Are we at the “Fringe” of Lost?

It’s thursday night, I’m watching tv and Fringe” (2008). I have to be single-handedly keeping this show running, because I have yet to meet anyone that follows this crazy ass show.

Well in the midst of enjoying another weird episode I come to the realization that the writers of one of my favorite shows, Lost” (2004), decided to merge stories together.  That’s right, I think Fringe and Lost’s plots are merging together.

Let’s look at Fringe:

  • The story of Fringe is basically a mad scientist once created a door to another parallel universe and 20 years later the other side decided to trying to open a door to take over their world.
  • The main character was a chosen one.
  • There are all sorts of weird events and fun fringe science to watch with a condensed screwy plot that keeps you coming back.
  • Love interest galore.
  • Characters that no one care about die quickly and often.
  • Parallel universe seems to be synchronizing.

Now let us look at Lost:

  • Lost‘s plot revolves around some crazy island that draws unwilling people to fulfill some sort of position.
  • One minute Sawyer is with Kate, then Juliet. I’m guessing Ben soon, who knows.
  • Characters with no name or that seem not to be popular die quickly and often.
  • Parallel universes seem to be aligning or something or other.

My main point here is maybe writers shouldn’t work two shows.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE both shows, but there is a certain line of laziness here that seems to have been crossed. If I had my choice it would be to watch Lost, but who can deny the captain of the Mighty Ducks. (I love those movies)

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