Advance Review: Incredible Hulk 7.1!
A point one issue worth picking up!!

Title: Incredible Hulk 7.1
Writer: Jason Aaron.1
Penciler: Jefte Palo.1
Colorist: Frank Martin.1
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.1
Published by Marvel Comics.1
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo.1

Have you ever interacted with someone via email or phone, and decided “yeh, I’ll climb into bed with that”, and then when you show up at your allotted meet-up time, you can’t stand the site of that person? But you think to yourself: “Don’t be so shallow, self! You were interested before! Looks aren’t everything”? And so you do what any normal person would do, you slip a paper Whole Foods bag over their head and and hope the damn thing doesn’t fall off mid-coitus. Right? We’ve all been there. No? Just me? Well then this very personal analogy will mean nothing to you, but this is exactly the feeling I’ve been having for the past 7.0 issues of this series.

Jason Aaron would whisper his sweet nuthin’s in my ear with his writing, while I wished that I could paper bag the art that went along with the story. Horrifyingly disjointed and inconsistent, the interior sequential work was shoddy and just plain distracting. Having been classified as a 7th level “Art Guy”, by the Philadelphia chapter of The Worldwide International Multicultural Intramural Comic Geek Federation, I had a bastard of a difficult time appreciating this series.

Thankfully, that wasn’t an obstacle this time around. This was only one artist the whole issue through, doing a consistent style that matched the atmosphere of good-natured fun and hijinkery.

This issue reminded me of the humor and light-hearted nature of Aaron’s Wolverine And The X-Men series, which happens to be my favorite X-title, currently, so if you’re enjoying that, check out this issue.

What we have here is a Hulk, who is finally “left alone”, the one thing he always wanted, and I finally get the one thing I always wanted: a panel of bald-Hulk gleefully riding a triceratops. Bucket list almost complete. Emma Stone, you’re up next. Seriously though, from Hulk’s Big Day Off, to an appearance of The Orb, to the Hulk and Red She-Hulk having it out…and in, and on…this was a great great issue. I had dropped this book as of last issue, but holy Hannah, if this is the way it’s heading, count me back in. And from the looks of things to come, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon. From the previews, I think the next issue will be a Hulk version of the film Crank! IDIGit!

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A point one issue worth picking up!!”

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  1. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Stop soliciting ‘dates’ on Craig’s List. Solicit used comics instead.

    If I asked you to wear a paper bag first, would your problem is preemptively solved? One of those chicken-egg things…

  2. jaydee says:

    Oh, I always make sure to wear my own paper bag! I already know no one wants to be seen in public with this mug!

  3. Pink Apocalypse says:

    I don’t get, and have never got, this whole ‘.1’ thing. Explain it to me. It’s a new thing that was around back before I quit comics. For example, the Free Comic Book Day issue of The Avengers, Age of Ultron. It’s marked ‘issue 0.1’. What does that even mean?

    I love Spider-Woman (she’s probably who I most identify with in all of comicdom), and kinda liked the story. But where the hell am I supposed to go to continue that story? Is there a new series coming out? Is there a ‘issue .2’ I should be looking for? I thought maybe I should just get the next issue of The Avengers, but then saw ‘issue 24’ and ‘issue 24 POINT ONE! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    This is the kind of marketing gimmick crap that made me quit the last time.

  4. kcviking says:

    Hulk riding a triceratops?? You’re kidding,right?

    If not then I’m buying this next week.

  5. jaydee says:

    @Pink: well, supposedly, the whole POINT ONE thing for any series is for people to be able to start there. The Point One issues are supposed to be jumping on points that describe the character, what’s going on with the series, etc etc.

    And with regard to that, this issue actually DOES IT. It’s a GREAT starting point. All you have to know is…

    … that Banner and Hulk were separated by Dr Doom, and that The Hulk killed banner by exposing him to a secondary Gamma Bomb.

  6. jaydee says:

    @kcviking: I kid you not, brother! Get thee henceforth to your LCS and pick it up!

    …and then get back here and let me know what you think!

  7. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Well, I got an explanation from my LCS that differed from yours. They said that .1 issues are supposed to be ‘additional but not necessary info’ for the story taking place.

    Your explanation made more sense with Avengers .1, but I still don’t know where to go issue-wise to see the rest of that story.

    But their explanation made more sense for the Fantastic Four 605.1 I just picked up. Because there’s no way a Nazi universe version of the team could be considered a starting point. I picked it up because I spied the Infinity Gauntlet inside….something I haven’t seen since grade school back in the day.

    Ironically, I did NOT buy 605. It looked boring, stand-alone, and ended with a bro beer moment. Pass.

  8. jaydee says:

    Hmmm. I wonder if maybe it’s “half of one, six dozen of the other”. I’m sure if we asked someone in charge, they would say that it’s a little of both, without admitting that they probably do it kind of willy-nilly.

    I wonder if the Point One issue spike in sales or dip.

    I’m just starting to re-read the Infinity Gauntlet, actually. Just finished up with THANOS QUEST and have started IG, but I’m only a couple pages in.

    DID just finish FABLE Vol. 5 and I’m currently into LOCKE & KEY vol 2 and AMVAMP vol. 1.

    All great, great stuff.

  9. kcviking says:

    My LCS was out…as well as the sister store… I’m now on a quest!!!

  10. jaydee says:

    oh noes! actually I’m at my shop now and I was going to see if I could mail you a copy, but my shop is sold out too! derp!

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