in order to protect
the asinine), I know trouble lies ahead. This practice signals massive studio re-
writes, which is quite evident in this film. The movie doesn’t know what it wants
to be. The first, second, and third act are completely different in tone and seem to
have been written by different writers (as already noted, quite possible). There
is comedy where moments ago pure darkness reigned. The film lacks a thread.
Scenes transition between one another with cause and effect, playing out as merely
a bunch of vignettes tied together by the fact that Snow White is destined to save
the kingdom (we don’t know why, just that she is the protagonist and that is what
heroes do). Along with lacking a strong driving force or tightly stitched narrative,
there is absolutely positively no subtext included! Every bit of dialogue is surface
level and all of the foreshadowing is dealt with a heavy hand. I surmise that the
original script was bought before it was polished, purchased based on an inventive
idea, an idea that was then lost through numerous re-writes most likely not done by
the original screenwriter.

Now on to the acting. I’ll just get this out of the way; Charlize Theron did not live
up to expectation. She wasn’t bad, bland, but just a bit better than good. Based on
past performances proving she has talent, I’m going to put some of the blame on
the script that gave the South African very little to work with. As the film lacked
any subtlety, so did most of Theron’s performance. The character was flat, but I still
expect someone of her caliber to pull out a memorable performance despite weak

As for Kristen Stewart, she was just blah. Not really annoying, and ,again, was given
nothing to work with. Chris Hemsworth essentially did a play on Thor, down to his
fighting style.

Were there positives? Sure. The cinematography was excellent, along with the
VFX. Director Rupert Sanders has done mostly commercials up to this point, many
for video games including Halo and Call of Duty. I recommend you go to his site
( and check them out. They go to show that he clearly
knows how to shoot action and use special effects to the benefit of the story. Too
bad he didn’t have a story to better with his style.

The best way to surmise what went wrong with this film is to say that it included
everything you could imagine would go wrong. The story sucked, which led to
bad acting, which made the two hours feel like three. This is a movie that had an
amazing trailer due to brilliant editing (I assume done out of house), only to have
the movie go in a completely different (and wrong) direction. The quality of Snow
White and the Huntsman actually hurts me personally, as I had such high hopes for
this movie built up over an eight month period.

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  1. JD (Host) says:

    Wow, I didn’t have nearly the same troubles with it that you did!
    I quite enjoyed it, in fact, it might be the most fun version of Snow White that I can remember seeing…not that I’ve seen THAT many versions, I suppose, but still..!

    I agree that it looked amazing and that it had issues with pacing, but otherwise, I thought the scenes were well put together, the acting was fine and I never once got bored.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    I DID have a plot hole question though…

    Throughout the entire middle of the movie, the Queen was getting older and older and weaker, until she was unable to even save her brother when he was tree-stabbed. She was so sad that she couldn’t save her brother. *SOB*!

    But then…a scene or two later, she was surrounded by old lady husks and was completely young again, having absorbed all of their youth…
    why the hell didn’t she just do that SOONER??? lol!

  3. Lyzard says:

    Because with all those screenwriters and changes being made they probably didn’t notice :p

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