JD reviews DC’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY offering:
THE NEW 52! (Is Justice League finally going to be awesome?!?)

TITLE: THE NEW 52! (Free Comic Book Day issue)
Free Comic Book Day has several goals. Get people into the stores to support our dying medium, introduce new readers and hopefully get past readers interested again, while giving current readers something to discuss. I can only speak to the success of the latter-most goal. Fans are going to be talking about this particular issue. Herein we are treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming “Trinity War”, which, at first glance, I assumed referred to Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. But oh ho ho, how I fell victim to my own folly. Curse my rapscallion brainbits. Turns out it harkens to the Trinity Of Sin! Who makes up this menagerie of malevolence? Well, I don’t want to spoil this preview but I will say that two are well known characters and one, eh…not so much. Not only do we get the origin of this threesome, two of which we haven’t been clamoring for and one…very much so, we also get some of Johns’ refurbishing of the Captain Mar-I’m sorry, Shazam! mythos.At the risk of sounding harsh, it would seem that much in the same way I used to joke that The Simpsons (in its downer years just prior to the film release) was keeping all it’s GOOD jokes for the movie, it looks like Geoff was keeping all his interesting Justice League ideas for this event and for Shazam. That may read as rude, but it truly feels like this story is something he’s passionate about writing, while the first arc of JL felt like something he wrote to just warm up his typing fingers in the morning before getting to work on his other, better books like Aquaman and now THIS.

We are also introduced to The Red Room, The Black Room and only a hint is dropped about the mysterious room called The Circus. And speaking of mysterious, who is this new Green Lantern?? With the umm…..interesting…costume. (I’m going to guess that he’s from Earth-2, but that’s just me probably being completely wrong, as is my nature). There is A LOT of really interesting and exciting stuff crammed in here, and that’s only 14 pages! And one of those pages is a 4 page wide-spread Jim Lee trough of awesome. I’m more stoked about these 14 pages than I have been about the entire run of JL so far. I’m really hoping that this is going to be the new level of quality that we can expect from upcoming Justice League issues. This is the Geoff Johns’ JL that’s I’ve been waiting for, and the reason I haven’t dropped the book yet.

There are also quick introductions to the new DC titles that are starting soon: Batman Inc, Dial H, Earth 2, World’s Finest, The Ravagers and G.I. Combat. There is far too little included in this section of the book to get a grasp on some of the books, but I’m excited by Batman Inc, Earth 2 looks like a lot of fun, and hell: We get Kevin Maguire on WF!

This book was a ton of fun and the best part is it’s FREE! So what are you waiting for?? Well, besides for it to come out, I guess.

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