DVDs: The Drawn Together Movie, The Movie!

Gasp! Dramatic Cover!

Reviewed by Myke

Often when one thinks of hell, many images come to mind. There’s the old favorite of fire and brimstone, never ending blackness, Pittsburgh.  To those odd individuals that have moral compasses and shy away from the offensive it will look and feel much like The Draw Together Move: The Movie.  Fans of the show will feel right at home.

Drawn Together was one of many short lived animated shows that came about in the wake of realizing shows like South Park could be profitable.  Its three season run on Comedy Central was more than most shows of its caliber would get. While it did know some success it could never compete with the paper animation giant.

The show, for those not familiar with it, was a rip on reality TV shows.  It took very crude copies of cartoon characters and placed them in a Big Brother style environment.  The show worked hard at crossing every line of decency. The movie picks up right where the show left off, only with out the bleeps and blurred out bits.

The movie doesn’t waste time trying to introduce the characters, although the DVD extras have little snippets for each of the house mates to get you up to speed.  After a fun little opening that blends The Flintstone’s and The Matrix, we’re thrown right into the usual Drawn Together affair.  Foxy discovers that the show has been cancelled and sets out to find out why.  After they realize that they are targeted to be erased, the gang sets out in search of the only thing that can save them, a point.

The original voice actors all came back for the project, most likely out of need for money more than anything.  Seth MacFarlane provides the voice of the death dealing robot I.S.R.A.E.L., which leads to many cheap, but hysterical shots at the country of the same name.

If you were a fan of the show, or enjoy crude, racist and sick humor, you will not be disappointed by the movie. The extras run the usual gamut; commentary, behind the scenes, cast interviews. The one odd pony is on making 3D glasses, which are to be used for the supposed 3D scenes throughout the film.  A Blu-ray version is available, but only at Best Buy. Not amazing, but definitely worth watching.


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  1. Alana says:

    I really liked this show. Even though I spent most of my time shaking my head at it while watching, I was always laughing. Love the Disney Princess type character!

    I’ll have to check out the movie.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Same here Alana..I dug the show for the most part. There are definitely some moments in the show that made me shake my head too though. I’m curious to see this movie, though!

  3. You know I saw little bits and pieces of the show, but could not get into it. Probably didn’t mesh with my schedule at the time, but I might just have to check it out. Good review

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