Weekly LOST Discussion!

Season 6, Episode 1 & 2 (LAX Parts 1 and 2)
by Jessica “The Hoss” Tutton

I don’t think there is any real way to “review” LOST, so I think the best forum for a weekly discussion of LOST would be a discussion format. I will post some of my thoughts and questions after an episode, and feel free to share your thoughts and feelings as well in the comment section below.

Let me to start by saying how bittersweet Season 6 of LOST is. It’s great to finally see the show getting some answers, but sad to know all good things come to an end. However, I think a forced ending will enable the show to go out strong, and prevent any more “Nicky and Paolo” incidents (which the writers have apologized for since!) I am not at all confused by the show, I like the questions it poses. I love shows and movies were I am not handled all the details at once. I like trying to figure things out, and being left with some open doors. Thankfully, the writers of the show want to continue on in this fashion, answering many questions but leaving some hanging out there. In a recent Entertainment Weekly article, they say, “We don’t want to explain everything the way midicholorions did for Star Wars.” And thank goodness for small favors.

That being said, we did learn some interesting things last night. We learned the man in black is actually also the Smoke Monster. Which brings in the option of the Man in Black and Jacob being able to take on various forms. We also revisited the theme of the “universe has a way of course correcting”- Charlie told Jack “I was supposed to die.” Someone on a forum I read pointed out that Kate and Clare were together, so maybe Kate will help Clare deliver Aaron after all. And of course, Christian Shepherd’s body is “lost.” Jack and Locke had a discussion about faith at the airport.

We also had some more questions raised. Here are some of mine:
– Are we dealing with parallel universes here? How did the past get changed as well? For example, Locke maybe went on a walkabout and Hurley feels lucky as they pull into LAX.
– Did Jacob jump into Sayid’s body? Pete guessed this last night and I like the idea. Jacob did go and ask Hurley for help, not to save Sayid’s life.
– Why was Desmond on the plane?
– Why wasn’t Shannon on the plane? (Not that I miss her mind you, Boone said she decided to stay in her relationship.)
– Why couldn’t the Man in Black leave the island, but Jacob can? And wouldn’t it be dangerous for him to leave the island with his smokiness? I keep thinking the battle between Jacob and Man in Black is good versus evil and really what this is all about? Or is Man in Black’s “home” not off the island?
– How is the Widmore vs. Ben thing going to fit in to everything else? Ben seems clueless. However, there have been indications before that Ben and Widmore could not kill each other.
– Are there multple time dimensions/ parallel universes- for example- we see the island underwater?

Anyways, just some thoughts after watching the first episode(s). LOST always makes you think a whole bunch. I thought it was a really great dive back into the spirit of what makes us love LOST. We have some questions, some answers, and only a few more episodes to discover it all. Stay tuned…

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  1. JD says:

    god help me i'd love to comment, but i can't read the above, as i haven't finished watching LAST SEASON!!!

  2. Uncle Dunklenutz says:

    So I have a few other things to point out with what seems to be an alternate reality on the plane.
    – Jack was nervous this time, not Rose
    – Jack has only One bottle of vodka and spills it, when he actually originally had two bottles in his pocket
    – Lock states to Jack, "Your father isn't lost, just his body" (Is this a implying theme that Lock and possibly Sayid are floating about?)
    Here are my questions
    – Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer that it worked. If it worked why is the hatch still there? In the beginning of the episode they show the bottom of the ocean and the houses and swing set are at the bottom.
    – If this is just a parallel universe then ok, but if it did work then they are all dead and therefore their present selves are dead in the past and maybe they are in some sort of religious purgatory and this was just a huge test of 'choices.'
    – It seems Jacob set all of this up…FROM THE BEGINNING…HOW?!?
    – Who is really good? We could be seeing Jacob as being the good one, but mostly we have seen Jacob as what seems to be an nice guy. You know who else seemed to be really nice at times? Ben. Now all you see from him is a roller coaster of emotions and schemes.
    – Lets go back the smoke monster, aka guy in the black shirt (what we think is the new Lock). If you go back to it, why did he kill Echo? I loved that guy. And the black smoke monster didn't kill Lock a while ago and I think that was when the whole loop hole started.
    All in all, it was a great episode. Hope everyone will get caught up (cough JD cough). Looking forward to more comments and another week in the life of a Lost addict.

  3. Glass Case of Emotion says:

    Ooh I like where you are going with the quote about Jack's dad being lost, just his body. Nice.

    Some very good questions, I like them. I wish I had the answers. I feel like Jacob is good, but I don't really know why. I also am not sure why the smoke monster killed Echo. He seems to deem some people worthy and some unworthy. I saw some stuff on the web too about him "wanting to go home" which may have meant "go back to the temple." I am kind of lost on the whole ben/ widmore thing.

    JD needs to catch up!

  4. Lost was such a fabulous tv program, little else on the telly even comes close.

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