Ultimate Spider-Man Trailer!

I’m not sure WHY they cancelled the best Spider-Man cartoon ever, The Spectacular SpiderMan, but whatever! As I’m sure you know, Ultimate Spider-Man starts April 1, and will feature the awesome Iron Spider armor, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), J.K. Simmons as J.J.J, and Chi McBride as Nick Fury. Who will be Peter Parker? Not Josh Keaton, as I’d hoped, but Drake Bell, a teeny bopper actor, that I’ve personally never heard of.

This trailer is about half awesome and half lamesauce. Why does Spidey need a aiming system on his webshooters? He already has one…it’s called HIS HAND. None of the quips here are funny, though the animation gags are kind of cute. Seems like they’re going with a very Teen Titans Go! feel, which is a good series to emulate, since it was awesome!

What do YOU think?

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  1. FlannelGuy says:

    I hate everything about this series. Yes, yes, I know…not even out yet. But come on! A Motorcycle? Actually saying, “we want you to be the best Spider-Man you can be! An ultimate spider-man!” I mean, really? You have to say that? Come the EFF on now.

    Spectacular Spider-Man, and I know I may get slack here, had Batman Animated Series potential. It had serious tones, well balanced story telling. They did a phenomenal job with all the Parker ladies. And the villains were BAD ASS. Norman was actually crazy in the scariest way. He even had his son be expendable to cover his ass. That’s pretty intense for a kid’s cartoon. The action sequences were better than anything seen…even on film. The dialogue. The Tombstone episode with him trying to pay off Spidey. Frickin awesome. Just…UGH, awesome.

    That all being said…this is a joke. And I refuse to watch. If this is a crazy stab at an April Fool’s Day joke, let me know Destructo.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    AHHHH CRAP! THE MOTORCYCLE!!! I forgot to mention the effing cycle. UGH.

    I am totally with you about SpecSpidey, brother…LOVED IT. It was finally them getting everything right with the character. Even the nice little touches were great, like the fact that Pete always had the tag of his shirt hanging out. What a great series.

    I’m going to give this a shot though. Trailers can be deceiving! Remember Spider-Man 3? How great was THAT going to be, based on the trailer?? And there have been plenty of times a trailer made me not like something, only to like the actual product later.

    Though I’m sure you’ll be able to see what I thought when I review it! 😉

  3. FlannelGuy says:

    Oh yeah! The tag! You know what I actually enjoyed about how Parker was portrayed? That mole. Just that tiny imperfection. At first, it bothered me…but then I was like, “wait, that makes sense!”

    But I wasn’t sold on that cartoon at first either. But I gotta tell ya, the Rhino episode. That’s when I was on board.

    This, to me, feels like they’re just trying to sell toys. I read someone’s comment about how they always release toys with Spider-Man in scuba gear. Or the Flash with a motorcycle. THIS cartoon is actually all that. What makes Spider-Man so bad ass is he makes due with the power set he’s got and his own tech. This is just an insult to the character.

    Alright. Getting mad now.

  4. Grim_Noir says:

    Gotta side with FlannelGuy on this one, JD. The very second the gadgets started showing up in the trailer, I said to myself, “Yeah, this series is gonna be a toy-pushing machine.”

    Sad, really, since the timing of this series means it will be both compared to and lumped in with the reboot movie. Little kids will love the toys, and Spider-Man will go back to being thought of as a superhero for little kids, by the general public.

    My biggest peeve is that the S.H.I.E.L.D. gizmos don’t even make sense for Spidey. He doesn’t have a need for most of them. (By comparison, scuba gear might actually be useful around the harbor.)

    By contrast, I loved the moment in this season’s “Young Justice” when Kid Flash turned down an opportunity to get a driver’s license. What WOULD be the point of one of the world’s fastest humans driving 55 MPH?

    And what exactly IS the point of Spidey having a motorcycle in Manhattan, the second most congested city in the world?

  5. FlannelGuy says:

    EXACTLY! And btw, that episode with Kid Flash was frickin’ phenomenal. That character deserves his due. Though, they dumb down his speed, but I get it for the show and writing. Another cartoon really shaping into its own.

    And good point that I forgot to mention. THIS cartoon is meant to tie into the film release. They don’t even seem like they’re from the same universe. This is more on par with the Super Squad. Just silly.

    The spidey cartoon should be more Young Justice meets Avengers than Brave and the Bold meets Muppet Babies. I will be shocked to see this go farther than a season. Maybe 2.

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  7. JD (Host) says:

    I would imagine so! It was for a trailer released 3 years ago!

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