Review: INCREDIBLE HULK 8: Stay Angry!
By Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon


“He’s either a … a dog who turned himself into a man or a man who turned into a dog, depends on who you ask.”

There is so much to love about this issue of Incredible Hulk, but as I read and learned more and more about the unseen and mysterious Pit Bull, I wondered…”Why hasn’t anyone made a mutated dog villain until NOW? It’s such a simple but potentially creepy idea.” Annnnnnd then I SAW Pit Bull, the mysterious man-dog or dog-man, depending on who you ask, and realized that a man-dog dog-man looks RIDICULOUS, and isn’t at all scary. But I don’t *really* think he’s supposed to be scary, he’s a silly villain that hopefully will return for us to scoff at again in the future.

I had given the last issue, (7.1) a glowing review because of the fun-quotient and it’s just getting fun..ner? Listen, it’s great, is what I’m saying.  The simultaneous inner monologues from both Banner and Hulk, the Punisher’s fantastic interrogation technique, the….heroin gun, the final three words of the issue. It’s all a raucous good time! I’ve never really been a huge Hulk fan in the past, I dip in and out occasionally, but  never stick around for too long, but then again, I don’t ever remember reading the Hulk as a semi-humorous exploitation film before either. It all comes across very GrindHouse-y, and I’m loving it!

I AM a little confused as to how STAY ANGRY is different than the usual Hulk/Banner dynamic…The Hulk always hated turning back into Banner, but I suppose it’s the fact that now, we as readers are actually rooting for the Hulk to finally outsmart Banner, since ole four-eyes has become the villain of the piece. Ever since being forcefully separated from the Hulk, thanks to Dr. Doom, Banner has been the Marvel’s newest, craziest Mad Scientist. There hasn’t really been a change in the relationship between Jade Jaws and Chicken Legs, but now it seems that we as viewers have switched sides, and it’s making for really interesting reading.

When we showed you the First Look at this issue a little bit ago, I was a little concerned about Steve Dillon’s style and how effective it would be here. I wasn’t a big fan of his Nerd-Hulk from Mark Millar’s Ultimate Avengers series, and thought the same problem would play out here, but this is pretty good stuff. I’m more used to The Hulk looking more…I dunno, Hulking, but here he’s more of a very tall circus Muscle Man. His proportions aren’t that of a monster but of a big ole fella. Dillon’s Frank Castle, is, of course, perfect.

I’m ready for an ongoing Jason Aaron Hulk/Punisher team-up book, but I guess for now I’ll have to settle for this amazingly fun storyline.


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By Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon”

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  1. wr says:

    Good review. The disparity between the Hulk of the cover and the hulk inside the issue is really striking. This skinny green guy just isn’t the hulk we all know and fear. It would have been much more effective if Dillon had made him look like a real brute.

  2. JayDee says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I think Dillon has difficulty with exaggerations, he has a pretty solid template that he uses for his figures, but I’d like to see him experiment more with people like Hulk, get out of his comfort zone a little bit.

    He’s so perfect for things like Punisher, or more “grounded” characters..I love his work, especially Preacher!

  3. TheMightyCain says:

    This is quite possibly the worst Hulk artwork since Jeff Purves. This may be worse. I can’t even begin to wonder what the heck Marvel is thinking. This guy is in the talent pool? At Marvel? What happened?

  4. JD (Host) says:

    You’re questioning his talent, or you just don’t like his HULK?
    Because I LOVE him when he’s drawing books like The Punisher

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