Siege Spidey Tie-In


Written by: Brian Reed

Drawn by: Marco Santucci

REVIEW BY: Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner

Greetings, Web-Heads!  Another Wednesday’s gone by, and that means more Spider-Man comics!  Huzzah!  I couldn’t be happier!  This week, I picked up the new AMAZING, as well as SIEGE: SPIDER-MAN.  I read SIEGE first, so let’s look at that one, shall we?

This book fucking rocks!  The whole book, the WHOLE thing, is one big FIGHT, pitting Spidey and Ms. Marvel against Mac Gargan and the symbiote, collectively known as VENOM. You see, Venom’s been impersonating Spidey as one of Norman Osborn’s Avengers.  And, during Venom’s stint as Spider-Man, he’s been doing a lot of things that the real Spider-Man would NEVER do, such as: consorting with prostitutes, inciting gang wars, framing JJJ for murder, and eating people and squirrels.  Needless to say, Spidey has not been happy, and now it’s payback time.

Osborn’s troops are battling the Avengers in Asgard.  Venom is having a delightful time, feasting on Aasgardians, which he describes as the “Kobe beef of people”. Spider-Man finds Venom, confronts him, and the battle begins.  They tumble out of Asgard, and onto the streets of Broxton, OK below.  “You’re interrupting my lunch”, Venom snarls.

This story is a direct follow-up to the Dark Reign mini-series, THE SINISTER SPIDER-MAN, which chronicled Venom’s sinful and murderous exploits while under the guise of Spider-Man.  Venom’s been having a blast as Spider-Man, and the public adores him, despite the fact that he eats people.  This riles the real Spidey even more, as he always tries to do the right thing, and he’s often shunned by the very people he protects.

Before long, Ms. Marvel shows up.  “Fight’s up in Asgard”, she quips. “C’mon, Ms. Marvel.  You and the other Avengers are Asgard types.  I’ve always been more of a street-level guy”.  And that’s what I love about Spider-Man.  Even after all he’s seen and done as a super-hero, he still sees himself as a city guy, out of place in locales like Asgard, or outer-space.  He’s still shocked and amazed that he gets to rub elbows with the likes of Cap and Thor.  It’s his humility, and everyman charm that defines him, and sets him apart from other costumed heroes.

And, of course, his sense of humor.  Ms. Marvel informs him that she’s never battled Venom before, and asks for “the short version” of what they’re up against.  “Loves eating people.  Hates loud noises.  Running at you now”, replies Spidey.

Ms. Marvel has Spidey confirm that all of Venom’s powers come from the symbiote suit, then reasons that defeating him will be as simple as removing Gargan from the suit, which she accomplishes rather easily.  But this is a problem I’ve had with Venom since Gargan took up the name and persona of that character.  Once Gargan is out of the suit, he’s just some naked, defenseless weakling.  That’s how the writers keep depicting him.  But, don’t forget, Gargan was the SCORPION before this.  He was a super-villain LONG before he joined with the symbiote.  He already HAS super strength.  But they haven’t been acknowledging that, and that bugs me a little, no pun intended.

It’s not as if the Scorpion suit itself gave him strength.  Sure, it had that nifty tail attached, that gave him increased abilities and attacks, but on his own, he’s still a tough motherfucker with a massive chip on his shoulder.  I’d think that, even when separated from the symbiote, he could still tear shit up if he wanted to.  But, that’s just me, I guess.

Anyway, Ms. Marvel removes Gargan from the suit successfully, but is then herself taken over by the alien creature.  Suddenly, Ms. Marvel is the New Venom!  The symbiote relishes this, as it now has power like never before.  Marvel tries to escape, but is continuously sucked back in by the vicious beast.  Now, Venom can fly!  Look out, Spidey!

Spidey lures Venom to a church bell tower, intending to do him in in the classic church bell fashion, but the tower is without a bell.  Forced to improvise, he knocks Venom into some telephone wires, and the shock separates Marvel from the alien, which then goes back to Gargan.  “I probably should have knocked Mac out when I had the chance”, muses Spidey.

With the fight back on, Venom uncharacteristically employs a little psychology against Spidey, taunting him with remarks about how the people like HIM better as Spider-Man.  He also reveals that, while in possession of Ms. Marvel, he could feel her emotions toward Spidey, which REALLY gets him curious.  The distraction allows Venom to land a sucker-punch on our hero, but Marvel recovers, and assists the wall-crawler in taking Venom out, presumably for the remainder of SIEGE.

But Venom has merely lost this fight, and not the war against Spider-Man.  Though, his days of actually BEING Spider-Man are probably over at this point.  Back to full-time villain status for him.  But they haven’t separated Gargan from the suit, or imprisoned him.  At least not yet.  So there’s definitely still more to this story.

With Venom down for the count, Spidey and Marvel head back to Asgard.  Marvel tries to relate to Spidey, having been impersonated herself by a super-villain for a while.  “Oh, please!”, Spidey interrupts.  “Did Moonstone eat squirrels?  Because of Mac Gargan, half of Manhattan thinks I eat squirrels.”  Too funny!

And as they approach Asgard in the final panel, Spidey comments on what Venom revealed, about Marvel’s feelings for him.  “You like me”, he tells her.  “Shut up”, she replies.

So, yeah.  We had another classic Spider-Man Team-Up, another classic battle with Venom, and a possible set-up for more romance in Spidey’s future.  Good quips and script by Reed, complimented wonderfully by Santucci’s pencils.

If you love Spider-Man, this is a MUST-READ!  Check back soon, when I review ASM #628!  Till next time, Web-Heads!!!!


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  1. MikeF says:

    I agree! Great writing and art – lots of fun quips. Personalities were right on. Invoked both sympathy and revulsion for the squirrel population. Same gripe – Gargan is a force to reckon with, even without Venom. But perhaps he was in shock and disoriented from the sudden separation from his “Other?” Leave a No-Prize with my weekly comic pulls.


  2. MasterFilmmakerMarkMackner says:

    OK, I can go along with that, that maybe there’s a temporary disorientation that comes with being forcibly removed from the symbiote. But, yeah. Great banter between Spidey and Marvel, and between Spidey and Venom also. Thanks for reading, dude!

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